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git warning “unable to access permission denied” on a .gitignore directory

I have a sub-directory called “.gitignore” in one of my directories called “Database”, which I want git to ignore, so I listed it in my .gitingore file. .gitignore: [Bb]in/ [Dd]ebug/ [Rr]elease/ .gitignore/ When I perform a command like git status Database, i get the following warning: warning: unable to access ‘Database/.gitignore’: Permission denied Can anyone […]

Git ignore subfolder

just trying to git ignore a subfolder in my project. It looks like so: platforms/android/fileshere.txt now I’d like to ignore all files in platforms/android, but I want to keep the folder structure. Can’t seem to find how to do that. I tried: platforms/android/* But it ignores the folders as well. Thanks for any help

Git ingoring vendor folder

I have added vendor folder to my .gitignore file, but still whenever I do git status it shows me that vendor folder is modified. Below are my steps that I followed in order to push my code to my repository:- step 1)Created .gitignore file with following content. .idea/* log/* tmp/* step 2)Pushed gitignore file to […]

How do I treat the existing files(already committed) that I ignored later in git?

First the files are in the git repo and were committed thus not ignored. Then I ignore it in gitignore, and later those files are changed. They will show in git status. In my project, those are some pyc files. I use git rm <file> –cached to remove them. I am wondering whether there is […]

Unable to unstage git committed file

When we added a directory to git, we had some temporary files (ending in .~) that we don’t want to track added already by mistake. We’ve since setup a .gitignore file with a *.~ rule. This works for all new temporary files, but we’re unable to remove the few that were already committed. When we […]

Removing files from githubs repository but not locally

So this is my repository: https://github.com/quinnliu/WalnutiQ I added .gradle & build/ to my .gitignore file. However when I push this change I would like to remove the .gradle file and build/ folder from ONLY my repository and not locally. How can I do this?

Ignoring a particular file pattern in git

This question already has an answer here: Extended regular expressions (ERE) for .gitignore 2 answers

.gitignore doesn't ignore untracked files

I want to ignore untracked files shown below, but it keeps showing. I tried deleting cached files (git rm –cached CruiserConsole*.*) but it didn’t work. D:\Git\CruiseProtocolScripts [master +8 ~1 -0 !]> git status # On branch master # Untracked files: # (use “git add <file>…” to include in what will be committed) # # CruiserConsole.exe […]

why file in gitignore will be modified after android studio compile?

I have a file called VersionUtil and set it into the gitignore. In the gitignore file, I have # Git info app/src/main/java/com/test/util/VersionUtil.java Before I run the project in android studio, there’s a line of code in VersionUtil.java: public static final String COMMIT_INFO = “info”. I ran git status and it returned Your branch is up-to-date […]

How To Not ignore based on keyword in .gitignore

Because I’m using microsoft nuget, I want to ignore all the package directories in my projects (there are a huge number of these and those files are all temporary). Unfortunately, in the JavaScript library I also have in the same repository, I need the package directory. So, I have in my .gitignore … package … […]

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