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I am getting fatal message i.e not a git repository, when I am typing “git add .” in git command prompt.

I wanted to add screen shot of that, but i didn’t have that much reputation as I am new to this. I am getting fatal message i.e not a git repository, when I am typing “git add .” in git command prompt. I am currently new to ruby on rails.What should I do?

How to cancel a pull request on github?

How can a pull request on github be cancelled? UPDATE The accepted answer didn’t detail the steps in the answer and in any case, github has made this dead simple since this question was asked, so here are the steps: Visit the pull request page Tap the “close pull request button”

Why can't I pull/push to our project repository?

We have few private repositories for our projects that I use all the time. But all of a sudden since yesterday I can’t seem to pull or push for one particular repo. When I am trying to pull/push, this is the error message I am getting: fatal: bad config value for ‘core.hidedotfiles’ in .git/config And […]

git pull command failed

I am trying to make a git pull request from the remote repo to local but it shows below error and not able to pull. Eg. git pull origin master error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge: db/development.sqlite3 db/test.sqlite3 log/development.log log/test.log tmp/cache/assets/C7D/310/sprockets%2F38d8bc4c0599099a0404900b377c353b tmp/cache/assets/CD8/370/sprockets%2F357970feca3ac29060c1e3861e2c0953 tmp/cache/assets/CDC/870/sprockets%2Fa77b26f54f3481a4b4daf08514b49074 tmp/cache/assets/CF0/DA0/sprockets%2Fd7d5b37686831d37c4dd75e645f5e016 tmp/cache/assets/D09/A10/sprockets%2Fd608b39f93a782efe7398ab3797f6948 tmp/cache/assets/D32/A10/sprockets%2F13fe41fee1fe35b49d145bcc06610705 tmp/cache/assets/D33/290/sprockets%2F94f084e7801a02e1fd62140be0f5e7cb tmp/cache/assets/D4E/1B0/sprockets%2Ff7cbd26ba1d28d48de824f0e94586655 tmp/cache/assets/D57/600/sprockets%2Fec4b1ce010bcc065da023308f49a9d55 […]

Trying to understand “Git Rebase”

At what exact scenario I have to use Git Rebase ? I am trying to understand this for the past three years but i could’nt. Have read many blogs, stackoverflow’s Q&A about git rebase but i am not clear about that still. I know, this might be the duplicate question but i need to understand […]

Merged a branch with gitignored files, can't find those files anymore

I had large log files in a project, so I added the log directory to .gitignore after I had already made a few logs (so there’s a log file directory with only a few old logs in my git, all new ones are ignored). I had more logs in a branch and merged it with […]

Is it possible to use Travis CI to push a subdirectory from one Git repo into another?

This may seem like an odd request but hear me out… I maintain a framework called Kickoff (https://github.com/tmwagency/kickoff) and every time I push to the master I would like to push one or a few subdirectories to other Kickoff-related repos that I also maintain. These are https://github.com/tmwagency/kickoff-statix and https://github.com/tmwagency/generator-kickoff. In both cases I would like […]

Git workflow: submitting pull requests to upstream and using the commits in the meantime

I’ve just started working with Git and I’m trying to figure out the best workflow for maintaining a forked repository and committing changes upstream via pull requests on Github. I’ve been reading for a while, but haven’t figure out the best practice. Let’s use this one specific example, but this is a general workflow question. […]

Permanently deleting a git tag in a multi-user project

One of our team on a project with many people working on it created a tag with the same name as a working branch. This has been causing problems with many people’s operations with this branch (with their various git clients). I tried to visit everyone and do the same as git tag -d badtag […]

GitExtensions cloning gets stuck

I am trying to clone a remote GitHub repository using GitExtensions and it always gets stuck at a certain point (roughly on 2/3rd of the way). This time it got stuck at 84%. I thought that since the repository is huge (1GB+) it make take a while to clone but the 84% progress indicator did […]

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