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Retrieve all clone URLs for git repository from command line

I found reliable way of getting my local git URL in post How can I determine the url that a local git repo was originally cloned from? But how to get all the clone URLs that are available for repository? For example on Github it would be HTTPS, SSH and SVN: Of course, I could […]

merge requests from gitorious.org to gitlab.com

Our master repository was in gitorious.org. Now the master repository has moved to gitlab.com while the forks (or rather team forks) are still sitting in gitorious.org. Now my query is how do I/we do merge/pull requests on gitlab.com when the repositories are in gitorious.org. While I was able to change upstreams relatively easy using :- […]

Change name under project activity on gitlab based on git config user.name

I’m new with git and i want to sync my projects in different laptops. but when i commit or push in gitlab.com no matter from which laptop, in gitlab.com -> project page activities i see the same username i set in gitlab.com profile , however i want different usernames showing up there when i commit […]

Customize gitlab “Create Repository” instructions for new projects

I would like to customize Gitlab repository creation to include instructions for the clients to create a new repo, and then git clone a common set of patches. Is there a template that I can edit within the Gitlab configuration to enable this to be added? TIA

Gitlab – NoMethodError (undefined method `tag_names' for nil:NilClass):

After doing a fresh install on my server, and successfully creating a new project from the front end, i’m trying to push to repository and i fail consistently. After some debugging i found the following in the production.log. I can see that the repository folder is empty no matter what. Nothing is created in there. […]

How to create a GitLab hook to reject code pushed by 'root' user?

I work with an undisciplined team and one of the developers likes to push code as the ‘root’ user. We need to add a gitlab hook that rejects those commits coming from the ‘root’ user. I’ve read about System Hooks and Web Hooks, neither of which seems like the right direction. Can one of you […]

Can't start gitlab service

I have installed gitlab on one of my debian server. It was running for at least 2 months until now. It just stops running and when i tried to run using the command sudo service gitlab start it will give me the following errors. Removing stale Unicorn web server pid. This is most likely caused […]

Can not Pull/Clone GitLab Existing Repository – Able to connect via both SSH and HTTP

I have a account on http://gitlab.com. I have some private projects there. I am able to connect to projects using SSH and HTTP from command line/git bash. When I try to do a Pull/Clone it connects and starts download successfully. It shows me the no of files, compression and download progress too. However, even after […]

How to update FQDN for gitlab after installation

I’ve installed gitlab eight months ago, so far everything works very fine. Recently I have changed the domaine name of our agency website (from agency.com to newagancy.com), so I would like to change also gitlab domaine name. (from gitlab.agency.com to gitlab.newagency.com) I have made some changes in two config files: /home/git/gitlab-shell/config.yml /home/git/gitlab/config/gitlab.yml But I still […]

merge local repository to remote repository

I have got a requirement to copy my local repository to remote repository which is private in github. Right now i have my code base in my own gitlab server, Client asked me to merge my code to his repository by adding his repository as remote to my gitlab repo. I’m not sure how to […]

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