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skip committing path in the scripts

I’m looking for a git code that allows me to avoid committing the paths in the script. I switch between Mac and PC often to process data that are saved locally, because they use different directories, it’s annoying that I need to change the path if I switch the system. I tried to use git […]

Composer: Strange behavior

I am farly new to composer. however I have been using it without any issues until now. My issues is that every time i run either composer update or install all files under my vendor folder gets into my untracked list in git. I also have a .gitignore to prevent the “vendor” from being tracked, […]

Exclude auto-generated image sizes in WordPress uploads folder with gitignore

I have a directory structure similar to bedrock. So WordPress in its own subdirectory wp/ and the stuff that normally goes into wp-content is in app/. I want to exclude all directories in app/ BUT uploads/. But inside uploads/ itself I want to exclude every image that was automatically generated by WordPress. So every file […]

Is it possible to stop tracking local changes to a file that you *do* want to be pulled down if changed in the repo?

We have a config file in the repo which all the users contribute to based on their function. For my local testing, I need to manually change two values in that config file, but I never want my changes committed back to the server. I do however want to pull updates to the file if […]

ignore .git .gitignore from svn and .svnignore .svn from git

Background : To ignore .svn and .svnignore using .gitignore there is no problem. But to do so in the inverse I didn’t achieve that. What I have tried : svn propset svn:ignore -R -F .svnignore . .svnignore *~ *.sw[mnpcod] *.log *.tmp *.tmp.* log.txt *.sublime-project *.sublime-workspace .idea/ .vscode/ .sass-cache/ .versions/ coverage/ dist/ node_modules/ tmp/ temp/ $RECYCLE.BIN/ […]

Why isn't my .npmignore overriding .gitignore on npm publish?

Description: I have a .gitignore and a .npmignore and according to stack the .npmignore will override the .gitignore but in my case that just doesn’t seem to be happening. Question: How can I add .js files to my bundle for npm but not to my git repo? npm link: https://www.npmjs.com/package/a-locale git link: https://github.com/matthewharwood/a-locale .npmignore !*.js […]

.gitignore, git add, and files mysteriously disappearing

I have a project, and have shared the root folder through git. My compatriots and I are using different versions of Gradle (and have named the project different things), so it would be appropriate for some things in the .idea folder (a certain folder) to be in the .gitignore file. I did not realize this […]

Gitignore: double exception

I wonder how I can implement a double exception in a gitignore file. As an example: I want it to ingore every file, except .ktr files, except some specific ktr files. Please see the following example: /.project #Ignore every file * #Except these file extensions !*.gitignore !*.sh !*.ktr #However, do ignore the following files SomeFolder/**/GetJson.ktr […]

.gitignore not ignoring .cs.meta files

All I want is for for git to ignore files that end in .cs.meta. My .gitignore file includes just this: # ignore all .cs.meta files *.cs.meta How can ignore only files that end in .cs.meta?

How to avoid commiting for DW dynamic files?

While commiting git ask me to handle DreamWeaver dynamic files (*/_notes/dwsync.xml). There are lots of them and I don’t know how to hide them because they are dynamic (so it’s impossible to add them into .gitignore). Does anybody know how to solve that problem? ================================= UPD after getting the solution If you still see dwsync.xml […]

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