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Reporting feature in Gitlab

Is there any reporting feature in Gitlab which gives below details: Developer who has raised merged request Merge Request Number Status of Merge request Number of check-ins which are part of the merge request Number of comments Number of comments addressed List of comments List of comments responses These details are needed to do a […]

How to delete specific files & folders from newly created git branch in GITLAB dashboard?

I’m a newbie to Git and I’m doing all the Git operations by logging-in at Gitlab URL using the Gitlab dashboard UI and menus. I’m using Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS on my local machine. I have no idea about how to use command line for Git operations. So I just created new branch from ‘master‘ […]

GitLab: Not able to clone repository from GitLab Server via http and ssh

I am running GitLab Community Edition. I created a one new project in Gitlab. When I try to clone via http it says: remote: Not found fatal: repository ‘http://myhost/test/sample.git’ not found

How to bypass the email authentication in Git-Lab version control for user creation

I have setup the Git-Lab version control in our premises, I wanted to create bulk user by bypassing the email authentication of each user. I have created the users from administrator account, but user is not able access from web panel because it saying email verification is pending. I don’t want create email setup on […]

Update GitLab repo from a Github repo

I’m having trouble updating a GitLab repo from a Github repo. An update was released for the Github repo that I’ve forked, and I would like to incorporate that update into my fork. Does anyone have any way to do this other than replacing the project files manually?

How to add one folder on different branch

I am trying to add one folder in different branch. In my master branch I have all the folders. I created new branch using: git branch practice git checkout practice then I add the folder I want to using: git add FolderName then I use git commit -m ‘adding new folder’ I got this message […]

Git pull (from Gitlab) after merge will not allow

Created and approved a merge request from dev to a feat/*** branch using GitLab online console. Checked the dev branch back out: git checkout dev And now can’t pull due to local changes. Tried: git stash git pull origin feat/**** And git fetch –all git reset –hard git pull origin feat/**** And continue to get: […]

Modern way for interacting between gitlab and gitolite ; mounting filesystems

on a small Ubuntu LTS server we are running gitolite (Version 2). Well I didn’t want to change this running configuration up to now. Perhaps at next LTS upgrade we are going to migrate to gitolite v3. Now I got the request, if I can “mal eben schnell” [german for “do it quickly and at […]

Git – Automatic deployment in live webserver,doesnot show changes in gitlab

I am using gitlab as central repository. Now i am trying automatic deployment in live webserver using this tutorial. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-automatic-deployment-with-git-with-a-vps It works fine. When i push my changes it is directly sent the files to webserver. But i need to see the commits, changes in gitlab repo too. Am not very good at git. Please […]

Gitlab issue with git push

Having issues doing a git push from both git cli and gitlab http interface. Can’t seem to figure out where the issue is. Had gitlab server behind nginx proxy which I thought may have been causing the issue but removed nginx and now have 1:1 nat rule created. I have same issue when testing internally […]

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