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.gitignore regex for emacs temporary files

I’m trying to .gitignore emacs temporary/autosave files. I’m using… \.\#.* in my .gitignore. But git add -A run in a subfolder is still giving me: # new file: .#make_collections.py # new file: .#norm_collections.py # new file: make_collections.py # new file: norm_collections.py even though \.\#.* is clearly getting the right file names and not the wrong […]

git untracked files – how to ignore/delete

When I run git status, I see the “Untracked files” section has many files (some with a “.” extension.) I don’t think I have to do anything, but it doesnt look good to see these files whenever I run git status. Is there any way to not to see these files?

Setting up GIT for Symfony2 project: why add web/bundles folder to gitignore

I am building my first Symfony2 project and I may be confused on the purpose of the web/bundles folder. According to Symfony2 documentation they say this is where static data goes like js libraries, css and images. This all makes sense but while you are still building that base layout isn’t it a little annoying […]

Why is git looking inside vendors directory?

I have the .gitignore file with this code: /app/cache/* /app/logs/* /app/bootstrap* /vendor/* /web/bundles/ /app/config/parameters.yml but when I do : $ git status in any situation (before and after add and commit), I get a long text output like this: … # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/cli-config.php # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/doctrine # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/doctrine.php # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/index.php # deleted: vendor/doctrine/orm/tools/sandbox/xml/Entities.Address.dcm.xml […]

.gitignore: How do I ignore nested directories?

I have the following directory structure: test/a test/b/c test/a/b/Ouput test/c/d/e/Output test/f/Output I want to ignore all the “Output” directories under “test”. I tried test/**/Output, but it didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Git: How do I ignore matching directories in a sub directory?

I have a project with the following structure: /. /src /project1 /bin /obj /project2 /bin /obj /tools /tool1 /bin What can I add to my .git/info/exclude to ignore all bin/obj directories under “src”? I don’t want to explicitly specify each project name.

.gitignore for everything inside the xcuserdata folder does not ignore an xcuserstate file

I’m working in a Xcode project, and I’m trying to configure the .gitignore to not get anything inside the xcuserdata folder. I have the following .gitignore: # Xcode .DS_Store */build/* *.pbxuser !default.pbxuser *.mode1v3 !default.mode1v3 *.mode2v3 !default.mode2v3 *.perspectivev3 !default.perspectivev3 xcuserdata profile *.moved-aside DerivedData .idea/ *.hmap xcuserdata/* but every time that I build/run the project and execute […]

git doesn't ignore 2 specifically named files

I want to automatically exclude 2 files from committing, that are part of the git repository but have some changes, that shouldn’t be part of the github repo, because they have some changes that are only meaningful to my local system and not the other developers. I added them to .git/info/exclude in the hopes git […]

How to git ignore ipython notebook checkpoints anywhere in repository

This is mostly a git question. I want to commit my ipython notebooks but gitignore the checkpoints. The repo has multiple folders which each have ipython notebooks, therefore just ignoring a single directory does not solve it. I want to keep adding new folders with notebooks inside without worrying about it. My hunch is that […]

What .gitignore I should use with QT projects? (QT Creator)

So, after little thinking I have wrote the following: # In repository we don’t need to have: # Compiled object files *.o # Generated MOC, resource and UI files moc_*.cpp qrc_*.cpp ui_*.h # Debug and Release directories (created under Windows, not Linux) Debug/ Release/ # .log files (usually created by QtTest – thanks to VestniK) […]

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