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git – How to ignore only one file without extension?

I wish to ignore only one file without extension. I am able to ignore some files by names, but they all have extensions. Unfortunately I work with some files without extension that should not be ignored; thus, I can not use the solution provided here How do I add files without dots in them (all […]

GIT: ignoring some directories, but not the others

How can one ignore some directories and not others, assuming they both have the same name? Suppose you have a directory called “report” where you store results of your jUnit test case runs (and don’t want to track them). Additionally, somewhere deep down directory tree you have a folder called report (contents of which you […]

Git doesnt ignore some of the files

I know that problem seems to be asked many times, but I have no clue that do. .gitignore contains .csv, but then I tried to commit, faced really strange behavior for me: Changes to be committed: # new file: regression/qw/batch_learning.ipynb # new file: regression/qw/submission.csv # new file: regression/qw/test.csv # # Untracked files: # cm0xg0y1.s2t.txt # […]

How did I screw up this very simple .gitignore file?

I only want to track one file in my directory. This file is buildout.cfg. So I first ran git init. Then I created a .gitignore file which reads in its entirety as follows: * # Blacklist all files !buildout.cfg # Whitelist the file I’m interested in But now when I run the command git add, […]

Where file is ignored by .gitignore

I am doing git add db/schema.rb The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files: db/schema.rb Use -f if you really want to add them. fatal: no files added Where can I find this file is being ignored, see: cat .gitignore .project nbproject .redcar cat ~/.gitignore .idea ~/.gitignore is for global ignores.

.gitignore exception is including extra files

I have .gitignore file as: MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/ !MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll For some reason source tree showing “MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll” in commit list and some other files like; MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/AutoMapper.xml MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/Castle.Core.xml MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/Castle.Windsor.xml MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/Newtonsoft.Json.xml MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth/bin/Debug/MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll.config If I remove second line file ignore file it removes everything in this case (as expected). All I want is to include “MyCompany.MyProject.OAuth.dll” It is doing a […]

Ignored files show up in changes not staged for commit

I have added media/ build/ in.git/info/exclude, and after that deleted (git rm) both directories. I need these rules in the exlude file rather than .gitignore because I only want that repo to ignore it, not the blessed repo or any other repo. However running git status still lists the deletion of all the contents of […]

Git continues to push a .c9 folder despite it being in .gitignore

I’m using the cloud9 IDE with Ruby on Rails and having an issue with git. I have a folder in my workspace called .c9 which contains all the cloud9 related files including it’s regularly changing metadata. I’ve added an ignore to my gitignore but keeps pushing to my bitbucket repository anyway. Worse when I branch […]

Gitignoring md5 files

In one of my Git projects, I have files in md5 format that I want to ignore. I tried to add the following entry to my .gitignore, [0-9a-f]{33} but apparently .gitignore files do not support regexp. Is there an equivalent way to achieve that?

.gitignore Doesn't Seem To Work

My .gitignore: .DS_Store /.idea /.idea_modules /out /project /target /*.iml */resolution-cache/* */streams/* */target/* But nonetheless, the folders .idea, .idea_modules and target have appeared in a repo and are still there. Your ideas?

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