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How to push a cloned repo from one version control to another?

I cloned a source code which was hosted on heroku and is on bit bucket: Say myapp The cloned app is the employer’s copy but I want to have my own copy and my own version control. So I am trying to create a new project on GitLab and push the copy of this file […]

from which branch the remote branch is created

I have develop branch on my local.Its created using remote develop branch. Now I want to know from which other remote branch this remote develop branch is created?

GitLab CE clone project by web GUI: fatal: unable to access… Couldn't resolve host … because password has character “@”

I use GitLab CE. I init a new repo by import URL: https://username:password@gitlab.company.com/group/project.git In my password have a special character @. Then error: Cloning into bare repository ‘/var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/vydn/myzip.git’… fatal: unable to access ‘https://username:p@ssword@gitlab.company.com/group/project.git’: Couldn’t resolve host ‘ssword@gitlab.company.com/group/project.git’ How to use password has character @ in this context?

Git clone produces bad packet length error

I have trouble pulling a git repository via ssh on Windows. The repository is on a GitLab Server. I do the following steps: create a public key with ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “my@email.here” save the keys in C:\Users\myUserName\.ssh\keyName run the output of ssh-agent (i.e. export SSH_AUTH_SOCK; …) run ssh-add and add the key in C:\Users\myUserName\.ssh\keyName […]

Does GitLab support PSD previews as GitHub does?

I’m wondering if GitLab now also supports previewing PSD files as GitHub does. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything on this and I don’t have a running instance of GitLab yet. Maybe someone who uses GitLab already can bring some light into the dark 🙂 The background is that I’m still looking for a good solution […]

add gitlab repository to redmine

I’m try add a gitlab repository to redmine, but when accessing the repository via redmine, this displays the following message: “The entry or revision was not found in the repository.” My repo configuration: redmine: 2.4.1 OS: ubuntu edit: test of www-data permissions: root@Development:~# su www-data $ ls /home/git/repositories/mapb_1990/test.git/ branches config description HEAD hooks info objects […]

How to migrate gitorious to gitlab repositories

We use in our company’s Gitorious, but I have studied the GitLab lately and have seen much benefit in it. Recently I managed to climb the gitlab on one of our servers, but now need some help (north) to migrate repositories. Sorry for my english! Edit 1 We need repositories and commits

GitLab shows deleted branches

I have a problem with showing branches in GitLab. Between displayed branches there are two which were deleted. I believe it is because of their name origin/ondrat/xxxxx and origin/vladan/xxxxx. So the full path pathspec is origin/origin/ondtrat…. These two branches will not appear in the listing git branch -r and in GitLab UI can not be […]

Can't register Gitlab without e-mail server

I just installed GitLab and I can login as admin. However, when I register as a new user it tells me that I have to click on my confirmation e-mail link first. The problem is that we do not have a mail server set up. Therefore, the e-mail is not being sent. Is there any […]

Setting up SSH on sourcetree – wont PUSH to GitLab – asks for password

I have followed the below instructions to create an SSH key and added it to Gitlab. https://www.sourcetreeapp.com/faq/ (under the heading “How do I set up SSH keys for authentication?”) My changes are being tracked in Sourcetree and I am able to commit but I cannot pull or push without it asking for Authentication. Every time […]

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