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Trying to install GitLab on Apache on CentOS 7

I’m trying to install GitLab, but I want to install it on an Apache web server on my VPS. I know that GitLab was built for nginx, but I honestly don’t want to use it. I was wondering how I would be able to have a setup so that mysite.com would retrieve the files (like […]

Back up git server for disaster management stage

I have a git server and planing to backup it for a disaster situation. I have googled it and got some points to do so are following: git clone repos and push on new server whenever required, can be used locally also. Create a git bundle. I have a friend who’s is having an argument […]

How do I back up from gitlab.com

I’d like a simple way to backup my private repositories from Gitlab.com. I’m fairly new to Git so apologies if this is a RTFM question. I’ve seen rake tasks discussed for backing up gitlab self hosted installations but wasn’t sure if these could be used with the Gitlab.com hosted service.

GitLab showing computer name + router name as commiter name

I recently reinstalled GitHub Desktop (the Git client I use) and now all my commits I do to a GitLab projects show up from the username “[My mac username]@[My computer name].[Name of my router]” instead of the username I have in the GitLab installation. What have I done wrong? How can I fix this?

Pull from a Branch, and push to another

I have a ‘master’ branch, and a ‘bugfix’ branch. this bugfix branch needs to be always updated with master commits, but i need to push to its own branch. i tried git branch -f –track bugfix origin/master and tried set-upstream too but seems to set both, pull and push from/to ‘master’.

How do I unblock LDAP users in GitLab-CE

Some of our GitLab users who where authenticated through LDAP got blocked when the LDAP authentication user account was locked. How can I unlock them? GitLab-EE seems to provide this feature by force syncing the LDAP state. How can I do that with GitLab-CE?

How to get patch or diff file – Git comparison between branches

I need to get the patch/diff between the development and my feature branch. How can I get this using git command. Please consider the branch names be development and test. I need to get the differences from test and development branch. Edit: I have followed the steps provided in the below question: Comparing two branches […]

Git merge library from another project

We counter following problem we tried to solve for many hours Let’s have 2 projects in git… they are different repositories. One is library and second is some new project that will use mentioned library. Library project contains: directory /lib directory /plugins New project contains: directory /www directory /lib directory /plugins directory /assets etc… whatever […]

How can I merge a branch without closing the issue in Gitlab?

I’m using Gitlab. I created an issue and then used the “create branch” button in the issue view page. I worked on the branch and completed and committed around 80% of work. When I created a merge request from this branch to master and accepted it, the issue was closed automatically. What was I supposed […]

Git only clones .git folder. Not all files

I am trying to clone repo. But doing so only get .git folder and not main files and folders. It shows success. But still not showing actual files and folders. It also shows receives objects (like 100% (2345/2345), 5.5 MB ). But not getting it in actual. I used following command (which works for other […]

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