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android studio gradle after git clone

I’m working on a personnal Android Studio project from several places and I want to use git to sync my work. The project is perfectly fine and working. Please note that I only know basics about git but I can push to a github for instance. So, after several commits, I got to my working […]

Gradle dependencies cache in project directory

I have some dependencies from Maven Central Repository in my project. So I thought what if any dependency will be removed from Maven Central and other repositories (GitHub) and I will not be able to find this dependency somewhere and build my project? I want to add local dependency cache to git repository of my […]

exporting gradle project as normal android studio

I have downloaded an open source project from git hub and it was build using gradle. So while adding that android studio I added the grade, it downloaded the dependencies etc etc (was an hectic and time consuming task). Now the app is running fine on my Android Studio I want to pass this project […]

Is it possible to commit only one file through grgit plugin for gradle.?

Is it possible to commit only one file through grgit plugin for gradle.? I have modified the version.properties file and I need to commit only that particular file back to git using grgit plugin. But when i Commit back to git whole project is getting committed back to git branch . my code task pushToGit […]

How can I build a Gradle project that depends on another, but keep local paths out of version control?

I’m working on organizing two Java projects of mine. Both are using Git for version control. For building them, I’m migrating from simple shell scripts calling javac to Gradle. Project C depends on Project L. How can Project C’s build.gradle find what it needs from Project L? I’d like to avoid checking into version control […]

Loading a library in Gradle using JitPack

I am working on an Android project, I use the MPChart library from Github. For now I have a folder on my project with all the source code of the library, but I want to load it using Gradle instead. I found a tool to get a Git repository into your build called JitPack (jitpack.io) […]

Bash: /gradlew: No such file or directory (Windows)

I’m trying to compile a Springboot application on Amazon AWS: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/devops/deploying-a-spring-boot-application-on-aws-using-aws-elastic-beanstalk/ When I try to package the application with Gradle in GitBash I get the following error message: $ ./gradlew bootRepackage bash: /gradlew: No such file or directory I’m using Windows. I tried git config core.autocrlf false as suggested here: Error with gradlew: /usr/bin/env: bash: […]

Run Lint from console for only selected files

I am trying to create a custom Git pre-commit hook that checks (using Lint from console, via “gradlew”) for possible issues. However, I can’t find how to run Lint only in provided files. If I run something like ./gradlew app:lint Lint analyzes all the project files, and this operation can take quite a bit of […]

gradle triangle dependency on another project

I spent a lot of time to resolve my as I thought pretty usual project structure, but couldn’t find any appropriate solution. Project structure: some_local_dir_with_git_repos git_repo_of_project_A/ build.gradle git_repo_of_project_B/ build.gradle git_repo_of_project_Core/ Projects A and B should include Core sources. “some_local_dir_with_git_repos” is not under Git, so I don’t want to add any settings.gradle into it. Is there […]

Depend on GitHub repository in Android Studio

I’m working on an Android app using Android Studio. So far I’ve been using mavenCentral to depend on all required libraries but now I’d like to add bitcoinj-0.13-SNAPSHOT dependency which is not yet present on mavenCentral. Is it possible to somehow instruct gradle to get it directly from GitHub repo which is located here: https://github.com/bitcoinj/bitcoinj/tree/master?

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