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Android studio gitignore won't ignore .iml

Iv’e added: *.iml to all of the gitignore files in my project. They are still being tracked, even after committing the .gitignore.

How can I get the equivalent of .hgignore's regular expressions ^var/(?!\log|.dummy) and ^var/log/(?!\.dummy) in .gitignore?

I am converting my Mercurial repository to Git. Part of the file system looks like this: |– .gitignore |– .hgignore `– var |– .dummy |– asdf `– log |– .dummy `– asdf My .hgignore file uses regular expressions. Part of my .hgignore file is as follows: ^var/(?!\log|.dummy) ^var/log/(?!\.dummy) I want to track the .dummy files […]

Do not ignore files in git sourcetree

I am downloading an eclipse project from source tree. The .project and .classpath files are not checked in. I want these checked in to do a successful import. I have no gitignore file. Can anyone shed some light as to why these files aren’t coming across? I also looked on the source machine that checked […]

TortoiseGit: add to ignore already commited gen and bin folder

How to add to ignore list already commited gen and bin folder using TortoiseGit?

How to ignore a file or directory in git, be it tracked, untracked or even part of commit

I want to completely ignore a part of a git repository. The directory is currently tracked in the repository and I’d like to ensure that whenever anybody changes its contents in the upstream repository, I don’t get any merge conflicts even if my copy is changed too. whenever I change its contents, any commits I […]

Git ignoring my .gitignore on a Rails project

I’m having some deployment problems, due to Rails’ tmp/cache/assets folder and git not ignoring tmp/* or tmp/. My entire .gitignore is: *.rbc *.sassc .sass-cache capybara-*.html .rspec /.bundle /vendor/bundle /log/* /tmp/* /db/*.sqlite3 /public/system/* /coverage/ /spec/tmp/* **.orig rerun.txt pickle-email-*.html It’s taken from GitHub gitignore repo. What can I do to fix it? I get tons of errors […]

git ignore everything but some subdirectories

I need to control only “debian” subdirectories on my tree : pkg/.git pkg/.gitignore pkg/package1/package1-2.2.1/debian pkg/package2/package2-1.0/debian I tried this kind of .gitignore but it won’t work : * !.gitignore !*/*/debian When I run git add package1/package1-2.2.1/debian git’s answer is : The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files: package1 Which is quite logical. […]

Git – Commit file in .gitignore

I want to commit and push two new files that are inside a folder that is listed in the project’s .gitignore. I figure I can just change the .gitignore file, but then I would require two commits: one commit to push the two new files, and a second commit to reset the .gitignore. I’d like […]

How do I keep my local version of files, without using .gitignore?

Don’t want to change .gitignore because other people want the files in the repo. But I have my own copy that I want to use. I edited .git/info/exclude and added the following: /Gemfile /Gemfile.lock /config/database.yml /spec/spec_helper.rb This doesn’t seem to do anything. git status still shows: # Changes not staged for commit: # (use “git […]

Eclipse Git gitignore file is ignored

I have an Android project in which I wish GIT to ignore the bin and gen folders. Therefore, I have placed in the directory of the project (I have also tried it at a level higher) the following .gitignore file: # built application files *.apk *.ap_ # files for the dex VM *.dex # Java […]

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