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Git: how to set remote in existing repo

One question please I have a project on git with differents branches: Master Pre Dev …. I’ve installed my project files in another server by FTP (not by git pull or git clone) ir order to create a dev enviroment. The folder of the project in dev enviroment don’t have a git repo. Can I […]

GitLab – ignore specific files in target branch

I am using GitLab in my project and I have a quite specific workflow. I have 2 branches “Dev” and “Release” as shown below. When I submit a merge request from Dev to Release, the config files are also getting overwritten with that of Dev branch. But ideally config files have to be different for […]

How to merge deteched commits to master

I tried to create new branch from a certain commit of master. I don’t remember the command I used but I think this one (but not sure) git branch branchname <sha1-of-commit> I got a new branch with a bunch of commits. But I found that master branch lost all commits that found in new branch. […]

GIT: Updating pull request after review changes commit doesn't show in the pull request

I fork a github repository and made some changes on my fork and submit pull request but the owners of the original github repository ask for some changes and made changes they ask me in the pull request. I assumed adding additional changes to my fork it will show up in the current pull request […]

GitLab default url not secure

I’m trying to set up a Gitlab Page to host my personal site (CV, code examples that sort of thing) with the standard userName.gitlab.io domain. At the moment it’s just a HelloWorld in index.html and readme.md I pushed to check it’s all working, (and it is). The problem is when I access the site through […]

gitlab-shell push fatal error

I am having problem in getting my initial repo pushed to gitlabhq server using gilab-shell. Earlier I had setup gitlabhq (2.1) + gitolite that is working fine. ssh -T git@git.domain.net Welcome to GitLab 5.2, Anonymous! But when I try to push anything git push -u origin master fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I […]

gitlab access over ssh

I am just wondering if there is an access to gitlab repositories over ssh ? As I see on my installation gitlab offers only two kinds of links to repositories: http and git. But, as I know the git protocol does not have authentication.

GIT Workflow for a cloned GitHub Repo

I have a workflow question but it’s not really based on anyone’s opinion, but more on the exact abilities of GIT in terms of keeping projects up to date with a master repo. I’m building a version of Backbone-Boilerplate that will use Ratchet for building PhoneGap apps. I’ve set up my own GitLab installation for […]

How to set up the enviroment for SilverStripe module testing in Gitlab-CI

I’m trying to setup GitLab-CI for internal testing of my SilverStripe sites at work. For the individual sites this setup is fine, sites are cloned and tests run and all is okay. But I have a couple of modules shared across these sites that I would like to test & develop independently. When it comes […]

delete a folder from client machine, if git previleges are revoked

We have around 100 devs working on different project, usually in teams of 2-3 devs, and a project lasts for around 1 week max, we have a local gitlab setup, through which version control is taken care off. We also revoke the privileges on a project once its over, so they couldn’t make any amends […]

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