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Git command to get SVN style diff; modified file list between revisions

I used the command “git diff –name-only” and got output like below FilePath/FilePath/FileName.ext FilePath/FilePath1/FileName1.ext I need SVN style output like M FilePath/FilePath/FileName.ext A FilePath/FilePath1/FileName1.ext How to achive this?

Importing commit from Bitbucket to Existing Gitlab repo

I am working on this large project and my source code is being stored on Gitlab. I gave the code to another person and they have done some major work to it and they store it on Bitbucket. Now I want to take the person’s code and add it to my existing Gitlab repo (as […]

GIT_COMMITTER_DATE not recognized

This is probably an extremely simple question but I’m trying to modify the date of a Git commit but whenever I try to modify the Git environment variables GIT_COMMITTER_DATE or GIT_AUTHOR_DATE I get this message. When I type git var -l they don’t show up either. Do I have to add those variables myself? C:\Users\MolinaBA\Desktop\MCPInfoGitMigrationTest>GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=”12/12/12 […]

Gitlab multi project CI

I have a complex LaTeX set of projects composed of the following directories. PACKAGE/ SCRIPTS/ AUX/ PROJ1/ PROJ2/ … Each PROJ1, PROJ2, … is a book. To build PROJ1/, for example, I have a set of scripts in the SCRIPT folder. These scripts copy some files in the AUX/ folder to each PROJ1/ folder. The […]

Permission Denied (publickey) – Git Bash on Windows

I’m setting up Git Bash on my Windows 10 PC with the intent of using it with Gitlab. Despite setting everything up correctly, a git clone or git push always results in Permission denied (publickey). Before you say it, I’ve looked extensively at all answers to similar problems, and on top of that, I’m fairly […]

How to mark a git branch as merged?

I know this sounds a little weird, but sometimes manually editing is more convenient than merging and resolving conflicts. I would like GitHub/GitLab to show a merged label on the branches I manually “merged”. Can I do that?

Git: how to set remote in existing repo

One question please I have a project on git with differents branches: Master Pre Dev …. I’ve installed my project files in another server by FTP (not by git pull or git clone) ir order to create a dev enviroment. The folder of the project in dev enviroment don’t have a git repo. Can I […]

GitLab – ignore specific files in target branch

I am using GitLab in my project and I have a quite specific workflow. I have 2 branches “Dev” and “Release” as shown below. When I submit a merge request from Dev to Release, the config files are also getting overwritten with that of Dev branch. But ideally config files have to be different for […]

How to merge deteched commits to master

I tried to create new branch from a certain commit of master. I don’t remember the command I used but I think this one (but not sure) git branch branchname <sha1-of-commit> I got a new branch with a bunch of commits. But I found that master branch lost all commits that found in new branch. […]

GIT: Updating pull request after review changes commit doesn't show in the pull request

I fork a github repository and made some changes on my fork and submit pull request but the owners of the original github repository ask for some changes and made changes they ask me in the pull request. I assumed adding additional changes to my fork it will show up in the current pull request […]

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