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Gitolite gitignore template

We are in the infancy of switching our source control environment over to Git with Gitolite for access control. The one thing that I would like to know if it’s possible and how, would be to create a default .gitignore that would be included in all new repos created with gitolite by default. There are […]

Cancelling git push and ignore additional folder

I want to cancel the git push. I’ve done it with cntrl + C command. I reset –mixed to my old status. Add the forgetten directory to my gitignore file, But when I do the git push again , it still tries to send the ignored folder. Any ideas?

.gitignore and remove cached makes it so I can't see the file on the server al all?

I want to ignore a few files that need to be different, or do not need to be tracked- I edit my gitignore to skip swp files, the entire tmp dir and a few of the log files inside log/. I them removed the cached versions from my local install- all seemed well here then […]

Ignoring directories in earlier commits

For all my future commits I ignore a directory because I don’t have to keep track of the changes there. In that directory is a bunch of images and since I’ve earlier for a lot of commits included that directory, my repository is more than 270MB. Can I somehow remove the image directory from my […]

.gitignore syntax issue

I have a given extension directory containing plenty of other directories. Among those plenty, one particular named important that I want to be staged by git. The others I don’t. So I created a .gitignore file within my extension directory with the following content: * !README !.gitignore !important/** My goal was saying to Git: ignore […]

gitignore all files in all subdirectories except xml files

I have a directory structure similar to this: root/ .gitignore subdir/ .gitignore subsubdir1/ file.xml image.png subsubdir2 file.xml image.jpg I want to ignore all files from subdir except XML files. the second .gitignore looks like this: * # ignore everything in this directory and its subdirectories !*/ # do not ignore subdirectories !*.xml # do not […]

Ignore containing folder, but not a folder within

I’m cleaning up my development workflow and I was wondering if it is at all possible for Git to ignore a containing folder, but allow folders within? Allow me to clarify. I’m currently working on my website and I’m theming my new WordPress blog – Obviously I have a local installation of WordPress and a […]

Git – how to unignore a file

This question already has an answer here: Trouble un-ignoring previously ignored files in Git repo 4 answers Git is ignoring .idea folder, but that isn't in gitignore 3 answers

Git push deletes files on server that are not in local

Problem: I have just one branch master i cloned the repository, i make changes, commit -a -m “msg” and push them back –> the site updates. This is OK But i can upload new files to website through webforms and they get deleted every time i push! I tried googleing and searching and reading but […]

Git – ignore file on merge but still push it to remote

I am working on a project with a lot of sass files that get compiled into one big style.css The problem is that this style.css is always causing problems when merging, but we still want its latest version pushed to the server. What I end up doing – is remove my local style.css file when […]

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