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GitHub Project not pulling in Android Studio

I was trying to pull a GitHub project into Android Studio and it get struck while proceeding through import project from gradle with default settings and takes infinite time to load.

Pycharm, can't connect to a private repository

My friend started a new (private) repository in Github and added me as a contributor. I’ve successfully set up GitHub integration in Pycharm: However, when I’m trying to clone the repo, I’m getting a “repository not found” error. Screenshot B I’ve checked and I can see and make changes to the repo from the Github […]

skip committing path in the scripts

I’m looking for a git code that allows me to avoid committing the paths in the script. I switch between Mac and PC often to process data that are saved locally, because they use different directories, it’s annoying that I need to change the path if I switch the system. I tried to use git […]

Is there a way to identify lines been deleted by a commit via API in github

For a given commit, I need to identify the exact line numbers of each file ( which are been affected by the same commit) been deleted from that commit. For example from the commit hash d53489b5b2ad907d01957eb50ddf12dc3611d127 following files are been affected components/org.wso2.analytics.apim/pom.xml components/org.wso2.analytics.apim/src/main/java/org/wso2/carbon/analytics/apim/internal/TemplateManagerInitializer.java components/org.wso2.analytics.apim/src/main/java/org/wso2/carbon/analytics/apim/internal/TemplateManagerInitializerComponent.java what I need is to identify line numbers like 86, 96 […]

Macintosh Git SSH key setup

I use Linux, I help some students that have Macintosh. I can coach them through the command line part, but on some Mac setup things I’m helpless. On a Macintosh, we follow instructions here https://help.github.com/articles/generating-a-new-ssh-key-and-adding-it-to-the-ssh-agent. We are able to generate SSH keys, upload the public part, and then we can interact with GitHub. We are […]

Automatic GitHub release from signed tag?

I used to push lightweight tags into my GitHub repository and edit them into Releases with details of changes. This worked fine. Now I started signing my tags, which means they are annotated rather than lightweight tags. I was hoping GitHub would consider them releases, so I put the same information I previously would have […]

How can you clone a branch from the original GitHub project to your fork?

I forked a GitHub project. I want to create a new branch, that is a clone of the original project’s master branch (the master branch has new commits from when I last forked). How can I do this?

Integrate Jenkins to a private repository

I’ve trying to integrate jenkins to a private repository of my organization. Here’s what I’ve tried: First approach: Use the Credentials plugin to put my github username and password. Second approach: Go to github and generate and access token, then add it as secret text credential in jenkins. Note in the last picture that even […]

git stash not working after windows reinstall

I recently re-installed windows. Now, when executing git stash on any of my github repositories, an error message is returned: $ git stash Cannot save the current worktree state That’s everything I get. Trying git -v stash was of no help as stash doesn’t seem to have a verbose mode. There are no other changes […]

How do I do many pull requests to a project on Github and keep my master updated at the same time while waiting for reviews?

I’m contributing to a project and there are a bunch of issues I’d like to solve. So I should do a PR per issue. For this it’s not a problem: I just make a branch per each issue, work on each issue separately, and then do a PR from each different branch. But on top […]

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