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Confusing .gitignore syntax

I was reading http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/v1.7.10/gitignore.html and the 6 points used to explain the ignore patterns seem to be describing a custom variant of a glob search syntax. I am more familiar with Mercurial, which allows to explicitly ignore via glob or regex patterns, no questions asked. Is there any similar functionality in Git? Can anyone point […]

GitIgnore – Ignoring bin/ but including bin/*.refresh

I’m trying to ignore the bin folder of a web project, but include the .refresh files that are in that bin folder. Here’s what I have in my .gitignore: [Bb]in/ #Allow .refresh files for web sites ![Bb]in/*.refresh But this isn’t working. What am I doing wrong? I’ve also tried: !*.refresh With the same results. Update: […]

How to config gitignore?

I want to ignore some of my files (/config/environments/production.rb , /webrat.log , /config/database.yml ). My gitignore: /.bundle /db/*.sqlite3 /doc/ *.rbc *.sassc .sass-cache capybara-*.html .rspec /vendor/bundle /log/* /tmp/* /public/system/* /coverage/ /spec/tmp/* **.orig rerun.txt pickle-email-*.html /config/environments/production.rb /config/*.yml /*.log But this doesn’t work. What’s wrong?

How to include only selected files into git repository and exclude all the rest?

Is there any chance to do an opposite to what .gitignore file does? I mean include only specified files and exclude all the rest? Thank you in advance.

CtrlP: ignore files in subdirectory within a git repo

For my repo, suppose it’s called top top\ .gitignore foo\ bar\ I want CtrlP to list files that are Under foo\ Is not ignored by .gitignore defined in top\ If I cd into top\foo\, and open vim from there, 1 would be satisfied but not 2. If I open vim on top\, 2 would be […]

Gitignore won't ignore .vs folder for Visual Studio 2015 RC on Windows7/8

This one has stumped several team members on Windows, running Git. We’ve tried all sorts of explicit and wildcard entries in .gitignore however items in the hidden .vs/ folder as a part of Visual Studio 2015 RC keep getting committed. Since those are individual settings for developers, they are obviously always different and show up […]

gitignore loads other gitignores

Is it possible? The git update-index –assume-unchanged is no solution, ignored files have to be tracked. Creating submodules either. E.g. cat .customgitignore(1|2|3…) i-do-not-need-this.extension cat .gitignore basic-stuff.extension <load> .customgitignore1 <load> .customgitignore2 <load> .customgitignore3 etc Issue description for those interested. I am creating private repo of configs. One branch = one config. Additional branch as workspace. I […]

Angular2 .gitignore

I’m trying to learn Angular 2 and currently setting up a sample project. I just want to know if my .gitignore is enough already or did I miss anything? node_modules typings jspm_packages bower_components app/**/*.js app/**/*.map TIA!

gitignore across all branches?

Hey I’m trying to get into git, as an emacs user first thing to do is to make sure the ~ and #*# files are ignored by git. Documentation talks about .gitignore which I’ve been using. However couple of questions remain: gitignore is now checked in and part of a branch. Should .gitignore be checked […]

What should I include in the .gitignore file for Swift playgrounds?

I want to use Git for versioning my playgrounds, but I am not sure which files should be ignored and which ones I should commit. Currently I use following .gitignore file for playgrounds: # Xcode user data xcuserdata What else should be there?

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