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Integrating Git into my workflow

I use NuSphere’s PhpED’s PHP IDE to crate and debuge PHP script. I’ve never used a repository systems, but wish to do so now, and am struggling on how to implement it into my workflow. I have the following three machines: Windows 7 PC NuShere PhpED IDE (It is set up to use my Local […]

Updating rational team concert workitem with git commitid

We are using gitlab as our git scm. Also we use rational team concert as ALM app. I would like to link rational team concert workitem and git commit id when a user push code changes to gitlab either from ecplise or from visual studio to generate traceblity between work item and commit id. I […]

Grab git commit ID from URL

I’m trying to parse an atom feed from Gitlab on my project to display a version history on my website. I do plan on caching my results per 30 minutes but right now I’m trying to extract the commit ID straight from the URL provided in the feed. The ID provided for the commit in […]

Default project setup in gitlab

I am setting up Git to use for a bunch of small projects that will be shared between a few people. I have setup GitLab and everything is working but I would like to standardize how new projects are setup when created through the webpage. I cant seem to find any examples or info on […]

how to ensure svn branches are pushed to gitlab origin

Our main repo is stored in svn and I’m using git-svn to create a local git clone of it. I’ve created a gitlab repo that I want to push to, for use as a mirror or a starting point for others to clone from. I have 900+ branches in the svn repo and they all […]

GIT and GITLAB in Debian Wheezy

I’m news in git and gitlab. I’ve installed it from the officiel installation. Trying to push some project via sourcetree for example, I’ve this result `git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false push -v –tags –set-upstream origin master:master Pushing to git@xxx.xxxxx.xx:/home/git/repositories/root/all.git remote: GitLab: You are not allowed to access master![K remote: error: hook declined to update refs/heads/master[K […]

Git push – does not appear to be a git repository (ssh pointing to wrong directory)

The case: I have installed the project omnibus-gitlab in an ubuntu release 12.04 following this tutorial. Everything seems to be correct. The server is working normally through the lan by the IP and I can access all the features of gitlab (with the browser). There I created a project with the root user (administrator) […]

How to make a consistent gitlab backup?

Gitlab has a backup task that generates a backup of the entire system. It seems to get the job done, but looking at other questions here in stack exchange, it doesn’t feel safe, specially in busy systems. In particular, it seems that the task may create a inconsistent backup. Considering that it seems to dump […]

GitLab: Import changes from a bare repo

I have a repo that I keep in GitLab that is my copy of the “upstream” code. It gets delivered to me as a bare git repo. The first time I put the bare repo on the server and imported it but now my question is this: how do I import the new copy (a […]

Use AD credentials for GIT login

Is there a way to let git use my windows domain logon (AD) credentials for its authentifikation? Problem is that you I’ll have to change my credentials on a regular cycle because our gitLab server uses the same AD base. So I’ll also have to update my git credentials within the cycle of my windows […]

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