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How I can resolve 502 error on Gitlab?

So, I try to install Gitlab and I have some problems. At the end of Installation from source, when I try to start all services, I have a 502 error. I have this message when I try sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:check RAILS_ENV=production : Check GitLab API access: FAILED. code: 502 gitlab-shell […]

SSH Config is ignored by git client

I interact with two different git repositories, both of them are GitLab implementation. Since I need to use different users (and e-mail) to access them, I created two ssh keys: let’s say id_rsa_1 and id_rsa_2. After that I wrote a ~/.ssh/config file to specify when each id_rsa file should be used. config file is: Host […]

Version control of xslx using gitlab

Query 1: How do we push xslx files into gitlab repo, are there any checks we need to do or any settings needs an update? I am not able to add any files using git add and push them Query 2 : when we push the files, does gitlab indicate any version control just the […]

Security in Gitlab. With gitolite?

I´m working with Gitlab in Debian 8 for my own project goes well but i need more security for employees in a company. I need that employees can not see important code for this company, i´m trying to use gitolite with gitlab but I’m not sure that is the right thing. How i can implement […]

Finding a specific GitLab tag from PHP

We have a JIRA instance that our custom PHP app built in Laravel pulls from and for each issue looks to see if a specific branch or tag exists: chdir($path . $repo); exec(“git rev-parse –verify “.$branch, $branch_dump, $return_var); if ($return_var == 0) { return true; } else { return false; } However, we have migrated […]

checking in code to a detached head

I have a project that has a submodule which is a detached head(It is designed this way). Now I have to make some changes to a file in the detached head. Below is what I did. While I am in the detached head path( /user/project/base ((d4b9ede…)) git add testFile.py git commit -m “made some change […]

SmartGit RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 500

I am very new to this Git repository and not really understand how it works as it is said to be crucial for code management. Then got a friend recommend me to use SmartGit for starters like me. Currently I have created a website project for my reference and use SmartGit to store my code […]

Changing message to already pulled commits

I’ve been working on a project where all commit messages where made in Spanish. Now I’m working with people from other countries so I’d like to change commit messages to English. Is it possible?

GitLab: how can I tell what acess level I have on a project?

I just tried to push to master on a GitLab repo and my push was denied with remote: GitLab: You are not allowed to push code to protected branches on this project. Looking at the access level documentation, it seems I’m probably a “Developer”. Is there someplace in the GitLab UI that will tell me […]

Using GIT on live-servers

I’m kinda struggling now and I don’t know how to go on. We recently switched from SVN to GIT. Whenever we create a website, we want it to be under version-control. For that case, on all our customer-webspaces, GIT is initially already installed. The idea is to develop locally, develop the site further and after […]

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