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Multiple .gitignores in a single project

I am having an issue managing my .gitignore file for a website I’m working on. I am storing my website on multiple repositories that require different files to be hidden or visible from git. For example: I don’t want my Github repository to store images or database information. My production server on the other hand […]

.gitignore does not ignore one folder

I’ve got the following in my .gitignore: #built application files *.apk *.ap_ # files for the dex VM *.dex # Java class files *.class # generated files bin/ gen/ # Local configuration file (sdk path, etc) local.properties # Windows thumbnail db Thumbs.db # OSX files .DS_Store # Eclipse project files .classpath .project # Android Studio […]

Gitignore all except one folder and all its content – regardless of the nesting level

I know that this question has been asked many times, but honestly – in spite of many accepted answers, I’ve not found a neat solution to this problem. I stress the work neat here. I want to ignore everything except one folder and its entire contents. This will not achieve it: * !dest !dest/* that […]

ignore files ending with numbers with 0-3 digits

This question must have been asked before, but I was not able to find an answer. I want to use .gitignore to ignore all of the following files: dsmodelext.c dsmodelext1.c dsmodelext2.c dsmodelext23.c dsmodelext107.c Currently I put four lines in my .gitignore file: dsmodelext.c dsmodelext[0-9].c dsmodelext[0-9][0-9].c dsmodelext[0-9][0-9][0-9].c Is there a way to express the same on […]

filtering of files and paths from gitignore

I would like to find all file paths that are not filtered by a .gitignore (or any nested .gitignore files within sub-directories) using C#. This is similar to the question here with regard to PHP. I’m wondering if someone knows if this code had already been made available (in C#) somewhere online. UPDATE: To answer […]

Git advanced ignoring

This question already has an answer here: How to make Git “forget” about a file that was tracked but is now in .gitignore? 15 answers

Git status get changed files inside new directory

I set up the ignoring filters throug .gitignore file. So, for git status command I see this: 1.c 2.c 3.cpp 4.cpp aaa/ But I want to see full list of filtered files of aaa subdirectory instead of aaa/ for to be sure what my .gitignore are configured correctly. Can I get it?

How to gitignore Go binaries?

I have a .gitignore file like this: # no binaries */ !*.go/ !.gitignore I thought */ means to ignore all files in all subdirectories (so every file), !*.go/ means to not-ignore all *.go files in all subdirectories, and !.gitignore means to not ignore .gitignore. However, the issue I have now is that when I create […]

What to ignore in Git with Cowboy / erlang.mk project?

While learning Erlang I’m following Cowboy’s HTTP framework documentation to setup a simple server. I understand that the project structure is driven by erlang.mk. Now having something working I want to commit the code to Git repository. What are the recommended entries for .gitignore file? I did a little googling, but couldn’t find any guides. […]

.gitignore ignoring a file even though no rules specify it

This is my .gitignore file: smarty/templates_c config.codekit components/**/styles/ components/**/js/ !components/root/js-dev/plugin/select2-4.0.3/dist/js/ !components/root/js-dev/plugin/chartjs/ .sass-cache/ /node_modules/ /dbv-parkrooau/ /pma-parkrooau/ count.php Hence, if I make a change inside of components/foo/js-dev/main.js, then .gitignore will track its change, and include it in my repository; this is fine. However, I have a file located at components/theygo/js-dev/shoppingcart.js – .gitignore does not track changes to […]

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