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SSH Public key denied on “git clone” command

I am trying to clone a git repo that I forked in my GitHub Repository.It’s a rails app. I want to clone it on my local git so that I can push it onto heroku. I generated a set of rsa keys and copied it onto my GitHUb public keys. When I try to git […]

Git push vs. git push heroku master

I just moved from a pc laptop to a Mac, and I’ve noticed a curious difference in how my git commands respond. Before, I would do the following: git add . git commit -m “These are my new changes” git push # This would update my repo on github {enter password} git push heroku master […]

Clean git repo on Heroku

The situation is as follows: We have some project which persists on Github, and deploy it to Heroku, which has its own mini-Git. Some changes were applied directly to Heroku (cloned repository from Heroku, made changes and pushed). In a meanwhile the master branch on Github has gained also some changes. Now when I want […]

Heroku push app problem

I installed Heroku and set up an account, but for some reason whenever I try to push the app to the site, I get this error. $ git push heroku master ! No such app as first_app fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I have checked to see that heroku sees the git $ […]

Git push current branch to a remote with Heroku

I’m trying to create a staging branch on Heroku, but there’s something I don’t quite get. Assuming I’ve already created a heroku app and setup the remote to point to staging-remote, If I do: git checkout -b staging staging-remote/master I get a local branch called ‘staging’ which tracks staging-remote/master – or that’s what I thought…. […]

open-source mini-heroku?

I started playing with Sinatra and deploying on Heroku, which I find really enjoyable. I don’t need the scalability Heroku provides, but I really like their CLI and the ability to deploy an app with a simple push. Is there an open source project that releases a VM image that I could slap say, on […]

Git using wrong email address when talking to Heroku

git clone git@heroku.com:myapp.git Results in a “myoldemailaddress not authorized to access myapp” myoldemailaddress was an email address I was using on an old heroku account, but it seems to be stuck using it, I can use my new one. I’ve removed the .heroku directory, and regenerated it, it has the correct user name and password, […]

How to change git url for app on Heroku

When I run “git remote -v” from Terminal I get the following: heroku git@heroku.com:obscure-taiga-9581.git (fetch) heroku git@heroku.com:obscure-taiga-9581.git (push) origin http://coastguard-quiz.herokuapp.com/ (fetch) origin http://coastguard-quiz.herokuapp.com/ (push) I want to replace the “git@heroku.com:obscure-taiga-9581.git” part. How do I do that?

How can I push changes directly from Cloud9 IDE to Heroku?

I’m a (non-technical) intern at a place where I can’t use my normal laptop, and I have a lot of free time. I’m learning how to program, and I’d like to be able to use a completely cloud-based development environment, because I can’t install anything on the computer I have access to here. I signed […]

how to overwrite with a git push, overwrite changes to the git server?

We are pushing builds to heroku and would like to push without pulling in latest changes. I am essentially using the github repo as my source control repository and pushing to the git heroku repo from several different machines. Since we have a few build servers pushing to the same heroku repository sometimes a push […]

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