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Git only clones .git folder. Not all files

I am trying to clone repo. But doing so only get .git folder and not main files and folders. It shows success. But still not showing actual files and folders. It also shows receives objects (like 100% (2345/2345), 5.5 MB ). But not getting it in actual. I used following command (which works for other […]

Multiple Git Branches

I am working on a project and we use Git for scm. We have a ticketing/issue system for the project that we use for bug fixes and features, and refactoring. I am currently working on a ticket and have a local branch named after that ticket. I have merged my changes onto the branch and […]

Several SSH keys and user accounts

I have two user accounts in Gitlab. One with axmug user and the other one with GbFlow. When I log in using axmug user there is any key in the profile settings. But when I log in using GbFlow user I created an SSH key file and I can watch it in the profile settings. […]

Do I commit all the modified files after a `git pull`?

I’d like to merge my branch into master. I’ve committed everything on my branch switched to master. I need to do git pull to make sure I’m up to date, however when I try to git merge mybranch I get the error error: merge is not possible because you have unmerged files. git status shows […]

How to get back a clean git repository?

I have got a github repo from Customer side . After that I could see the changes in the Github. But found that given old, faulty, junk tree. I have successfully push the initial code base using these commands. git clone git@github.com:ABC/ABCSoft.git cp -rv /home/LifeStyle . git add –all git commit -m “Initial codebase v1.0.0” […]

How to push into gitlab again when the docker-volume or the server data is recreated?

I have gitlab installed in a docker container. I have loaded my server backup of 2 days ago due to few problem on the server. So my gitlab is not up to date and lose the code of 2 days. My problem is that on client side, developpers already pushed some code and the server […]

Empty remote repository and push my current local repo into it

I have a gitlab repository that just had two minor commits which are not important. Now we want to push a local app I have in my machine which to replace all of the contents of the remote repo. So what would be the best strategy for achieving this? Undoing all commits in the remote […]

Push code to remote Docker

I have a GitLab repository in which I have a node.js app with express, I want “deploy” this code to my Ubuntu Server to use the express server remotely and not only local, but I don’t want install node.js instead I want try use Docker. I have read a lot about Docker, and I had […]

why gitlab refuse push pdf file?

I’m stuck the problem a whole day when push my project to gitlab.Finally, I find it push success when ignore *.pdf. I have test a single .pdf file can’t push to gitlab.Error like this: $ git push origin master Counting objects: 7, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (7/7), done. […]

Error connecting to GitLab with JGit

I am trying to use JGit to read some tags from a repository on GitLab. I can clone the repository in bash, so I know that I have permissions and so on. When I try to fetch the tags using JGit, I get the following error: UnknownHostKey: gitlab.com. RSA key fingerprint is b6:03:0e:39:97:9e:d0:e7:24:ce:a3:77:3e:01:42:01 at org.eclipse.jgit.transport.JschConfigSessionFactory.getSession(JschConfigSessionFactory.java:160) […]

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