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Is it safe to publish an app on Heroku that has api keys on there?

I am planning to deploy an app that uses a few api keys on Heroku. I was planning on using there git deployment method. I have a few api keys on the application that could create problems if they were to be compromised. Is it safe to deploy an app like that through Heroku? Should […]

Custom git pre-receive hook possible on Heroku?

I’m looking to add a custom guard to a Heroku application that blocks a push to my app’s master branch from any other branch except master on a developer’s local machine, but I don’t see anything in the Heroku documentation for accessing the pre-receive hook. Does anyone know whether this is even possible to access, […]

Heroku cedar node app – cannot push master after update to 6.11.1

After updating the node server to version 6.11.1 in response to the recent security update email from Heroku, I cannot git push my local master changes any more. The server and app restarted fine after the update. I have tried deleted and reinstalled all node_modules, committing the changes and the app runs without errors locally […]

Failed to compile python (Permission denied!) while deploying some changes in heroku

I have deployed a project of github in heroku. Then I successfully cloned the project with my pc using heroku slugs:download -a newocas Now, after making some changes and doing commit while deploying the project back to heroku produces the same error again and again. I’m using git bash for commit and deploy. Here’s my […]

Vapor: git push heroku master is failing

I’ve been working with Vapor and Heroku for a few weeks now and it is all going well. Vapor is fab! ;] I have been successfully updating the app on Heroku using git push heroku master until yesterday evening when I started to get this error: $ git push heroku master Counting objects: 26, done. […]

Can't login to heroku using CLI

I try to login to heroku on Windows. Using cmd.exe C:\Users\Komp_1\OneDrive\PHP_projects\chatbot>heroku auth:login Enter your Heroku credentials: Email: sergiuszxxxi@gmail.com Password: ********** Enter your Heroku credentials: Email: sergiuszxxxi@gmail.com Password: ********** Enter your Heroku credentials: Email: It looks like a never ending loop. But when I try use a git-bash to login than: $ heroku login Enter your […]

Heroku: “No default language could be detected for this app” error thrown for node app

I am learning NodeJS and the course I’m following has several projects, arranged by sections. I have all the projects under one main folder, which is also a git repository. Each of these subfolders in the main folder is a node project by itself, complete with package.json and related dependencies in node_modules. The problem is […]

Pushing new Rails 3.1 app to Heroku causing problems with Sorcery mod (requiring bson-1.4.1)

I have an app that runs great locally. Everything seems to be set up correctly to transfer over to Heroku, including the Postgres gem (and dev was done using a postgres server). The problem is, when I try to push it up, I get error messages surrounding the three currently problematic dependencies, bson_ext, bson, and […]

Deploying to a different heroku app

As advised here, in rails 3.1 I should use cedar instead of bamboo. I did heroku create –stack:cedar and now I want to deploy only to that. When I do git push heroku It deploys to the old app (bamboo stack) How do I force deployment to the new app (and new address as well)?

configuring .gems file (rails apps on Heroku)

I’m learning how to deploy RoR (v2.3.4) on Heroku. Last night was my first attempt at pushing an app with an external gem (active_merchant). What is the URL format for configuring the .gems file? (My last attempt was ‘active_merchant –source github.com/Shopify/active_merchant’.) Any inputs would be great. Thanks. -BrianP. (bjpcjp@gmail.com)

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