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Gitlab daily backup to self-hosted instance

My company and I extensively rely on Gitlab for all our daily requirement mapping (issues, new features and bugs) and checking-in code. With the recent outage that Gitlab faced, we were locked out, and couldn’t do anything and were scared that we had lost all our issues. We not want a standalone backup of our […]

How to get the raw content of a file through GitLab REST API?

The following REST Url of GitLab API gives me the repository tree of a project. Get Repo Tree (WORKS) https://gitlab.gspt.net/api/v3/projects/2931/repository/tree?private_token=XXXX Output: [ { “id”: “a49d11794ed56db7f935abfd61002aef67159d10”, “name”: “src”, “type”: “tree”, “path”: “src”, “mode”: “040000” }, { “id”: “0fbd98527d4b36e3d22c164293d8fd8eee4d18cd”, “name”: “.gitignore”, “type”: “blob”, “path”: “.gitignore”, “mode”: “100644” }, { “id”: “0ef0da472176f2e6a24843ac9d4bb738c8310d23”, “name”: “pom.xml”, “type”: “blob”, “path”: “pom.xml”, […]

Install GitLab on box with existing Git server

I’m currently in the process of seeking a GUI to add to our existing Git setup, we’ve looked at a few options but GitLab seems to be at the top of the list due to the documentation and community backing. One of the things holding us back from moving forward with the integration is the […]

git delta compression and its uses

When I executed git push, it displayed following output Counting objects: 214, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (213/213), done. Writing objects: 26% (57/214), 27.44 MiB | 60.00 KiB/s According to this it is clear that Git uses delta compression method. How does delta compression work ? can it be […]

GIT: fatal: Not a git repository

I’m trying to add all my files from blog to git but I’m getting this error: fatal: Not a git repository: myBlog/crayon-syntax-highlighter/js/jquery-colorpicker/../../.git/modules/js/jquery-colorpicker I’m trying to add all the files like this: git add –v -A Any of you knows why or if there is any work around this? I’ll really appreciate your help

How to grant access to the production branch from a customer server?

I need deploy code by fetching the last commit in production branch from customers server. How can I grand a machine to access a git repo in gitlab. As I see the access management is user-based not ssh key-based (expect for current user)

How to get the last commits status in a branch of gitlab projects?

I have ‘n’ number of projects in gitlab. For each project, i have ‘n’ number of branches in each gitlab projects. I need to know the status of the last commit of a branch is success or failure using gitlab API. I have referred the below links https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/api/pipelines.html https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/20277 But I could not get the […]

Getting 404 while hitting inhouse gitlab repo through rest api for getting all the branches of a project

We have an inhouse gitlab hosted repo in our organization and I am developer who does not have admin access to it. However, I am the creator of this repository (https://gitlab.gspt.net/payments/dss) in gitlab and what I am trying to do is get all the branches within this repo through the rest api. After doing some […]

GitLab-omnibus 7.9 on Banana Pi error when pushing to directory on external hard drive

I’m using a Banana Pi 1 with Ubuntu 14.04.5 Trusty Tahr (32bit architecture). I like to use the Banana Pi as my privat GitLab Server. I successfully installed gitlab-omnibus 7.9. See system information below: System information System: Current User: git Using RVM: no Ruby Version: 2.1.5p273 Gem Version: 2.2.1 Bundler Version:1.5.3 Rake Version: 10.4.2 Sidekiq […]

gitlab: how to change(reset) user info in terminal, and https push restricted

If I have a gitlab account, username: account1 email: email1@outlook.con the initial setting in terminal: git config –global user.name account1 git config –global user.email email1@outlook.con if I have another one gitlab account, username: account2 email: email2@outlook.con when I change the user info in termal: git config –global user.name account2 git config –global user.email email2@outlook.con I […]

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