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Gitolite asks password in localhost

I have this setup, with my computer and two virtual machines: My computer: Gitolite admin. Generated an ssh key ssh-keygen -t rsa and changed its name to be the same as my username, lets call it user_pc. Here I was able to clone the gitolite-admin repo. Virtual Machine 1: Here it is where I installed […]

Gitolite interfaces for managing users, repositories and history?

I have been looking for current gitolite interfaces but wasn’t able to find anything usable. It has to run on our linux server and be able to: manage users, manage repositories, manage branches, show history/log Is there anything that provides these features?

Problem cloning gitolite on Windows

I use Windows 7. I am working with a project that is using Redmine and a Gitolite repo. I gave the admin my id_rsa.pub, and he added it to the list of authenticated users. However, I am unable to clone the repo. When I use: git clone git@foo:bar I am asked for a password. I […]

Trouble with Gitolite installation on CentOS 5.6

I followed the official documentation guide on how to install Gitolite to create my own repository on a brand new CentOS server. When I get to the part where I must put the following command: gl-setup myPublicKey.pub I get a command not found warning on terminal. Somehow I need to put an alias or symbolic […]

Git: gitolite have mess things up? working on two different servers

I am new in using Git, so here is my context: I am in a situation in which I work on two projects which are stored in different repositories on different servers. On both servers is used gitolite to handle the administration on the repositories. When I had one project to handle I push the […]

Cannot get Xcode SCM to work with Gitolite based server

For whatever reason, I cannot get the built-in source control tools in Xcode 4.1 to work with the git repository I have setup on my server. The server is setup to use Gitolite. Everything works fine from the command line. I can add the remote, push, pull, and then clone out again. I can also […]

Cannot clone git repository with new user

my setup is ubuntu – gitolite – msysgit. After following this tutorial : https://sites.google.com/site/senawario/home/gitolite-tutorial Everything works fine. So I modified and commited – pushed the config file : repo gitolite-admin RW+ = id_rsa repo testing RW+ = @all repo project-euler RW+ = tester Everyhting got updated etc. I would now like to test this with […]

Per-branch, per-repo commit hook in gitolite

I want to add a commit hook that works when a push is received on a gitolite/git server for a given branch and repo combination only (branch ‘cat’ on repo ‘dog’). My environment: git version, What I have done so far: Touched a file at /home/git/repositories/dog.git/hooks/post-receive.secondary on the git/gitolite server. Edited the file with […]

Gitolite does not load changes

I installed Gitolite, I am able to clone the admin repo, and I have did and added a key file and added him to permission list in the config file. I’ve also added a repo (an entry to the config), I added, committed and pushed changes yet the server’s configuration file seems to be the […]

Cannot clone git repo from ubuntu server with TortoiseGit

I’m facing some problems while git clone a repo from my ubuntu server running gitolite. First, I got a public key from the developer who wants to clone the repository from the server. It was a rsa key created with putty. So I did the following to parse it from the putty-style to openssh format […]

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