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How to make sbt compile a plugin from a git repo, using https to check it out?

Based on an example from the sbt wiki, I’ve tried a projects/projects/Build.scala containing: import sbt._ object PluginDef extends Build { override lazy val projects = Seq(root) lazy val root = Project(“plugins”, file(“.”)) dependsOn( eclipsePlugin ) lazy val eclipsePlugin = uri(“git://github.com/typesafehub/sbteclipse.git”) } but that fails, as expected, because the git port is blocked at work. and: […]

Broken links and layout after referring custom domain to jekyll-generated github project page

After changing the CNAME to my custom domain (http://alphagirls.cc) the index and links to posts and static pages won’t render with the look+feel specified in my CSS. The site is supposed to refer to a project page repo on my github account: usrrname.github.io/alphagirls/ Things I tried: I checked that I put the CNAME file in […]

Pull changes Github to Github

Let’s say I have a Github repository. I make a clone of the original. I fork the Github repository to make a second repository. I make a change to the clone of the original. Push those changes to Github. I now want to pull in the changes referred to in step 2 above into the […]

Github pull request shows too many changes/commits

We have two branches: develop and master. For some reason when I create a PR of develop –> master. It shows a whole list of previous commits and changes even if I’ve made only a single line change in develop. Also, it will say “Can’t automatically merge” when from the command line I’m able to […]

Git Revert a Revert for a Merge

I had a feature branch created, let’s say feature/branch1 on github. I created a pull request for it and got it merged. When it reached our pipeline, we figured there was a problem and we got it reverted using the Revert button on Git This created a “Revert” PR that we merged with the master […]

Will changing my Github username to SnakeCase break anything?

So I read How to safely change github account name? But if I just change my username from stevemoser to SteveMoser that shouldn’t break any of my repos right? Or is git case sensitive?

git push to GitHub repository branch gives error “src refspec master does not match any”

I forked the Flask repository and cloned its website branch from GitHub like git clone –recursive https://github.com/lovesh/flask.git -b website Then i configured remote like git remote add upstream https://github.com/lovesh/flask.git -t website git fetch upstream Then i made the changes(i didnt create any additional files but modified 2 files) i had to make then added the […]

How can I have github do PR merges with a specific email/user info?

I have the following situation. At github I have two email address: stefano@home and stefano@work. My github account is configured for stefano@home to be the primary address. At work, I correctly set up my git checkouts to create commits with stefano@work. However, when I go to github and merge PRs onto work’s repos, my merge […]

remote: Invalid username or password. fatal: Authentication failed for

I use Git for Windows. I created SSH key and added it into the keys list of my GitHub settings according this article. Now I try to use it, but I get the error: $ git push origin master Username for ‘https://github.com’: Andrey-Bushman Password for ‘https://Andrey-Bushman@github.com’: remote: Invalid username or password. fatal: Authentication failed for […]

How do I configure Eclipse to use an existing git repository with existing source code?

I have Eclipse Juno with EGit and a project that I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve decided to move it to Git, so I created a Github account and downloaded and installed the program. The repository is at C:\Users\username\GitHub\project_name\, but all it has is the README.md file. How can I configure Eclipse to […]

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