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Git fetch says “success” but nothing is downloaded

I’m having some serious issues with git, and couldn’t find any solutions online. I’m a new user, so I may be doing something wrong… I have a repository hosted on Github, and someone on my team just pushed a new commit. Using Git GUI on windows, I attempted to fetch the new commit from Github. […]

How to create development branch from master on GitHub

I created a repo on GitHub and only have a master branch so far. My local working copy is completely up to date with the remote/origin master on GitHub. I now want to create a development branch on GitHub so that other people on my team can start pushing changes to development (instead of directly […]

Setting up Github on a new computer

I am an almost perfect beginner at Github so please humor me with this elementary question. I have a laptop PC that I’ve been using to interact with a repo on Github. I just bought a Mac and I would like to do my programming on both machines. I have installed Git on the new […]

Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 broke git repository interface

I am using Visual Studio 2015, and I have a git repository cloned directly from the Visual Studio. The recent update from Visual Studio from 2015 to Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 led to a malfunction in the git repository tracking changes menu (under ‘Team Explorer’ Changes). Therefore, no commits are allowed through the application […]

If we delete a branch on the server, can we automatically delete it in our local copy?

Usually, when I send Pull Requests on github, I would create a branch, make my changes, then ask them to merge that branch into their repo. Once that is done, on Github, I delete the branch (but github just hides it). I then permanently delete the branch on the Github site. Now that the remote […]

Error getting local git to new github repository

— EDIT — I ended up copying all files to another folder an pushed from there. Without the commit history. 🙁 Thanks for responding tho. — /EDIT — I’m new to git. For my html5 app I used aptana’s html5 boilerplate which installs a git repository for you. Nice. Now, after working on my app […]

Unable to use git send-email to send source code and patches

I have a directory created locally: /home/Tegra. I have created following Files inside /home/Tegra: hello_world.c hello_world_1.c hello_world_2.c Each file is incrementally modified. I have also created patches as: diff -u hello_world.c hello_world_1.c > hello_world_1.patch diff -u hello_world_1.c hello_world_2.c > hello_world_2.patch Now I want to first send an email using git send-email to email address abc@xyz.org. […]

git pull –rebase taking too long , what alternate do I have?

git pull –rebase is taking too long , what alternate do I have ? In our organization we have a huge repo in which many of developers are committing daily. I wanted to rebase the code to latest before I raise a pull request. I was about 3000 commits behind the main repo. The rebase […]

Push changes to github without pull

I have a stupid situation. I have developed a project that was been developed by another developers. I have sent my sources to the previous developers to make changes in their sources. But they said that they have never work with git. So they have added changes to the projects and it is actual version […]

Ownership on github and how to unfork a repository?

I have some questions about Github repository. 1) How to check the ownership on forked repository. 2) How to unfork a repository from my account (without deleting it from others account. I forked it recently into my account) 3) How to add users into my repository. I tried to check the documentations on this but […]

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