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Git repositories often get corrupted on remote server

I am facing very serious issue in Gitlab which is making me to think that is Gitlab really reliable for my organization codes. Gitlab backup (sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create) task often get failed reporting that a repository is corrupted. But the thing is It always reports different project as corrupted. And trying it several times, the […]

Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to servername:80

Only one user in windows is getting this error, Error occurs during pull/clone. Error fatal: unable to access ‘https://username:password@servername/path/project.git/’: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to servername:80 Error: Return (1) from RunCommand.

Gitlab: The resource you were looking for doesn't exist – How to undo a pull

I’ve researched some of git undo methods, but they don’t really solve my specific problems. So I hope someone can help with this. Thank you in advance! We are using GitLab to submit our CS homework. Basically, I have a GitLab online repo (remote origin master), and a local repo. This is how the homework […]

What is the appropriate policy of backuping code repository for gitlab docker image?

I have deployed a genezys/gitlab docker image on a host: docker run –name gitlab_data genezys/gitlab:7.5.2 /bin/true docker run –detach –name gitlab –publish 8080:80 –publish 2222:22 –volumes-from gitlab_data genezys/gitlab:7.5.2 Now I want to backup the code repository in case the host is crashed. I am a little confused about the backup policy: Since I have created […]

Gitlab clicking on script file shows “download” icon instead of rendering contents – how fix this?

Gitlab clicking on script file shows “download” icon instead of rendering contents. Also clicking “Raw” button forces download instead of rendering raw file. May be problem in incorrect MIME type, but other js files in other branch works as expected. I simply add js file to local folder, performed git add, git commit, git push, […]

Aptana and GitLab version control using SSH

I am trying integrate Aptana on Windows with my local development server, which is running Ubuntu 14.10 with GitLab installed on it. I am not an SSH pro and assume that this is the root of my problem, as is clearly an authentication issue. I have Git Bash and Putty installed on my Aptana system, […]

Gitlab produces 500 error after committing several new files

After adding several new files to my project, upon submitting a merge request Git presents an error with the following text; “500. We’re sorry but something went wrong. Please contact your GitLab administrator if this problem persists.” I have tested with a separate commit which worked fine suggesting that it is the content that I […]

Accessing GitLab server login hosted on AWS EC2 using an SSH tunnel

For a GitLab server that is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance. I would like to view the GitLab server login page via a SSH tunnel similar to that which is done here for R-studio, where in the blog it says that by typing http://localhost:8787 on the local machine web-browser you are able to access […]

how to clone a GitLab repo

I have a GitLab Community Edition up and am staggering forward 🙂 Pushing to repos – DONE Pulling from public repos – DONE Cloning public repos – DONE if I try to make the repo’s private or internal, I am no longer able to clone (as should be, out-of-the-box) But how, for Pete’s sake, am […]

Updating a Gitlab repository using the git-rake command

I am looking at importing various public GitHub repositories into a private Gitlab server. I found these instructions detailing how to import bare repositories into Gitlab via the command line using the git-rake gitlab:import:repos command. What I would like to know is the proper way for keeping my local copy of the repository in Gitlab […]

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