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Git/GitHub import from SourceAnywhere

We currently use SourceAnywhere Hosted as our version control server. I’m looking to migrate over to GitHub, and would really like to preserve our 8+ year history. Has anyone else successfully completed this migration and care to share their tools/process? Now, assuming that this hasn’t been done before, I suppose I’m looking at writing a […]

git clone hangs forever on github

When I follow point 5 (Test everything out) in the github guide, the ssh command also hangs forever. According to the guide, I should be presented with a message that “Github does not provide shell access”. Below is my output from ssh -vT git@github.com debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey). Authenticated to github.com ([]:22). debug1: channel 0: […]

TortoiseGit change default port 22

It’s probably an easy question. I’m running on windows 8, and I want to connect to my company’s repository. My company changed the default port from 22 to 1234 for some administrative reason. My git repository looks like git@office.comp.com:proj.git . First of all I don’t understand the colon-notation in ‘:proj.git’, I’m used to the slash-notation. […]

Adding a collaborator to my free GitHub account?

Quick question, I created a GitHub account, and I want to give someone write access so he can push just like me, there is a way to add a collaborator with a free plan?, if not, what can I do? (besides buying a paid account, wich Ill do in the future) Thanks!

Replace GitHub repo while preserving issues, wiki, etc

I have a repo on GitHub with a lot of issues there. I want to replace the entire code base of that repo with a new one but I want to keep all the previous information. What’s the best way of doing that without messing up the code nor GitHub?

How to contribute on github anonymously via Tor?

I would like to contribute anonymously to projects on github. Not to cause mischief, more in the spirit of anonymous donations. The tool of choice for being anonymous online seems to be TOR, which works well for almost anything you can do in a browser. However, to contribute on github, it appears necessary to use […]

Git Shell in Windows: patch's default character encoding is UCS-2 Little Endian – how to change this to ANSI or UTF-8 without BOM?

When creating a diff patch with Git Shell in Windows (when using GitHub for Windows), the character encoding of the patch will be UCS-2 Little Endian according to Notepad++ (see the screenshots below). How can I change this behavior, and force git to create patches with ANSI or UTF-8 without BOM character encoding? It causes […]

How can I sync documentation with Github Pages?

I have a project together with several people and we have a README.md file with a bunch of GitHub Flavored Markdown that is rendered on our GitHub page. We also set up a GitHub Pages branch which is hosted under our GitHub Organization’s subdomain, and used the Automatic Page Generator simply loading in our README.md […]

How can I have Github on my own server?

Is there anything out there like Github that is for your own local server? I am curious if there is like a PHP script or even a desktop client that mimics Github’s functionality, I love Github but it would be nice to host on my own server. Apologies if this isn’t considered “programming” enough but […]

Push existing project into Github

I have a folder with my project sources. How I can push this project into Github’s repository? I tried using this steps: I created empty repository on GitHub. I run git-bash and typed git init, so inside project root appeared .git folder. I added some files to version control using git add sourcesFolderName I committed […]

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