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heroku & django: server doesn't load staticfiles

Last night I decided to put my django school project on production. For this I used Heroku. Everything is going fine but “the last touch” is driving me crazy. It seems that it doesn’t see my staticfiles like bootstrap css‘es on the website and I don’t know why because for example the ball.jpg is loaded […]

Prevent Git from Deleting Ignored Files

I have a master branch for local development and a heroku branch to deploy to heroku. I have a conf file that I ignore and don’t check into master cause it’s private, but it’s not ignored in the heroku branch and it’s been added to the repo because the heroku server needs it to work. […]

Deploying Fb app on Heroku

I’m new to Heroku. For sometimes I’ve been trying to deploy an app on Heroku for Fb but have not seen success. I’ve tried searching for solution on the internet but have not found any step by step guide, so I’m asking here. My Fb App code “index.php” <?php session_start(); require_once __DIR__ . ‘/fbsdk/autoload.php’; $fb […]

How to update an Heroku App created using github “Deploy to Heroku” button?

I’ve created an app using a github ‘Deploy to Heroku’ button. Since the git project has changed, how to update my existing instance with new upstream commits ?

Why does Travis CI edit my files?

I’m new to Travis CI and I simply want to understand why and what is going on here. I’ve followed the instructions for setup in their documentation to the best of my ability. What I’ve got is: My Rails code on Github Travis CI that build my repo as soon as it is pushed to […]

How to get list of all git remotes present on my machine?

I have multiple apps configures on heroku and GitHub. When I added heroku remotes, I used these aliases: app1 app1-staging app2 app2-staging … etc. Now, one of the remote staging name was somehow misspelled and I closed the terminal window. Is there a way to list/find all heroku remotes I have configured on my system? […]

Deploying to heroku with grunt, bower, node modules

I am deploying a mean app to heroku and am using bower and grunt. Should I include my node modules in the git repo? If not, I’m really not sure how I need to deploy because the post script references a bower install from the node modules. Should I include my bower_components in the git […]

ExecJS::ProgramError: Unexpected token: name (option)

My app runs fine on local environment. I was trying to git push a build to heroku. My commands are: bundle install git add . git commit -am “abcdef” git push heroku master I then encountered an issue with assets:precompile remote: —–> Preparing app for Rails asset pipeline remote: Running: rake assets:precompile remote: I, [2016-01-04T08:32:35.471098 […]

Git push to heroku

First, I create new keys using ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “user@mail.com” Then I add the generated key to heroku by heroku keys:add. After that, I tried to push my git repository to heroku using git push heroku master. Before that I have configed my git repository using these commands: git init, git add ., git […]

Separate files in Git

I’m trying to keep my static files in a separate branch so that I can keep them from merging into my master brach (on Heroku, your application’s slug needs to stay small). I don’t want to ignore my static files, because I want to keep them inside my “devel” branch. Ideally I’d like to keep […]

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