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Standard .gitignore for Phonegap

I am planning to submit a PhoneGap application on GitHub yet, I am having a hard time getting a standard/universal .gitignore contents. Here’s my tentative .gitignore file: .DS_Store # PhoneGap files and directories hooks/ platforms/ All I know the www/ is the one needed in order for the PhoneGap application to be built on various […]

How do I make git ignore the .git folders under vendor/?

I am using composer, and for development I want to keep the .git folders in the vendor directory, so I can track diffs, etc. So my project structure is: projectroot/ .gitignore file1 file2 vendor/ dir1/ module1/ .git/ module1file1 module1file2 … dir2/ module2/ .git/ module2file1 … I would like to commit to git, these files: file1 […]

gitignore file but not folder

I have a folder named the format *.*.*.*.log I also want to ignore *.log files but the entry *.log In gitignore is ignoring my whole folder. How do I ignore *.log files but not *.log directories?

Valid global .gitignore steps won't take effect on Mac OS

I’m trying to set-up global gitignore file on Mac OS but for some reason it doesn’t take effect. When I repeat same steps on Linux OS then all go fine. Steps below what I do. Could anyone point out what I’m missing please? Note: I committed .idea files before so would this be related to […]

How to remove a incorrect pathname from a GitHub repository?

If you take a look at my repository or GitHub, you can see it has the path /Documents/NetbeanProjects/ I never had it do this before, how can I configure Netbeans or GitHub to not include that? I don’t know what I did for that to happen.

Should I add *.kproj.user to gitignore

With a new ASPNET5 project, there is a .kproj.user file which seems to contain user-specific properties for the new project. Should this file be added to my .gitignore? Or could there be something in this file which would prevent the project from being built on another machine?

gitignore for VHDL project

I’m beginning to work on an already started project in VHDL: many simulations and compiling have already been done on this project. I decided to use Git to be able to work from many computers but I still have to push the files to the repository. Since the project is full of .exe and other […]

git merge and different gitignore for each branch

I have 2 branches, develop and master. The master branch should not contain some development files and tools that are store in a directory called boilerplate. So far, so good, since I can more or less, manage with the following differences in the .gitignore file, between branches. develop # Dev tools /html /boilerplate/node_modules /boilerplate/bower_components /assets/dist/main.min.css […]

How to ignore one file in gitignore while unignoring its parent folder

This question already has an answer here: Gitignore not working 6 answers

.gitignore not ignoring my files and folders

I don’t know exactly when it started, but now my .gitignore doesn’t work anymore. my git push origin master now send every single file / folder to the remote repository (bitbucket) I’m using windows, and my file type is File GITIGNORE Content: /vendor /node_modules .env Already tried this and every other possible solution I could […]

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