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Why is /bin/ added to .gitignore in a symfony2 project? Or is it okay for me to push /bin/ to a remote repo?

The other day I had trouble setting up a cloned symfony2 project. I soon discovered all my adversity stemmed from not having the /bin/ folder in my project. After I copy/pasted the /bin from another project, everything worked. So now I’m considering to remove it from .gitignore to make it problem free to clone it […]

Amending .gitignore, removing files from git while keeping them locally

All of the developers have files which should have been in .gitignore from the start of the project, but which were not. Is there a git command to remove files from git, while keeping them locally and keeping them locally on all the other developer machines, when they git pull? Ideally this should look at […]

Git ignore .git folder

I have a php project that uses composer for package management. One of the packages is another project belonging to the same repo. I have a need to commit my entire vendor folder, but I want to ignore the .git folder in the sub-project so that it doesn’t get treated like a submodule. So far […]

git automatic files tracking

I’m a new git user. I know about .gitignore files and git add . command. Lets assume I have many files in the project beside the ignored ones. And I want to stage SOME files each time they are changed and OTHER depending on the situation. Is there an analogue of .gitignore file but for […]

Adding MANIFEST.MF (and 2 other file types) to .gitignore

I’ve had some issues trying to add MANIFEST.MF to my .gitignore. Whenever I run a maven->Update Project in eclipse, the file shows back up in my git status as untracked. I have tried adding the following lines to my git ignore *.MF MANIFEST /MANIFEST.MF **/MANIFEST.MF **/MANIFEST.* and a few other combinations with the wild card. […]

directory in .gitignore is not deleted from repository

I’m trying to delete a directory venv (Virtual Environment) from BitBucket repository. I’ve added an entry for venv/ into .gitignore file but the venv was uploaded during first commit to repository. In this answer, author says that I have to clean cache. git rm -r –cached . git add . git commit . On branch […]

GIT: ignore everything except sub-subdirectory and some files

I’m banging my head against the wall with this, I hope you people can help me… I have this structure of files : /public/images/foo /public/images/foo/default.jpg /public/images/foo/1/… /public/images/foo/2/… /public/images/bar /public/images/bar/default.jpg /public/images/bar/1/… /public/images/bar/2/… /public/images/baz /public/images/baz/default.jpg /public/images/baz/1/… /public/images/baz/2/… /public/images/other/… I want to ignore everything inside images but keep the default.jpg files and the other folder and it’s content. […]

My gitignore_global is not working even though gitconfig specify the absolute path

I created a .gitignore_global file in ~/Users/Tony/.gitignore_global, which is also the path where the .gitconfig is stored. This is what is inside the .gitconfig: [core] excludesfile = ~/.gitignore_global This is what is inside the .gitignore_global: # Compiled source # ################### *.com *.class *.dll *.exe *.o *.so # Packages # ############ # it’s better to unpack […]

How do I need to modify this gitignore file to include a settings-subfolder in the Debug-directory of a VisualStudio project?

I have downloaded a generic .gitignore file for Visual Studio from GitHub (I don’t remember where), that I need to modify, but I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. The .gitignore file lies in the root-directory of my Visual Studio solution and contains the following lines (I included the full content below): # […]

ADF JDeveloper: Change output files directory

I’m working with a team in an app built with Java ADF, and JDeveloper. The problem is that since we’re using Git, JDeveloper generates ouput files every time we run the application, these files are such as: .class, .jbd, among others. However, somehow we can’t get Git to ignore those files. I was thinking maybe […]

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