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permission denied (public key) error for ssh -vT git@heroku.com

Installed Git and created heroku account for use with a facebook app unable to establish connection with github to clone the files to local windows 7 using the windows Git command prompt: output is as follows: $ ssh -vT git@heroku.com OpenSSH_4.6p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007 debug1: Connecting to heroku.com [] port 22. debug1: Connection […]

'Could not find gem' error when specifying a forked version of a gem from Github in my gemfile

I am trying to use this forked version of the searchlogic gem. In my gemfile, I have gem “searchlogic”, :git => “http://github.com/railsdog/searchlogic.git” when I do bundle install, I get this error: Could not find gem ‘searchlogic (>= 0, runtime)’ in http://github.com/railsdog/searchlogic.git (at master). Source does not contain any versions of ‘searchlogic (>= 0, runtime)’ What […]

Github clone issue

I am trying to clone a git project known as Storm-Starter however I am getting the following error when running the git clone https://github.com/nathanmarz/storm-starter.git command: Cloning into ‘storm-starter’… error: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed while accessing https://github.com/nat hanmarz/storm-starter.git/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack fatal: HTTP request failed I have followed […]

Objects folder in .git is extremely large for my small project

My git push was very slow so I investigated and found out that the folder .git/objects takes up ~450MB. The complete project is only ~6MB, but I’ve added archives which were 140MB large. As github doesn’t allow files that large, I’ve removed them, then did git add -A and tried to commit again, but it […]

Starting a Ruby project: github + build tool

I am starting out to play around with Ruby and trying to make a desktop app using Ruby and wxRuby. So, to start out with a new ruby only project, I have few questions: I need a standard directory structure, what is the best possible way to do it? I tried out newgem with details […]

A public Github repo not found via search

using the following search query… https://github.com/search?q=repo%3AOpeningDesign%2FOpeningDesign+GET&p=1&ref=searchbar&type=Code&l= ..on this public repo: https://github.com/OpeningDesign/OpeningDesign nothing shows up. Am i missing something?

sonar+github integration

I want to enable sonar with git but is it neccesary that first pull the project from git repository using hudson or something else and then sonar will analyse the code periodically on hudson .am I right means my steps : 1.Pull project from git using hudson. 2.Sonar on hudson will analyse the code and […]

Git thinks I'm the wrong user

I am on Mac OSX, git version (Apple Git-48) I had a git submodule in a git repo that had (to my knowledge) only ever been cloned, pulled, committed, merged and pushed using one git user and rsa key. I have many other pairs of users and keys but no others were specified in […]

github fork confusion

I followed this https://help.github.com/articles/fork-a-repo post to clone a repository locally. After doing that another developer created a branch to the main repository and added some features to that branch. My question is How do I get that branch into my fork. Can I get that missing branch again to my local using git pull upstream/missing_branch […]

How can I config two different git repo with different credentials in one system?

Local Repository-1 I have been working on application for my organization whose git repository cloned at C drive folder. I have set global configurations, and I have been able to perform commit, push, pull operations. This is private repository of my organization with unique user name, password and url. Everything working fine this repository. Problem […]

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