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Are there any bad side effects by ignoring .gitignore?

Example .gitignore: .gitignore .DS_Store .project .pydevproject … Is it bad to add .gitignore? I don’t need it tracked and I don’t like clutter. An acceptable answer is, “You are being a whiny brat who gets annoyed at things that shouldn’t ruffle your feathers. So knock it off your wasting our time.” Thanks for the suggestions!

Git add . does add files listed in .gitignore

I want to stop tracking certain files in Git that I’ve added to the .gitignore file. I used git rm –cached (and also tried git rm -r –cached .) but after running git add ., a git commit –dry-run tells me the files in my gitignore are “to be committed”. The contents of the .gitignore […]

gitignore – now to ignore files but keep child directories

This question already has an answer here: .gitignore exclude folder but include specific subfolder 8 answers

Git is not ignoring tmp files

I’m having this annoying issue in a Ruby On Rails application where git keeps committing these tmp/ files. In my .gitignore file, I have tmp/ so I don’t understand why they keep showing up…here is my .gitignore file for reference: # Ignore bundler config. /.bundle # Ignore the default SQLite database. /db/*.sqlite3 /db/*.sqlite3-journal # Ignore […]

Git : How to protect a directory

I am working on a php web application where I need a directory named “library” to always be left untouched by git. The reason is that this directory is used for the storage of other files and folders that the user might upload from within my php application to the server. So, it contains items […]

What files/directories does git ignore by default?

I noticed that in a newly created git repo, directories like __pycache__ or .svn are already ignored. I don’t remember configuring git to ignore these directories. How can I view the list of patterns that are currently ignored by git? I’m using git v2.1.3.

git warning “unable to access permission denied” on a .gitignore directory

I have a sub-directory called “.gitignore” in one of my directories called “Database”, which I want git to ignore, so I listed it in my .gitingore file. .gitignore: [Bb]in/ [Dd]ebug/ [Rr]elease/ .gitignore/ When I perform a command like git status Database, i get the following warning: warning: unable to access ‘Database/.gitignore’: Permission denied Can anyone […]

Git ignore subfolder

just trying to git ignore a subfolder in my project. It looks like so: platforms/android/fileshere.txt now I’d like to ignore all files in platforms/android, but I want to keep the folder structure. Can’t seem to find how to do that. I tried: platforms/android/* But it ignores the folders as well. Thanks for any help

Git ingoring vendor folder

I have added vendor folder to my .gitignore file, but still whenever I do git status it shows me that vendor folder is modified. Below are my steps that I followed in order to push my code to my repository:- step 1)Created .gitignore file with following content. .idea/* log/* tmp/* step 2)Pushed gitignore file to […]

How do I treat the existing files(already committed) that I ignored later in git?

First the files are in the git repo and were committed thus not ignored. Then I ignore it in gitignore, and later those files are changed. They will show in git status. In my project, those are some pyc files. I use git rm <file> –cached to remove them. I am wondering whether there is […]

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