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Unable to push to heroku master because of rails/spring version error

The exact I keep getting when ever I try git push herou master is this: There was an error parsing your Gemfile, we cannot continue You cannot specify the same gem twice with different version requirements. You specified: spring (>= 0) and spring (= 1.1.3) Here’s what my Gemfile looks like though: source ‘https://rubygems.org’ # […]

I can't login to heroku via Git on Windows 7

I installed Heroku toolbelt on my 64-bit Windows 7. When I run heroku login, it prompts me to type in my email. I do, then press Enter. But then, I get this message: Login is currently incompatible with git bash/cygwin In the meantime, login via cmd.exe https://github.com/heroku/heroku-cli/issues/84 The URL goes to a Github issue of […]

Whats wrong with these Heroku Logs

So this app works fine on my local:3000, and I can get it to work on heroku fine. The problem is I have api keys I dont want tracked. So I removed them from the catch, and then I try and re upload the application and it fails. This would not be a problem if […]

Heroku app url made out of random words

I’m new to rails and heroku, and this may very well seem like a daft question, if so I appologise, but would appreciate someone at least telling me so. I’ve followed the heroku “getting started” guide, and managed to deploy a copy of the rails default project. But the url preovided by heroku was http://radiant-ice-84.heroku.com, […]

Error when pushing Rails App to Heroku

I’ve been walking through railstutorial.org trying to deploy my first rails app and have been banging my head trying to figure out all the setup stuff. This should all really be a one-click thing, update to newest ruby/newest rails, setup git and you’re good to go, but it’s a HUGE headache. Sorry I had to […]

Push to Heroku denied – “failed to push some refs to 'heroku”

I should start by saying I’m totally new to Heroku, and it’s all looking pretty to foreign to me right now. Anyway, I’ve done the Heroku getting started tutorial, uploading a clone git repo, and this works fine. I’m now trying to accomplish this with some of my own code, but struggling. First, I go […]

Advice on using a Chromebook 14 for development

I am preparing to start taking the Odin Project curriculum for web development. Part of the requirements are to download: Ruby Interpreter, Git version control, Heroku tools, Ruby Gems, Rails Gem, and Ruby on Rails. I’ve read several articles from developers using chromebooks advising to set the laptop to development mode. Being a novice in […]

Updating and adding files in heroku repository

Im hosting my fb tab pages on heroku. Newbie in git command. I have modified my index.php, do I have to “git add” the file again to update my file in the repository? Also, how do I add bulk files. I have images, can I do bulk “git add” how. Thanks much. Tried google but […]

Cant push master branch to heroku

So i am collaborating on a project and cloned the repo from github, made some changes and pushed to heroku. Now the cloned app had all of its keys and passwords hardcoded, not in ENV variables. So i created ENV variables, added the file to .gitignore. So this app still has these keys in the […]

Git – Push to Deploy and Removing Dev Config

So I’m writing a Facebook App using Rails, and hosted on Heroku. On Heroku, you deploy by pushing your repo to the server. When I do this, I’d like it to automatically change a few dev settings (facebook secret, for example) to production settings. What’s the best way to do this? Git hook?

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