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What are special files like CHANGELOG/LICENSE/VERSION/CONTRIBUTING/new_issue called?

Popular repository-hosting platforms like GitHub.com and GitLab enable the use of special files (readme-files) like README/CHANGELOG/LICENSE/VERSION/CONTRIBUTING (or similar eg ending in .md) and offer direct links to them or include them in the project website according to their meaning. If I want to search for available files in general (not one project/repo) what should i […]

Managing an imported subtree in a git repository

tl,dr version: Is it to be expected that code added to a repo via “git subtree add” shows in that (server side) repo as if it had been added as regular files? Are the files showing a copy or (as hoped) just a reference? full version: I’m pretty new to git (used SVN and Perforce […]

Git Repository Managing Operations

I am new in git and I need to create some repositories with a couple of restrictions. Below in the picture described the process what should be done. Let’s say I have master repository of MYTOOL in server1. So, I need to create a new branch test_branch, second I need to clone this branch(master_test_branch) to […]

Specify devel branch for ner merge request

We have in our project more development branches based on the same code base, then we are creating features branches which are merged into corresponding devel branches. /Feaure1 /–develI–B–C/ —A-/ \ /Feature2 \–develII–X–Y/ \ \ DevelIII–Q–R\ \Feature3 When I push new commits in Feature3 to the git(lab) new button “New Merge Request” appears. But this […]

gitlab empty response from server while clonning repository

I just installed gitlab server and it is running with default configuration, I created a public visibility project called test and I went to another machine on the same network and tried to clone it but I keep getting the error developer@ItnowDev:/apps/html$ git clone http://IP-OF-SERVER/USER/test.git Cloning into ‘test’… fatal: unable to access ‘http://IP-OF-SERVER/USER/test.git/’: Empty reply […]

How to clone a private gitlab repository without SSH using a token with the new build permissions?

As of 8.12, cloning using HTTPS + token is not supported anymore, as mentioned here: In 8.12 we improved build permissions. Being able to clone project using runners token it is no supported from now on (it was actually working by coincidence and was never a fully fledged feature, so we changed that in 8.12). […]

Shrinking a git Repository forgeting history keeping 3 branches

I have a big git repo with too big .git (~600Mo) folder. I made a gitlab read only archive of it I want to start from the actual working copy a new repo. but … I need to keep master + 2 branches. What is the correct way to do that ?

gitlab changing project path

I forked some repository with only README.md/.gitignore files from specific gitlab repo on my profile, cloned it to remote repository on my desktop (git remote add gitlab “clone_url”, made some work&commits and pushed it on my fork git push gitlab master. Then I opened merge request to gitlab’s master repository of that fork via gitlab […]

GitLab: How do I make a specific user the owner of a specific project in a namespace?

We have a namespace called games with many projects in it. How do I make a specific user the owner of a specific project in the games namespace? We are using GitLab CE 8.12.7

How to retrieve full code from gitlab files?

I have a broken file system with only read access. Is it possible to retrieve all code from gitlab directly from the gitlab-satttelites and repositories directory inside gitlab. The version is 4.2.

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