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Git Extensions Does Not Recognize Github RSA Signature

When trying to clone a repository through the newest version of Git Extensions a window appears which states: The server’s host key is not cached in the registry. You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is. Normally when using the command version of SSH you can add this footprint […]

How to enable Git terminal begin with home directory in Windows?

This question already has an answer here: How to make Git-bash command line start up with home directory? 2 answers

Could not push–Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection refused

I am getting this error while trying to pull or push in my repo fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/******/*****.git/’: Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection refused. The problem is I am not using any proxy It works once in a while but usually it shows this error I am using ubuntu 16.04 LTS […]

mass-change email addresses on git with github

I have recently cloned an hg repo to git so i can post it on github. Lots of the email addresses are wrong and I would like to use git rebase to change them before anyone forks this project. If i change them how do I go about pushing the new, completely rebased repo to […]

2FA give problems when pushing to GitHub

I’ve clone a project on GitHub on my Raspberry Pi, create a new branch and push everything to the repository. For this I needed next commands: git clone https://www.github.com/heinpauwelyn/my_repo git checkout -b raspberry git push origin raspberry The problem I’ve got is that I can’t push the branch to GitHub.com. I need to enter my […]

Git: How to swap 2 branches both local and remote (Github)

Can someone give a clear, simple way to swap the names on 2 branches with Git, with Github as remote repository? Here’s the scenario: I created a dev branch off master. After 1 commit on dev, I created branch exp (experiment). I checked out dev again and made 2 more commits. Then I realized I […]

Github: Creating an inter-repository pull request?

The normal github workflow makes it easy to generate and process a pull request between two branches in a repository. How do I create a github pull request that references a forked repo? Context: I’ve forked a repo, made some changes, and want to submit the changes to the original author.

How to sync changes on my local server with the ones on the remote one without commiting?

I’m developing some software that requires me to use a remote server for testing if it works. I can’t host a local version. Anyway, I have git set up. The way I work right now is I will change something locally on my Windows-based laptop, add a small git commit like “Fix”, push it to […]

Why can I see a commit on GitHub but can't look at it on my local repository?

I am trying to do some investigation on the following commit: https://github.com/dolphin-emu/dolphin/commit/f28cd62519f071dce69efc0bee4b20a849ae3dea (In particular I was trying to find out if this commit is in the “commit ancestry chain” of any tag/branch.) When I gitcloned this repository, I can’t see this commit. >git show f28cd62519f071dce69efc0bee4b20a849ae3dea fatal: bad object f28cd62519f071dce69efc0bee4b20a849ae3dea I also tried a couple of […]

How to push a new local repository in github account from ubuntu terminal?

I am trying to push a new local “repo” into my GitHub account which doesn’t exist with command: git push https://github.com/username/gitinit Getting error: remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository ‘https://github.com/username/gitinit/’ not found My question is: Can we create a repo (which doesn’t exists in GitHub account) using command prompt Ubuntu? And if we can then […]

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