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Make my web application freeware

I’d want my web application to be freeware and I’d upload it to Github, but I guess it can be a security hole if I put some kind of code, like DB configuration file (where there is my password), or any other. I’m working with Symfony2 and I don’t know exactly what files I should […]

CakePHP – gitignore

If I plan on deploying my cakePHP application on my server which automatically gets its files from git, should I delete the gitignore file? I do not want necessary files not being uploaded to my server, because then my application won’t function correctly.

How can fix the git ignore faltal

I use git as my vcs. I have a reports folder, and add it in the git control, now I don’t want trace this folder, then I add git ignore file, but it seems like git still trace this folder. I search by Google, some web pages suggest git rm –cached filename, I run it, […]

Check Node Modules into Git for New Branches

I am using Node and Grunt to watch files and compile my stylus css preprocessor code. Node is otherwise not necessary for this project. Right now the node_modules folder is not checked into my git repository which is fine for release. The problem I have is whenever I create a feature branch, node_modules is not […]

Git pass gitignore file as command line argument

Is there a way to pass the path to a different gitignore file (or pipe the content of a gitignore file) to git commands? Basically I want to do git diff –no-index path1 path2 but I want git to ignore some files, is there a way?

Git ignore files matching a pattern only

I have a directory of images where I only want to .gitignore a specific subset of those images that match the pattern \d{5}.png Namely, 01001.png or 93002.png, for example. For some reason, I’m not able to find the gitignore pattern for this or the bash glob that doesnt say ‘too many arguments’

.gitignore all directories that have a certain file

Is there a way to exclude an entire directory from git if a certain file is present in there? For instance, I have a lot of test cases which create new directories with an _SUCCESS file. I want to exclude any directory that has a _SUCCESS file. I do not care about what other files […]

make git commit all files of specific type except for a couple

How can I make git commit all files of one type, say *.el except for certain .el files that are specifically named. So, I have the following, but the *.el seems to be overriding the .el files that I name specifically, * ignoreme.el ignoremetoo.el !.gitignore !*.el I have tried putting the files to ignore after […]

git ignore exception not working multiple subdirectories below ignored directory

I am having an issue where the exception syntax for gitignore (!fileName.txt) is not working when the file is multiple subdirectories below the ignored directory. For instance: web/[Ee]xample.[Ww]eb/[Ss]itecore/* !web/[Ee]xample.[Ww]eb/[Ss]itecore/[Ss]hell/[Tt]hemes/[Ss]tandard/[Cc]ustom/32×32* does not include the files in the folder 32×32. I have to manually add them via command line like so: git add -f -r web/[Ee]xample.[Ww]eb/[Ss]itecore/[Ss]hell/[Tt]hemes/[Ss]tandard/[Cc]ustom/32×32 Is […]

Git 1.9 double asterisk in negated pattern not working?

Our folder structure looks like this: x ├─y │ ├─a │ │ ├─config.xml │ │ ├─a.file │ │ └─another.file │ ├─b │ │ ├─config.xml │ │ ├─a.file │ │ └─another.file │ └─config.xml ├─z │ └─(…) └─config.xml I want to add all config.xml to the Git repository. I’m trying to do this with the following .gitignore […]

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