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After git push -u origin exp:experimental is represented as master branch in the network graph

I’m just trying to understand if there’s something strange in what I see on GitHub. In my project there’s the default master branch and a dev local branch with upstream counterpart named development. After some modification in the working directory I decided it would have been too difficult to proceed that way, so I decided […]

Which format is github id_rsa.pub in?

Which format is github id_rsa.pub in ? If not in openssh , how do I convert it to the same?

invalid color value: red strike error message

I was following the More color attributes section graphics on the Git 2.10 release note. Going through which upgraded the git to 2.10.0 and made changes to global .gitconfig resulting as follows – [color “diff”] old = red strike new = green italic But now that I load a git project on intelliJ [15.0.3 in […]

Hiding response from remote tfs-git during GIT Push to TFS-GIT

I’m trying to sync files present in git-hub repository(used by remote team) to local git repository in TFS. For this purpose i’m using following commands: REM Public GIT repository git remote set-url origin https://github.com/<user>/<Project>.git REM Private GIT repository git remote set-url targettfs http://LocalServer:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/_git/<ProjectName> REM Pull updates from GITHUB git reset –hard HEAD git fetch origin […]

Move changes from up-to-date Git repository to an older version of the repository

I have 2 repositories in different networks (intranets). I want to copy the changes from the new repository to the old one including new branches, tags and file changes. I thought of saving the git diff between every new-repo’s branch and old-repo’s branch and save common ancestors commits between branches to restore the topology of […]

Github and Heroku terminal confusion (osX)

I have a node server on Heroku and their terminal extension for git. How can I use both repositories separately? I have a repo on github that I want to use for a different project yet I cannot switch the push destination, it all goes to heroku master. How do I change the branch? I’ve […]

How do I add a local directory into github repository

I am trying to add a whole directory into github. Below are the codes I am using to do that. the commit and push doesn’t show anything new because I repeated the process to paste here; but those are commands I followed. It adds the directory but I can not access the files inside. It […]

Using a git repo on a directory shared between a VM and a host causes problems

I have an ubuntu VM on an osx host. I have a shared drive from the host with a git clone of a project from github. I would like to be able to perform git commands both on the host and the guest, on the same shared directory I primarily edit and commit from the […]

Clone a secure git repo in Kubernetes pod

I’ve run into an interesting situation where I need to clone a private github repo into a docker container that I’m running in Kubernetes. Originally I tried using a gitRepo mount, however, having an OAuth key in my deployment manifest is unacceptable and I would like to use a repo deploy key rather an OAuth […]

Folders / Files restriction on git repo?

on Github, how do I restrict some folders or files on private repo on github? I do not want to give Developer full access of everything in a repo.

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