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git ignore directory except for specified

I want to ignore entire public_html/ directory except one file inside I give .gitignore as below: public_html/* !public_html/config/config.php However, when I run git status , I can not find config.php has been included.

First commit Android Studio Project — What should leave out?

I am doing my initial commit for a new android project. I am happy with the state of the code but was wondering about which files to add + commit and which files should I leave out. Here is my .gitignore contents: # built application files *.apk *.ap_ # files for the dex VM *.dex […]

Best practice for ignoring files within a folder with GIT

I’m just looking for some advice on the best way to manage the following situation with git. my project has a folder called “photos” that users can upload images to. I have a version of the project running locally and I am adding images to this folder for testing purposes. When I push to the […]

.gitignore is ignoring other directories with the same name

I have a problem in my .gitignore. I want it to just ignore the ‘vendor/’ directory, but it is ignoring all directories with that name. Below is my .gitignore: .idea/ bin/ vendor/ composer.lock composer.phar Below is the result of my ‘git status’: Changes not staged for commit:    (use “git add <file> …” to update […]

How to ignore files using git-gui (tcl-tk) application?

I’m using the git-gui interface to manage my git project. Despite being ugly –tcl-tk– it’s one of the most complete interface out there. However, I can’t find how to ignore files from this interface ?

Visual Studio gitignore and mdf, ldf files

I have a database project that generates these files and added to gitignore. However they don’t seem to be getting ignored and I need to revert them before commiting, quite annoying. The files are still locked by VS, is this a problem? # # Windows and Mac OS X Temp Cache Files # [Tt]humbs.db *.DS_Store […]

.gitignore wildcard not working? (“LIVE-* ” pattern doesn't match “LIVE-vhost” filename)

Super quick one. Here is my .gitignore (at the root level of my repo # Makefile stuff LIVE-* .install-post-all When I do this, The LIVE-* bit isn’t working: $ git status # On branch master # Untracked files: # (use “git add <file>…” to include in what will be committed) # # pm-h8/etc/apache2/conf.d/LIVE-vhost nothing added […]

How not to display the .class in git

I don’t want to display .class files when executing git status. I created a file named .gitignore and entered the .class in the file but nothing happened. What is the best way to prevent the .class file from being displayed when you execute git status command?

What should be in my gitignore for Xcode 7

This question already has an answer here: Git ignore file for Xcode projects 17 answers

Can I make vim respect my .gitignore files?

I was wondering if there is a way to get vim to read .gitignore files and use them to determine options not to present when auto-completing filenames. For example, working in python, I’d like to not see .pyc files offered for editing. I think vim has its own mechanism for this, I was wondering how […]

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