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git returns http error 407 from proxy after CONNECT

I have a problem while connecting to github from my PC, using git. System Win 7. I have connection through proxy, so i specified it in git config files (both in general git folder, and in git repo folder). To do this i entered next line to my git bush: $ git config –global http.proxy […]

Changed GitHub password, no longer able to push back to the remote

After I changed my GitHub password, I am unable to push to the remote: $ git push origin master remote: Invalid username or password. Is there only re clone the repository?

Generating SSH keys for 'apache' user

How do I add SSH keys for ‘apache‘ user in Linux? BACKGROUND I am trying to add a service hook to github to notify a URL once I push to my repo. I have the following php page set up: <?php `git pull origin master`; However I get the following output: sh: git: Permission denied […]

How to push new (rewritten) history to remote repository

Basically, I have an open pull request that I want to fix and at the same time I want to make 1 commit that contains 2 features into 2 seperate commits. Github repository now looks like this where fix is a new branch: master c-c-c \ fix c-c-c-c I created a pull request from fix. […]

Github Private Team Separate SSH Keys

I have an personal account on Github. So do a bunch of coworkers. We created a private team on Github for my team. We’d like to restrict access to the private repos to company laptops. One way to do this is to limit to ssh keys for the devices. However, I am not sure if […]

How to use specified key when working with github via portablegit?

I have two ssh keys to work with github – my own and one from organisation where I’m working. My key was generated automatically by github gui client and the other one was generated by portablegit. My .ssh folder looks like: github_rsa <— my key github_rsa.pub id_rsa <— org key id_rsa.pub When I use portablegit […]

What is the current way to remove a git submodule?

as of git version 1.9.3 (Apple Git-50) on mac how do i remove a git submodule? I am reading alot of outdated information with many developers telling me they wont work. What is the current way ? will git deinit pathToSubModule do the trick ? The steps i thought would work are here but comments […]

Cleaning up git history

In one of my projects (checked into a git repository) I have added a huge directory (15000 files, 3GB). When I realized this was wrong, I deleted it, but it seems like it is still in history. Having it still there makes a project clone a very long task. Once the project is cloned, the […]

What is .gitignore exactly?

I just created a Github repository and was wondering what the .gitignore file was for. I started by not creating one, but added one due to the fact that most repositories have one. Do I need to have one? Can/do I just ignore it, or does it have a use? I did some research on […]

Git – How to auto push changes in a directory to another branch

Complete question rewrite So I thought I was explaining this question very simply and direct but it seems I oversimplified to much, so here is all the extra details. Hopefully this helps everyone see this is also not a duplicate. I have a repository (project) where I would like to automate the process of pushing […]

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