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post-receive hook tell which repo you are in

I have a gitlab server. Gitlab has its own hooks symlinked to every git repo. I wish to be able to tell the difference in between repos when that script is called. I seen this but I don’t think it provides any useful information in this case. Perhaps it may be possible to detect which […]

Should I do git merge directly from dev to stg?

I am learning git these days. We have a 3 branches like dev, stg, prod. So the process goes like dev -> stg -> prod. BTW, ours is a small project, so we do not have anything like features/versions branches etc. My query is: After I pushed to ‘dev’, Now should I directly merge from […]

Gitlab: commenting on full file rather than on diff?

My understanding is that gitlab allows to comment on code only in the context of: merge requests when looking at commits In both case we can only comment on diffs between two commits. Things are developed here. This makes total sense in the context of continuous integration. Yet, on some occasion I would find extremely […]

ssh git pull or push is slow compared to ssl pull/push

Git pull/push over ssh is very slow when compared to ssl. Anybody experienced that? Speed over SSL is atleast 5 times faster. Did a clone using both the authentication and SSL finished within 1 min and new clone over ssh took 5 mins. No load on the server and client during clone. I tried to […]

How to migrate a single gitlab project to another server?

I have two gitlab servers, server A and server B. There are several different projects on these servers. Notes: Server A gitlab version is 7.3.2 Server B gitlab version is 7.13.5 there is no network connection between the servers To migrate the source code and the wiki should be easy, as both are git-repositories. But […]

Visual Studio 2015 git commit folder structure

I’m trying to use Visual Studio 2015 as my main dev tool and with git functionality I keep running to problems with folder structure. Example: VS2015 Python Project. Solution(sprinter) -Project(sprinter) –Project Environments –Folder(sprinter, holds the main files) –requirements.txt –runserver.py When I go to commit this to an empty git repo, on say GitLab, instead of […]

Limit git hook to a single repository

I use gitlab to manage a few repositories on a local dev server and have implemented hooks to automatically deploy projects when a commit is successful. This works fine but unfortunately my post-receive hook runs when I commit to any repository, not just the repository that the hook is for. How can I limit my […]

Using git-annex with GitLab and best place to host

I am using gitlab to remotely host my project. It will contain big binary files so I want to use git-annex to keep the repo size low. I believe using GitLab remotely does support git-annex. I understand the theory of git-annex of effectively using symlinks to the big files. However what I don’t understand is […]

Is it possible to have a workflow that hides git upstream history?

We are setting up git where there are several private repos for internal use that all contribute to a single external product (e.g. pc repo, plastics repo, technical docs repo, etc). These fall under the same group or namespace (we are using Gitlab) and are where ongoing work is branched from. We would like to […]

Invalid author/committer line – bad name

I appeal to GitLab forum, because on other repositories with this problem I have. It’s that if I want push repository with cca 27 000 +- commits to gitlab, i get this error message: invalid author/committer line – bad name Git fsck: $ git fsck error in commit 0d4bbd96410dfa6d9d9bf761f26ba7651da38a96: invalid author/committer line – bad name […]

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