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gitignore won't ignore my .settings/ directory (created by eclipse)

git status: Untracked files: (use “git add <file>…” to include in what will be committed) .settings/ I’ve tried the following variations on my .gitignore file and nothing seems to work: .settings/ *settings* *.settings/ .settings/* I’ve never had this much trouble with .gitignore, it usually just works. I must be doing something real dumb. NOTE: My […]

gitignore – Ignore all file types except specified ones

I only want to commit files which extension is .fmb, .fmx and .pll, but I can’t configure .gitignore file to achieve this. I’ve tried with the following: !.fmb !.fmx !.pll and also with: !*.fmb !*.fmx !*.pll but it doesn’t work.

Can I add a .gitignore file just for me that overrides the project .gitignore?

I am using Git in Android Studio on a OS X machine, and I would like to have a personal .gitignore file that overrides the .gitignore that are in the project (I want mine to ignore .iml files). Can this be done and how? I have tried to create a .gitignore file in my home […]

.gitignore isn't ignoring itself

This question already has an answer here: Ignore the .gitignore file itself 19 answers

How can I add pattern that start with hash to gitignore

When I work with Emacs it create temporary files like #foo.txt# how can I add pattern to .gitignore that will ignore those files (# is interpreted by git as comment in .gitignore)

How does Perforce ignore file syntax differ from gitignore syntax?

What fraction of .gitignore file syntax Perforce was able to implement? The Perforce documentation for P4IGNORE shows basic ignores and un-ignores with patterns: http://www.perforce.com/perforce/r12.1/manuals/cmdref/env.P4IGNORE.html As best I can tell, Perforce does not support: # Ignore file.txt, but not subdir/file.txt /file.txt # Ignore directories named foo, but not files named foo foo/ Are there any other […]

How to exclude R.java from Git tracking (after the fact)?

I thought that I was pretty familiar with how to use .gitignore (which still works great for me for excluding top level directories), but I now discovered that multiple R.java files from various libraries used in my application are being tracked and I would like to stop tracking them. I tried adding the line R.java […]

Adding all “error_log” files to .gitignore

I am getting frustrated with all my PHP error_log files causing merge conflicts with my production & dev servers with git. The solution is easy enough–adding all files that are called “error_log” to .gitignore–but I don’t know how to do it. This is what I’m trying in my .gitignore: error_log Which is only excluding the […]

git — handling frozen content

Almost all projects that I’ve worked on have some kind of “frozen content” that should always come when cloned, yet rarely be changed (see below for an example). I’ve tried different approaches using git, but they’re all error-prone: people frequently wind up accidentally committing changes. It’s a subtle case to be sure: the files/folders must […]

ignore all _notes directories with GIT

I need your help: I’m currently working on a web project with another person. I’m using NetBeans to develop the code, while he’s using Dreamweaver. We would like to ignore all Dreamweaver _notes directories (these directories contain files produced by Dreamweaver itself). We don’t know the exact path of these directories. We can find them […]

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