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Issue with Git folder placement and Heroku deployment

When I first ran my rails generator it created a folder inside of the folder I wanted to have my repository work from. What I mean by this is my github folder structure looks like this: https://github.com/milosbunijevac/medRails the medtools folder has the entire project, but the initial repository was started one level above the medtools […]

How to configure default push on Heroku?

When I create a Heroku app on Facebook, this is all I have to do to push my changes to the server. git push But if I create an app with heroku create then that doesn’t work. I have to type something like git push heroku master every time I want to push to the […]

Over-write app on Heroku with new app

I had an app up on Heroku with an app name I like but with a codebase I don’t intend on using. I renamed the app for the project I don’t want. I then pushed to Cedar with the new app I’m working on and explicitly declared the name of the project I want using […]

Why is Heroku aborting an SSL handshake but not GitHub?

I am having an issue with pushing to Heroku: ➜ git push heroku ****** fatal: unable to access ‘https://git.heroku.com/****.git/’: Server aborted the SSL handshake However, if I push the same code to GitHub (a private repo), it goes through no problem: ➜ git push origin ***** Counting objects: 455, done. Delta compression using up to […]

! No such app as demo_app

I’m new to github/heroku and I am doing a rails tutorial right now. When i tried to submit my application, I get an error that says ! No such app as demo_app . However, when I did git remote -v I get: heroku git@heroku.com:demo_app.git (fetch) heroku git@heroku.com:demo_app.git (push) origin git@heroku.com:schan93/demo_app.git (fetch) origin git@heroku.com:schan93/demo_app.git (fetch) but […]

git push heroku master issue. heroku wont allow me to upload my application

I’ve been following the ruby on rails application tutorials and i followed everything step by step but when i reached the last step to upload my application to heroku, i received an error message. I tried installing the gem it’s asking for, but i still keep getting the same error message. $ git push heroku […]

pathspec error when trying to commit

I am new to git and heroku. I am trying to commit new changes to index.php by: git add . && git commit -am “test” && git push and my output is error pathspec ‘”\226am”‘ did not match any file<s> known to git. I’m sure I am just typing a command error, but don’t know […]

Replace all files in git repo with the files that are on local machine

I want my git repository to look exactly like I have it locally. As in if I have A,B,C,D and E files in my git repository and on my local machine I have deleted A,B and C, leaving D and E. When I push I want to see only D and E in the repository. […]

rails app in development doesn't show up on heroku

Im developing a rails app. Following this tutorial here: Tutorial I finished a part and wanted to push all the changes up to heroku and view them there. I can view the site on my local machine. On heroku all I see is this: I typed in the following commands after I made my changes, […]

Stop overwriting specific code when merging git branches?

I am currently building a webapp that I will deploy to Heroku. My webapp references it’s own data through an API. For local development, I am referring to the api as such: ‘http://localhost:3000/mywebapp/’ + id + ‘/json’ For Heroku, I will have to do something like: ‘http://mywebapp.herokuapp.com/’ + id + ‘/json’ I have two git […]

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