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.gitignore excluding files in all directories

In .gitignore I have phpmyadmin .idea config.php admin/config.php system/cache/* system/logs/* image/cache/* git is somehow ignoring config.php file in system/library/config.php why that can happen ? and how to avoid that ?

Allowing files within folders in .gitignore not working

Seen as my project is reaching half a gigabyte of disk space I’d like to avoid uploading/downloading that. But I do need to keep my project group up-to-date with all the changes that are being made by everyone on the team. So when I tried to make a .gitignore to ignore everything except my C# […]

github gitignore adds folder previously NOT on gitignore

i have mistankenly added a folder on a github project that I don’t want to be there anymore. I want/need it only in my local project. so i’ve updated my .gitignore file adding the directory name, i’ve committed and pushed the changes but the folder is still on github. i’ve another contributor to the project. […]

Git – How can I ignore a file of my repo without removing it from the repository?

I have a config.js file in my repo. After working for a while… I added some sensitive information to that file, so I never commit it. What I would like to do is to ignore this file, so never gets commited. However, I do not want the file to be removed from the remote repo, […]

How to git ignore everything but one folder?

I have a git repo in my home folder. I’m trying to NOT include basically the entirety of my home folder, with the exception of my .vim folder. In my .gitignore, I have * !.vim The problem is that this only adds the .vim directory into my git repo, but not its files and its […]

How to remove certain files from global .gitignore?

Whenever I push my code to Github, the crucial file .angular-cli.json is being filtered out from my git add * files. So whenever I clone a repo of a new Angular 4 project I get an error, because .angular-cli.json is missing, and when trying to ng serve I get an error. How do I remove […]

Git: how to unignore all Symfony vendor files?

unfortunately I can’t use composer, due to low memory on the webspace. That’s why I’m trying to push vendor/* to the git repository, to be able to pull the full project, including the dependencies. In my .gitignore I’m forcing git to unignore the vendor files by !/vendor/*. It works for most files, but not for […]

Creating directory/file name rules for .gitignore

I’d like to set up some rules in my .gitignore whereby any directory or file with a name containing “_nogit” will be ignored. Examples: ../videos_nogit/… bigvideo_nogit.mp4 assets/_nogit/bigvideos… Thanks–

GIT How can I track empty folder with its permission

I need to track a folder (I’ll name it “root”) that contains empty folders. So I created an empty .gitignore for each empty folder, I added them but now I’d like to track its permissions (chmod 777 root -R). But nothing doesn’t change on git status

Should the .babelrc file be gitignored?

I have a project that uses babel, and I was curious if a .babelrc file is typically gitignored or not. I am using a couple of presets that are apart of the package.json file that I have in the .babelrc file so it seems like a .babelrc file should be in source control, but not […]

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