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What should be in my .gitignore for an Android Studio project?

What files should be in my .gitignore for an Android Studio project? I have seen several examples that all include .iml but IntelliJ docs say that .iml must be included in your source control.

How do I tell Git to ignore everything except a subdirectory?

I want to ignore all files in my repository except those that occur in the bin subdirectory. I tried adding the following to my .gitignore: * !bin/* This does not have the desired effect, however: I created a new file inside of bin/, but doing git status still shows nothing to commit (working directory clean). […]

Ignore the .gitignore file itself

I just did a git init on the root of my new project. Then I created a .gitignore file. Now, when I type git status, .gitignore file appears in the list of untracked files. Why is that?

Make .gitignore ignore everything except a few files

I understand that a .gitignore file cloaks specified files from Git’s version control. I have a project (LaTeX) that generates lots of extra files (.auth, .dvi, .pdf, logs, etc) as it runs, but I don’t want those to be tracked. I’m aware that I could (maybe should) make it so all those files are put […]

How do I add files without dots in them (all extension-less files) to the gitignore file?

Like the title says, is it possible to add “files without dots in them” to the gitignore file? I imagine this would take care of all those bothersome extensionless files.

Ignore files that have already been committed to a Git repository

I have an already initialized Git repository that I added a .gitignore file to. How can I refresh the file index so the files I want ignored get ignored?

Ignoring directories in Git repos on Windows

How can I ignore directories or folders in Git using msysgit on Windows?

How to ignore certain files in git?

I have a repository with a file Hello.java. When I compile it an additional Hello.class file is generated. I created an entry for Hello.class in a .gitignore file. However the file still appears to be tracked. I want to know how to make git ignore Hello.class.

Should I check in node_modules to git when creating a node.js app on Heroku?

I followed the basic getting started instructions for node.js on Heroku here: https://devcenter.heroku.com/categories/nodejs These instruction don’t tell you to create a .gitignore node_modules, and therefore imply that node_modules should be checked in to git. When I include node_modules in git my getting started application ran correctly. When I followed the more advanced example at: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/realtime-polyglot-app-node-ruby-mongodb-socketio […]

Global Git ignore

I want to set up Git to globally ignore certain files. I have added a .gitignore file to my user root directory (Users/me/) and I have added the following line to it: *.tmproj But it is not ignoring this type of files, any idea what I am doing wrong?

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