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GitLab email notification not working

I just set up gitlab on my dedicated server, As Admin I created a new user, He should normally receive an email with his password, But He doesn’t. What I want to know is how to configure email notifications (with SMTP). PS: I’m not familiar with Ruby environment at all. Thank you. Update : it […]

How do I enable cloning over SSH for a Gitlab runner?

I am having some trouble cloning large repositories over HTTP on my Windows Gitlab runner. I’ve tried several methods to do shallow clones or disable clone compression. Still no luck. Cloning the same repository over SSH works great as a temporary solution and I would like to get this working on our Gitlab CI process. […]

Can't push to new gitlab install

Good afternoon all, Backed up several old git repos and am in the process of adding them to a knew gitlab install. Install looks like the guide here https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlabhq/wiki/VirtualBox-Image When adding a new origin remote like this; git remote add origin git@ and attempting a push I get the following fatal: ‘project.git’ does not appear […]

GitLab fork remote public repo

My organization has a dedicated machine for our GitLab install. I regularly work with other public projects (Drupal.org and Github). I would like to have a repo on our GitLab with a branch that would track the remote Drupal or Github project, in addition to having our own development and production branches. Want this to […]

installing from bower repository from private gitlab repository

I try to install a bower repo i registered to my local private bower instance. The git host is a private gitlab instance. bower install bower-test is given me the error bower bower-test#* not-cached git://github.com/EvandroLG/bower-test.git#* bower bower-test#* resolve git://github.com/EvandroLG/bower-test.git#* bower bower-test#* ECMDERR Failed to execute “git ls-remote –tags –heads git://github.com/EvandroLG/bower-test.git”, exit code of #128 Additional […]

Custom repo path

So I get the following url from gitlab for a newly created project git@gitsource:kellye/calendar-tool-of-doom.git That gives me a back a ‘does not appear to be a git repository error’ So on a hunch I tried this git@gitsource:repositories/kellye/calendar-tool-of-doom.git and it worked fine. I’ll note that I changed the repos_path in gitlab.yml and config.yml(in git-shell) to a […]

How to use multiple ssh keys for multiple gitlab accounts with the same host

This question already has an answer here: GitHub: Multiple account setup 2 answers

GitLab PHP Website Deployment

I’ve setup GitLab and am using it to host my Git repositories. Now what I’m trying to do is setup a post-receive hook so that I can develop in a folder called site_dev then push my changes so they’re automatically pulled into the site folder. All morning I’ve been trying to get this hook to […]

Gitlab: no user or key was provided

I tried to push the master branch from a client to a server which installed the gitlab. However, I got the following error info: [root@warehouse git-sample]# git push origin master git@’s password: Counting objects: 3, done. Writing objects: 100% (3/3), 224 bytes | 0 bytes/s, done. Total 3 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0) remote: […]

How to sync gitlab with github

I have several developers working on a local Gitlab instance. The client requires that their Github repo is kept updated. So our Gitlab repo should push any commits directly to Github. Any commits to Github should likewise be pulled into Gitlab. I could do the first part (dev –> gitlab –> github) with jenkins or […]

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