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Add git repository to existing folder on VSP

My Setup looks like this: Bare Repo in my Root /srv Folder Local Repo on my PC Gitlab Repo on well Gitlab I added two origins (Gitlab and my Bare Repo) to push all changes from my local machine to the source. Now I want to set up a post-receive Hook in my Bare Repo […]

GitLab SSH requests password and ignoring SSH Keys

I have a fresh gitlab-omnibus installation on a CentOS 6 box, I have configured it correctly and can access the web interface, I’ve added my SSH key however when I try to Git Clone a newly setup repo, I am asked for a password for the Git user via SSH. I have tried this with […]

Gitolite prompts for password only on central server with SSH registered

I am running gitlab which uses gitolite on a central repository Ubuntu machine and have several users that connect to this machine after adding their public SSH keys via Gitlab’s web interface. The different users on their own machines can successfully push and pull from the central repository machine just fine. On the machine itself, […]

git checkout carries unstaged files to the new branch

I have been trying to set-up repository with gitlab CE, as a part of the set-up created a repo and been playing around with it, when I encountered, that after I make some modification to files and switch branch using checkout, I’m allowed to switch even though I have unstaged files, which was different from […]

Strange error in gitlab: fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Depl

On one of my servers, when I’m try to pull/ls-remote fresh-created repo on gitlab, I’m getting these error: git ls-remote git@gitlab.com:mas-vem/dinnerdelivery.git fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Depl If I’m trying to ls-remote one of earliest created repositories, all is fine. When I’m run this command: ssh git@gitlab.com git-receive-pack mas-vem/dinnerdelivery.git I’m getting this error: […]

Getting permission denied (public key) on gitlab

My problem is that I can’t push or fetch from GitLab. However, I can clone (via HTTP or via SSH). I get this error when I try to push : Permission denied (publickey) fatal : Could not read from remote repository From all the threads I’ve looked, here is what I have done : Set […]

git post-receive hook “empty ident name”

I have built the following post-receive hook: #!/bin/sh cd /var/node/heartbeat/ || exit unset GIT_DIR echo $USER git pull –no-edit When I’m pushing to the repository the following error is returned: remote: remote: From server.net:chris/heartbeat remote: c0df678..5378ade master -> origin/master remote: remote: *** Please tell me who you are. remote: remote: Run remote: remote: git config […]

Want to setup a hook that copies committed files to a particular folder

Background: Developing a Facebook app using PHP Laravel framework & MySQL for database. I have setup Gitlab on our development server and created a repository on it where the team has been added and is committing & pushing code. What I would like to do is, when I push code to a particular branch on […]

How do I remove Tag in GitLab repository

I am using GitLab 7.7.2 and tried to remove Tag in a repository in GitLab. I could remove tag in a local repository but cannot remove tag in origin. How do I remove tag in GitLab repository? $ git tag -d Tag_AAA Deleted tag ‘Tag_AAA’ (was d10bff2) $ git push –delete origin Tag_AAA remote: GitLab: […]

How to store releases/binaries in GitLab?

I am building a workflow with Gitlab, Jenkins and – probably – Nexus (I need an artifact storage). I would like to have GitLab to store releases/binaries – is it possible in a convenient way? I would not like to have another service from which a release (and documentation) could be downloaded but to have […]

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