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Heroku Deploy Error: Cannot find module './errors/cast'

I built my app using yeoman angular-fullstack generator and then modified for my own purposes. I built the dist folder to deploy to heroku using yo angular-fullstack:deploy heroku. It creates a new heroku app for me and when I cd into the dist folder and git push heroku master everything works great. I want to […]

Sharing Python code between Heroku apps

I have 2 Heroku apps, both Pyhon, and some python modules that are shared between them (i.e.: they are the same in both apps). What is the best way to set up my git / requirements.txt to achieve the following? The shared code is versioned (that is: it too sits in Git, I don’t care […]

“no such table” error on Heroku after django syncdb passed

I’m trying to deploy my Django application to Heroku. The migrations are in my local Git. When I try: git push heroku master heroku run python manage.py syncdb It applies the migrations and also promts me to create superuser, which I successfully do. Now the application is up and running, however when I try to […]

Git push to DigitalOcean from Bitbucket or Cloud9

I’m making site on Cloud9 IDE and I can’t find the way to easy push my production code to DigitalOcean droplet server. Maybe there is some simple way I could do it as easy as it is to push code to Heroku from Cloud9. With simple command from Cloud9 console. All my git code lives […]

App on Github and heroku: Ignore file on one but not the other

I have an app whose code is up on github but which is hosted on heroku. I have a config file that I don’t want on Github, but I need on heroku. Anyone have a clever solution?

Why is my app not appearing on Heroku?

I’m learning Rails and I am doing a Rails tutorial called Railsbridge. I have followed all the steps until the point where I deploy to Heroku (git push heroku master), but my app doesn’t appear in Heroku – I just get the “We’re sorry, but something went wrong” error message. The three possible errors that […]

Unable to push app in heroku

I am trying to push app in heroku. I run following command– git push heroku master and got folloing error Initializing repository, done. Counting objects: 3523, done. Delta compression using up to 2 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (3373/3373), done. Writing objects: 100% (3523/3523), 13.96 MiB | 143 KiB/s, done. Total 3523 (delta 348), reused 0 […]

Deploy existing repo to heroku with Eclipse

I work on a web application I would like to deploy to heroku. I’m using Eclipse with eGit so my project is already managed with Gig locally and remotly on github. I know that there is a plugin for Heroku on Eclipse, I read the doc, but did not find how to create and push […]

MEAN stack, Win 7, git push heroku master results in sh: bower: not found error

Can some please advise why I’m getting this error when doing a git push heroku master on windows 7 for a basic mean stack app? I’m trying a basic mean stack app and did the following commands and finally “git push heroku master” command which resulted in the error – bower install sh: bower: not […]

How to keep a deployment repo for Heroku within a development Git repo and keep them separate?

I have a git repo that I’ve used to develop out my app and now I want to deploy to Heroku. However I don’t want to deploy this repo itself but rather a build of the code in this repo. My build system creates a dist directory within my repo directory that contains everything necessary […]

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