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Can we add git-annex to GitLab CE?

I know GitLab EE supports git-annex. However, us being a small team (of 2), plus lower cost projects, we’re using GitLab CE in self hosted environment. Now facing problems with big binary files and images, we’re starting to look for a solution. If there is any way git-annex can be manually integrated to gitlab-shell, or […]

How to hard reset branch and push it through gerrit?

I have situation like I need to hard reset from one branch to another.I have explained the scenario over here.How to hard reset from one git branch to other in JGit? It is working like a charm for git project.I need it for gerrit projects also.If I do the same and push it htrough gerrit […]

Android Studio and GitLab

I work with my team in a project which is registered in GitLab. Every time that I am trying to open my project with android studio it pops up a message “Unregistered VCS root detected The directory C:\…\…\ is under Git, but is not registered in the Settings.” And below this message I have three […]

Git HTTPS Authentication fails interactively, but works in the URL

When attempting to perform a git clone https://gitlab.com/user/repo.git, or git clone https://USER@gitlab.com/user/repo.git I get the error “fatal: Authentication failed” When I do the same thing, but place the password in the URL (git clone https://USER:PASS@gitlab.com/username/repo.git the command works fine. I’m looking for help on how to investigate what the difference is between these two operations. […]

gitlab: invocation of gitlab-shell

I have been going through the code of gitlab-shell. I am unable to understand how it is invoked. If I made a pull to my server(on which gitlab-shell is installed), how does gitlab-shell knows about it? bin/gitlab-shell has this line as comment: GitLab shell, invoked from ~/.ssh/authorized_keys Is there any line in authorized_keys which invokes […]

Working on GitLab/GitHub/BitBucket feature branch

I am looking for a recommended methodology of working on a feature branch in Git with a server like BitBucket/GitLab/GitHub. Assume we start with a release on the master branch, create a feature branch and assign several developers to work on it. They clone the repository to their respective workstations and start working. If all […]

Linux can not find gitlab-rake?

So I try to do a backup of git. I have found this script (here:https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/blob/master/doc/raketasks/backup_restore.md) But if I use this command it says that the command is not found. What am I doing wrong? root@gitlab-test git/gitlab# sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create SKIP=db,uploads sudo: gitlab-rake: command not found Also I tried the command sudo -u git -H bundle […]

GitLab: No tracked branch configured for branch master

I am trying to update my local reposity from within Android-Studio. I do this through: VCS –> Update project , or by clicking: But I keep getting the following balloon: I tried this answer, but still getting nowhere with the message above. I also tried this answer, yet no success. Please help !

How to diff file encoding with Git?

I try to know if its possible to show the encoding file diff between two files. Exemple : a file was encoding in ISO-8859-1, and I changed it to UTF-8. I commited and pushed my branch. Then, on GitLab, there is no way to see the difference of encoding ? Thanks.

Gitlab CI + maven: Use another repo as local dependency

I started using gitlab for CI with maven. I’de like to use another gitlab repo as a dependency for my project but i have no clue on how to do it. My current .gitlab-ci.yml: image: maven:3-jdk-8 variables: MAVEN_OPTS: -Dmaven.repo.local=${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/.m2 build: script: “mvn clean install” artifacts: name: “oslib” paths: – “target/*.jar”

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