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How do I manage an Android/Eclipse/Git project across multiple platforms?

I’m working on an Android group project, and have been running into issues with Eclipse’s .metadata folder and git. Originally, I didn’t include the .metadata folder, which caused one teammate’s eclipse workspace to completely break. The projects wouldn’t show up in the package explorer, and the SDK couldn’t be found. I am working under OSX […]

Undo git rm . -r –cached or commit changes?

I was trying to make my .gitingore work (Link to the question 🙂 ). I have just done git rm . -r –cached and now I have a whole list of deleted files when I enter: git status -s Is this normal? Can i safetly commit all my changes? Or maybe there is a way […]

gitignore file ignore cachebusted files

I have my .gitignore working fine but for some reason I cannot get it to ignore my /min folder which contains, among other things, my cache busted js in the format of whatever.min.v0.0.1.js Here is my current .gitignore file: node_modules/ .sass-cache/ public/stylesheets/*.css public/min/*.js How do I get it to ignore just everything in the public/min […]

gitignore with platform specific defines?

I’m working on Fedora 22. When I perform a git status it lists all the *.o files. I don’t recall seeing the behavior in the past. I looked at the project’s .gitginore file delivered via git clone, and it lacks a rule for *.o. I would like to add *.o, but I would like to […]

Git workflow, differences between devel and production branches on ignoring files

Say you have a develop branch and a master branch (master corresponding to production). In the develop branch you might have a test folder, a scripts folder that you want to version control. But every time you merge the develop branch with new changes to the master branch, you want to ignore scripts and tests, […]

exclude files from pushing and pulling

I have a remote repository that is mirrored to a development site and downloaded to my local machine to work with. When I push changes they update the site by hooks. Update The thing i need: Repository holds whole project with working “configuraion.php” for development site (working online resource for testing); Any developer can pull […]

Why git don't ignore contents of surefire-reports\ folder in maven target folder?

Git correctly ignores everything in my target folder (maven) except folder “surefire-reports”. My .gitignore: # Java *.class .idea/ # Package Files *.jar *.war *.iml *.ucls target/ But files in target\surefire-reports\ still tracked by git. See git status output: # On branch connectionPane # Changes not staged for commit: # (use “git add <file>…” to update […]

how to make git ignore ignores in .gitignore

I have a Git repository that contains a .gitignore file, which lists a few files (that are created during the build) to be ignored. $ cat .gitignore foo $ ls bar $ git status On branch master nothing to commit, working directory clean $ touch foo $ ls bar foo $ git status On branch […]

Gitignore glob path

I have this file hierarchy in my project: assets –script.js –a.html –admin –carousel.js –documentation.html I want to add rules in .gitignore so that all files inside assets gets ignored except js files. I tried following in .gitignore that only considers script.js from first level: assets !assets/*.js and then tried this which too only considers script.js […]

Git init with option for auto-creation of a default .gitignore

There is a previous post about automatically adding .gitignore, but how would you specify in git init an option which indicates the corresponding .gitignore to add upon git init? (In other words, be able to specify which .gitignore to use) Would this be possible using git commands alone, or some shell script?

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