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Git pull – smudge filter lfs failed

I’m attempting to pull code onto our server from Github (git pull origin master). This worked before. However, now, I’m receiving the following error: $ git pull origin master From github.com:org-name/repo-name * branch master -> FETCH_HEAD Updating 8024663e..e458e5c1 fatal: path/to/file.msi: smudge filter lfs failed I ran the same command with GIT_TRACE=1: $ GIT_TRACE=1 git pull […]

Difference between “upstream” branch and branch with owner's name

In the process of learning Github, I forked my friend’s repository to work on some of the code. I cloned the fork to my computer and added the upstream remote so I could update my repository with his. Now when I view my branches with git branch in Git Shell, it shows 5 branches: my […]

Reverting a pull request completely

Current master has been worked on for the past month. Also a branch called contract has been worked on simultaneously. contract was merged into master by mistake. 100 commits, with dates that overlap master commits that already existed. How can I completely remove the pull request that merged all 100 commits from contract into master? […]

Git Submodule Still Showing after Deinit

I took the following steps to completely remove my submodules: Link Everything is gone, but the really annoying thing is that when I view the repository on Github, it’s still showing the module, but its grayed out. Is there a way to get rid of it? It’s just super annoying to see that it’s there, […]

Cannot push repository to GitHub “unable to read 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000”

This happens to me every time I use GitKraken client. I am new to Git in general, so please be mind using non – Git jargon :)). Here are the error code for git push origin master. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (637/637), done. fatal: unable to read 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 fatal: […]

Trying to enable Github post commit hook with jenkins

My objective is to build a project on jenkins when a push occurs on a specific (private) github repo. For that i’m using the github plugin and the git post commit hook Here the jenkins hook url (https://jenkins.toto.com/github-webhook) But i’m stuck ! I mark the “GitHub hook trigger for GitSCM polling” in my build, i […]

File Could not be edited Github pages

I am creating a github page and whenever I am going into the .md file I am not able to commit any changes. Whenever I try to commit one of these changes I get a notification that says “File could not be edited” https://github.com/tusharjoshi1/tusharjoshi1.github.io For example it is not letting my take the phone number […]

Unable to open pull request from fork

I’m using Github to work on a project with a collaborator and we each have our own version of the project: I created mine by forking his. Several weeks ago, I finished with a set of changes, merged that branch with my master, and opened a pull request with my collaborator’s master branch, which he […]

How to keep CodIgniter application and config in their own in git repos?

Can anybody tell me what kind of workflow should I follow to keep my application source and configuration tracked in Git? I want to keep my config separate from my source is because there is one config for development, another for production enviroment and, and a third for local testing.

How to open git project on mac?

A client sent me a .git file, and says to run the project. I am not sure how to download it. Is it possible to download a project if you have “.git” file available. Please help. This is an iOS project, and I am using Mac.

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