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gitlab: PAM authentication issues

I am using gitlab for a departmental git server for my university. We have an existing user base maintained by a different part of the organization. My IT admin would rather use PAM than straight LDAP to authenticate. I got PAM working on Ubuntu 12.04, by replacing the unix_chkpwd binary. Right now it is through […]

Best way to deploy from git

We work in teams of developers on different using the git workflow as below: Receive ticket git pull/checkout Create feature/bugfix branch Do changes Commit to branch Merge to test branch, git pull to test environment Test on same environment as live If test is successful, merge to proof, git pull to proof Client sign off […]

GitLab showing modified folders instead of files

We are using git for source control using GitLab. The problem is, I created a new branch with no uncommitted files in the repository from where i created the branch and it is showing the modified folder and not files as follows, # On branch 114531 # Changes not staged for commit: # (use “git […]

Allow all developers to only do merge requests to master

I wish to do the following: Nobody can push directly to master, any attempt would get rejected. Merge Requests can be made by anyone but not approved by anyone, just admins. Essentially, master is something I want nobody to be able to push to directly, only via pull requests, which only the administrators can approve. […]

gitlab 6.0 Lost Project After Upgrade

After upgrading from Gitlab v5.4 to v6.0 I have completely lost a project that has been active used and pushed to for 5 months. I performed a backup prior to the upgrade, I just can’t find anything about restoring missing projects after an upgrade. Can someone help? Here is an excerpt to show that everything […]

how to connect gitlab with openProject

Hello I have a requirement is it posible to connect somehow gitlab with openproject? I have seen this https://www.openproject.org/news/57-openproject-github-integration-plugin-released but not sure if it will help somehow with gitlab

Gitlab returning remote: You do not have permissions to do this. while performing scripted git push

My scenario is as follows: we have a gitlab set up for our team where we do all of our development with branches etc, etc. We also have an official repo hosted by our company where we would like to have our master branch mirrored so that people (that have access to this repo in […]

Is it possible to make a specific branch public in Gitlab (or other Git repository management tool)?

We want to set up a Git repository so that the master branch is public, but we can develop feature branches internally (and merge them into master as required). Looking at Gitolite description, it’s possible, but does any repository manager tool (such as GitLab) expose this functionality?

interactive services for a git user on GITLAB

I installed gitlab and when I try to do the following: ssh git@domain.com I get the following error PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Welcome to GitLab, Jhon! Connection to domain.com closed. I read the following comment in one of the threads: You cannot ssh to the gitlab server as git user, that is […]

Does Gitlab omnibus package install ruby & git?

I’m trying to install Gitlab with omnibus package for Debian 7. Gitlab is running but it’s very slow. Tail logs showed me, that unicorn process timeouts because get requests for assets timing out. I read somewhere that I have to perform bundle exec rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production but bundle command not found. Also, git command not […]

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