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Git can't connect to Gitlab, SSH verification error

I’ve been trying to pull down a repository from Gitlab using SSH keys. All done in command line on Windows 8 via a Ubuntu VM. I’ve added my public key to my Gitlab account and then added my private key to the ssh-agent and didn’t seem to have any errors in doing so but when […]

Commits not being pushed to origin

I changed some files locally, added them, and committed them. When I try to push this branch to origin so that I can open a merge request, it seems that it isn’t pushing any changes since the Total is 0 ~/work/pr $ git commit -m “something” [master e9bd370] something 5 files changed, 86 insertions(+), 11 […]

Force Feature Branch to be Rebased Before it is Merged or Pushed

In our project, we have a develop branch. We have half a dozen developers who are free to push to develop, but we’ve asked them to rebase their feature branches on top of the develop before they do the merge. Occasionally, people forget to do this and it creates an uglier merge history on develop. […]

Public visibility of Git repo using command line

I had a ruby‘s script to create a Git repository using command line (and GitLab API), also it could realize commit and push, but my problem is the created repo had a visibility private so how I can change the visibilty? And how can I add the created repository to a group using commands line? […]

Commits do not show up on Gitlab

I have a question about the free version of GitLab. We have chosen Gitlab because we are making a game in UnrealEngine, so the repository is over 8GB. In my team there is problem with this git repository, because the commits aren’t showing up on the server. They are presented when we are using gitk […]

Gitlab: Search Commits per user

As an admin, I would like to find out how many commits are done per branch, per user, total commits by a user in last 3 months, total commits in last 3 months. etc.. How can I do this ? I could see this on Github like this: List commit by user I want to […]

Git clone for Windows working with Direct Access

I have a laptop that has Direct Access enabled . I am using Windows 7 . The version of git client is D:\projects\directaccess>git –version git version 1.8.0.msysgit.0 The git server I am running is gitLab 7.0 When I am inside the corporate network everything works fine . When I am outside the corporate network I […]

GitLab bare repository import

Kindly help me in how to import or push a bare git repository to the GitLab. I’m kind of new to Git & GitLab , so a detailed explanation would be of great help ! I’m using CentOS and GitLab CE edition, version 7.13.1. Many Thanks for any help 🙂

git diff not working on a bare repo, post-receive hook

I am working on a post-receive hook on a bare repo. I want to get the file names that are changed and pushed in this bare repo (only the latest one). To get it i am using this command. git diff –name-only HEAD^ This gives me error when I push to bare repo. remote: fatal: […]

GitLab server-side hook not running – how to forward a git-push

Recently I installed GitLab (v8.3.3) on my server and mounted my existing repositories with NFS in place of repositories created for my gitlab group. I want to make GitLab to show all of my activity for current repo in GitLab Activity feed so I checked whether it’s working or not (it is not). I have […]

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