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git reset or rebase – remove commits from past

I am trying to get rid of commits but not sure how to do it. I read a lot about git reset and git rebase but still don’t get it. Most people needed to delete/revert last commit and It is not I am trying to do. To better understand what I want to do: I […]

Create a repository with sub-repositories

I want to create a repo that has sub-repositories, to do that I created a sample folder in my workspace: $ cd ~/workspace/ $ mkdir samples $ cd samples $ pwd ~/workspace/samples This means that the sample folder will be the main repository (something like a container), for example I would like to have the […]

Attempting push on git and receiving “could not read Username for 'https://github.com': terminal prompts disabled”

I’m using Visual Studio, and the GitHub Extension. I am able to sign in, then clone my team’s repository, and then pull changes successfully. When it comes time to push my changes back to remote, I get a blank command prompt appear on the screen briefly, and then the following errors in the output window: […]

fatal: .git/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository?

I have a git repo hosted at Assembla whom im trying to preform: git push -u origin master im getting the following error over and over again: fatal: https://[url]/[repo-name].git/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository? Ive tried the answer here without any success:Git .git/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository? when I use: […]

Is it possible to get remote git log to gather full commit history of a repository?

I’m finding something like this git log –remote –full-depth <url> or some variations, or approaches from bash / python to get full history of the repository without git clone I want to get full history of the repository’s commits to calculate some metrics using this data. The question a partly similar to this question, but […]

Rails 5 – pushing to GitHub

I was pushing normally to my repository, but I had to delete that one due to mistakes I made. Afterwards, I made a new repository and connected it, but when I try to push my whole code to that repository, it does not get pushed since I have no changes. On branch final-branch nothing to […]

Find out who is the admin(s) for a git repo

I am a contributor for a git repo in github for a company. I want to find out who among the contributors are the admins. How do I find out who is the admin besides going around and asking everyone in the company?

how to update one submodule git?

I have a couple of submodules and I only want to update one of them. I think this command updates all of them in .gitmodules git submodule update –init –recursive –remote I just want one of the modules updated though.

Where do my e-mail addresses live?

I was troubleshooting why my commits were not showing up in my “activity calendar” on GitHub, and by looking at my commits which were not shown I realized it was using an e-mail address that I had not linked to my account. However, what I don’t get is where it got this e-mail address from. […]

Issue cloning github repository with Username/Password

I have a python script where I have the command – REMOTE_URL = “https://” + USERNAME + “:” + PASSWORD + “@stashurl.com/stash/scm/repo.git” I am currently getting the error – stderr: ‘fatal: unable to access ‘https://name@gmail.com:Password@stashurl.com/stash/scm/repo.git/’: Port number ended with ‘P” I believe the error is with the @ symbol in my email address, but I […]

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