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Is it possible to use GIT to manage clients licences?

We’ve got an application that is installed on dozens clients servers. Clients pay us a periodic fee to keep the application up to date. We use GIT to manage all files on clients hosts and to update we use just git pull command. Anyway, there is a case that some client stopped pay us for […]

Why GIT Plugin in Jenkins is not able to connect to the GIT Repository?

I am trying to pull the code form GIT using GIT Plugin Jenkins and the job is running on a slave machine. MASTER system has http_proxy=mycom.domain.com:80 and in SLAVE system there is no http_proxy defined. Whenever I am doing git clone locally in the SLAVE machine it works perfectly, however from Jenkins I haven’t been […]

How to remove local branches that have no differences to master?

How can I delete all git branches which have been merged? show how to delete branches that have been merged. However, in GitHub, there is now a “Squash and merge” and a “Rebase and merge” option, both of which is not detected by git branch –merged. Is there a way to identify all the branches […]

Git (github), forked repo with submodule and commits

I’m quite new to git… Let’s assume, that there is a repo on github. Lets call it main repo on fake address: https://github.com/userA/mainrepo. The repo has a submodule, which is an another repo: <local_path>\Submodule => https://github.com/userA/submodule Now let’s assume that userB made a fork of of mainrepo https://github.com/userA/mainrepo => https://github.com/userB/mainrepo) and fork of submodule (https://github.com/userA/submodule […]

Download files from GitHub pages _site directory

I am looking for a way to have my website generated by GitHub pages (jekyll) and download the generated website files in /_site to my web server. I hope to find a way to sync my web server with the GitHub repository as the master. For example, I want to download all of the files […]

Getting Gogs/Github to auto-deploy to Dokku/Heroku on commit

I’m building the following setup for our team’s app: A Heroku-like VM with Dokku running on it (and as a result git and Docker) I’m using another Docker container on the same machine to host the repo (via Gogs, but it really could be any github-clone) I want to use the Gogs repo as the […]

Git: Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged – after updating forked repo

I seem to have some problems with my gitlab repo.. I forked the kaldi repo a while ago (I think a year ago).. And wanted to update me repo with the current version of the the kaldi repo. I ended up following this guide I think I pulled the newest version?.. but now I have […]

Git push does not work

Hi I am new to Git and try to create a local repository and committed the code but when I am trying to push the code on my push command it give this error SUMITs-Mac-mini:gitupload sumit$ git push -u origin master To https://github.com/sumittiwari87/First-Gulp-Lesson.git ! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs […]

Install npm package from git/github – Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'dom-helpers/class'

I am trying to install React.js package via git/github. Package installation directly via npm works. Unfortunately react-bootstrap/dom-helpers has a bug and repository owner/creator is reluctant to merge fix. So I created my own repo and applied manually fix. Then I wanted to install it via git/github (quicker than creating npm package and distributing it – […]

Authentication Failed Github Desktop

I’m doing an assignment for my Intro to Computer Programming Concepts class which we were supposed to get from Github, I completed it and now we have to commit the changes on our own branch, publish and pull request. I was able to commit the changes but when I hit “publish” (these were all step-by-step, […]

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