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git ssh connections are being refused by the server whilst http connection work fine

So I lately made my return to gitlab to start hosting my own repositories again, but I ran into a rather unusual problem. On my last usage of the program v6.4-stable everything worked fine, however now I’ve upgraded to v.8.1-stable and the http connection works fine when I try to push my stuff to the […]

gitlab 8.2.0 git not working

I installed gitlab 8.2.0 from source and followed the instructions on https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/blob/master/doc/install/installation. When I run the checks with sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:check RAILS_ENV=production I get the following error: Running /home/git/gitlab-shell/bin/check Check GitLab API access: FAILED. code: 301 gitlab-shell self-check failed Try fixing it: Make sure GitLab is running; Check the gitlab-shell […]

Configuring GitLab to use SAML OmniAuth with an Active Directory IdP

I am in the process of altering an existing GitLab installation to use SAML rather than LDAP for authentication. At this point, users can successfully sign into the Web application using the ‘Sign in with Saml’ button. I am unclear, however, about what seems to be a difference between the LDAP and SAML approaches: users […]

Syncing up two git remote repositories

One repository sits on a network share and another is hosted in GitLab. The problem is that the server that hosts the GitLab instance does not see the network share. Some people push to the GitLab, some people push to the network share, and some push some stuff to one and some to the other. […]

git on windows remote end hung up unexpectedly

I have a 2MB of files. I created a repository. I setup the upstream url on my local dev environment. Everything goes well when I pull down or clone the empty repository I created until I try to add the 2MB of files and push them to the remote end. I thought at first it […]

Connection to Git through Jenkins with https is throwing an error

I am trying to connect git with Jenkins but facing an issue The error I am getting Error Failed to connect to repository : Command “/usr/bin/git config –local credential.username abcdef” returned status code 129: stdout: stderr: error: unknown option `local’ usage: git config [options] Config file location –global use global config file –system use system […]

Create a build file git push gitlab ci

I am working on a plsql project (with a lot of stored procedure(SP)) hosted on my gitlab server, every SP is on a single file. I want create a new file on every build (using gitlab-ci) that contains the changes of the SP. My question is how can I get the list of the files […]

Force to atomically rebase and non-fast-forward merge using Gerrit/GitLab

We are deciding to use Gerrit or GitLab for code review. And here is our commit history guide: every task should be developed on another branch, not on the main branch. before we submit, we have some works to make sure code quality (e.g. code review) use rebase and merge –no-ff for every branch to […]

Git branch editing flag

Is there an oportunity to put some sort of flag like “USERNAME is editing this branch” to git‘s branch? Such feature can help to show contributors which branch is not editing at this moment and they can feel free to put their flag like “MY_NAME is editing…” and make changes. It will reduce merging inside […]

Gitlab – See list of files deleted in a commit

In Gitlab one can see diffs via the Changes tab on a commit. It very frequently shows Too many changes to show. To preserve performance only 51 of 80 files are displayed. Thus, is there a way to just see say the list of files that were deleted in the commit vs having to scroll […]

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