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which gitignore rule is ignoring my file

Is there any way to see why some file is getting ignored by git (i.e. which rule in a .gitignore file is causing the file to be ignored)? Imagine I have this (or a much more complex scenario, with hundreds of folders and tens of .gitignore files: / -.gitignore -folder/ -.gitignore -subfolder/ -.gitignore -file.txt If […]

.gitignore – ignore any 'bin' directory

I have a directory structure like this: .git/ .gitignore main/ … tools/ … … Inside main and tools, and any other directory, at any level, there can be a ‘bin’ directory, which I want to ignore (and I want to ignore everything under it too). I’ve tried each of these patterns in .gitignore but none […]

.gitignore is not working

My .gitignore file seems to be being ignored by git – could the .gitignore file be corrupt? Which file format, locale or culture does git expect? My .gitignore: #this is a comment debug.log nbproject/ Output from git status: # On branch master # Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 1 commit. # # Untracked […]

How do I ignore files in a directory in Git?

What is the proper syntax for the .gitignore file to ignore files in a directory? Would it be config/databases.yml cache/* log/* data/sql/* lib/filter/base/* lib/form/base/* lib/model/map/* lib/model/om/* or /config/databases.yml /cache/* /log/* /data/sql/* /lib/filter/base/* /lib/form/base/* /lib/model/map/* /lib/model/om/* ?

How do I configure git to ignore somes files locally?

Can I ignore files locally without polluting the global git config for everyone else? I have untracked files that are spam in my git status but I don’t want to commit git config changes for every single little random untracked file I have in my local branches.

.gitignore for Visual Studio Projects and Solutions

Which files should I include in .gitignore when using Git in conjunction with Visual Studio Solutions (.sln) and Projects?

gitignore after commit

I have a git repository hosted on Github. After committing many files, I am realizing that I need to create .gitignore and exclude .exe, .obj files. However, will it automatically remove these committed files from the repository. Is there any way to force that?

.gitignore exclude folder but include specific subfolder

I have the folder application/ which I add to the .gitignore. Inside the application/ folder is the folder application/language/gr. How can I include this folder? I’ve tried this application/ !application/language/gr/ with no luck…

What should be in my .gitignore for an Android Studio project?

What files should be in my .gitignore for an Android Studio project? I have seen several examples that all include .iml but IntelliJ docs say that .iml must be included in your source control.

How do I tell Git to ignore everything except a subdirectory?

I want to ignore all files in my repository except those that occur in the bin subdirectory. I tried adding the following to my .gitignore: * !bin/* This does not have the desired effect, however: I created a new file inside of bin/, but doing git status still shows nothing to commit (working directory clean). […]

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