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How to clone and integrate external (from git) cmake project into local one

I faced with a problem when I was trying to use Google Test there is a lot of manuals how to use ExternalProject_Add for the adding gtest into the project, however most of these describe a method based on the downloading zip archive with gtest and build it as we know gtest github hosted and […]

Using gtest in jenkins

I successfully run my unit test with google test in Jenkins, but I don’t know how to show the .xml file generated by gtest. It is said that gtest satisfies the JUnit format, so what I set is as follows: But it ends up with errors after a building. “No test report files were found. […]

Jenkins Build Script exits after Google Test execution

I am building a Qt GUI application via Jenkins. I added 3 build steps: Building the test executable Running the test executable compiling a coverage report with gcovr For some reason, the shell task for running the test executable stops after execution. Even a simple echo does not run after. The tests are written with […]

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