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Gitserver on rails app

I have a rails app which is meant to provide githosting. Each user can have multiple repositories. I have my web framework ready(creating issues, comments and creation of new repository, browser upload of file, edits etc). I have used rugged for git related works. Now I want to allow user to be able to push/pull […]

Unable to migrate git repository from one git system to another with “zero-padded file modes” error

I’m trying to migrate git repository with all its branches and history from TfsGit (which is doesn’t feet our requirements any more) to GitLab (which work pretty well) by doing the following: git clone –mirror https://xxx.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection/xxx/_git/project1.git cd project1.git git remote add master git@gitlab.com:xxx/project1.git git push master –mirror and I’m getting the following error: remote: error: […]

Unable to push to GitLab endpoint LibGit2Sharp

I am attempting to initialize and push an initial commit to GitLab repository using LibGit2Sharp. if (!Directory.Exists(“D:\\GitRepos\\” + repositoryName)) { Directory.CreateDirectory(“D:\\GitRepos\\” + repositoryName); File.Create(“D:\\GitRepos\\” + repositoryName + “\\README.md”).Close(); } Repository.Init(“D:\\GitRepos\\” + repositoryName); using (var repo = new Repository(“D:\\GitRepos\\” + repositoryName)) { repo.Index.Add(“README.md”); Signature author = new Signature(“user”, “user@user.com”, DateTime.Now); Signature committer = author; repo.Commit(“Initial Commit”, […]

SSL Seafile and SSL Gitlab Apache Forwarding Problems

I´ve set up apache files for my 2 SSL Services(seafile and gitlab subdomain). Both are defined via dnsmasq and simply point on the own server ip. I´ve two config files in /etc/apache2/sites-available(one for gitlab and one for seafile). Each service runs good for themselves . But if I enable the other config, there occurs a […]

Use GitLab UI for plain git repos

The Objective: I have some existing git repositories and I want to view them in GitLab‘s UI. The easiest way would be to essentially copy, or import bare git projects to GitLab. But I don’t want the server to actually use GitLab because of this. I want to continue using git and not switch over […]

git commands “suddenly” requires git@ password

After a seemingly successful upgrade from gitlab version 7.14.0 to 7.14.1, git commands suddenly requires a password for git@MyGitlabServer.com. The problem seems to stem from a wrong authorized_keys file for the git user on the gitlab server; $ cat /home/git/.ssh/authorized_keys # Managed by gitlab-shell command=”/home/git/gitlab-shell/bin/gitlab-shell key-39″,no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding,no-pty ssh-rsa [long key here] myemail@server.com However, it seems to be […]

Getting branch name from Gitlab payload – Jenkins

I am using parameterized job in Jenkins where the I send the GIT-REPO as a parameter, and I define this parameter in Gitlab repository webhook. For example, if I created the Jenkins job with name ‘test’, then i add the following hook in the Gitlab repository: http://jenkins-server/job/test/buildWithParameters?GITREPO=git@gitlab.com/test-repo.git&SOMEOTHERPARAMETER=somevalue Now, I want to build the branch which […]

GitLab – unable to view files after adding folder with files to an existing folder

I am just learning to use Git and GitLab. I was able to successfully add a folder and sub folders with files using these git commands: $ git add Projects/* $ git commit -m “Adding all my Work projects” $ git push Within GitLab, I can drill down to the project name -> file -> […]

Rugged and Grack: Finding commit before push

I am using rugged for git related operations (initializing repo with web interface) and gitlab-grack for implementation of http-backend CGI. It is working fine and I am able to make push, pull etc. However, I want to find blobs which changed after every push (I have to do some processing on those objects). One way […]

Git Doesn't Show All Branches

My co-developer made a lot of changes on his remote gitlab repository: merged, deleted, created new branches etc. Now I need to work on a new feature branch that he’s just created. I open my Gitbash, do: git pull git@gitlab.example.com:root/project-name.git git checkout new-feature I get error: pathspec ‘new-feature’ didn’t match any file(s) known to git. […]

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