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How to sync my git repository on a new computer?

I’m newbie to git. I have a repository on bitbucket. Now I want to download it on my computer at work and make some changes on the project, then push it again. First of all I initialized the git on a local directory by this line: $ git init Then I set something configuration: $ […]

Canot push to remote repo – “Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.”

I’m constantly facing authentication issues as a consequence of moving between pushing to my private projects and my work ones. Each time I move from a work context to a personal one, I spend some time dealing with my ssh keys and configuration. I often go through the github documentation around generating and adding ssh […]

Unable to delete user.name from global config in git

Whenever I am trying to contact remote repo in git, I am getting bad response error(400). So, I did verified remote fetch and pull url’s. git remote -v // Those seems to be okay. git config –global –edit user.name git config –global –remove-all user.name I verified global configuration on cmd prompt and It seems “user.name” […]

GitHub – repository collaborator adding requests

Where I can view whom I sent a collaborator request for the repository?

Github Push Not Appearing As Contribution

Could someone please guide me on whether this is due to incorrect settings or something else. Whenever I push my changes from the GitHub Desktop GUI app, it does not appear as a contribution on my profile. However if I take the same code and paste it to github via web browser it appears as […]

Folder structure in GitHub for my Eclipse Maven project

I am trying to push my eclipse maven project to my GitHub repository but the folder structure it is mapping is wrong. My Maven Project is named DocOcr and i am trying to push it to DocOcr repository on GitHub using Egit in Eclipse. Although it is copying files but its creating one more folder […]

How to tell if a git merge was fast-forwardable or not

I have a feature branch that I am merging via Github PR (git merge –no-ff). What I would love is the ability to tell if the merge was fast-forwardable when it was merged. Essentially, all my tests run on the feature branch. I would like skip running my tests on the main branch if it’s […]

How can I convert git branches to remotely tracked ones?

We have just converted a bunch of our SVN components to Git using git svn clone The layout for our components consist of a trunk and a 1 or more branches. After the migration and pushing everything to GitHub and running git branch -a we get: * master remotes/origin/1.0 remotes/origin/1.1 remotes/origin/1.10 … However up on […]

Can't seem to add git commit and push unless I'm in the folder directly above where the file is

So I’m trying to make my life easier and use the command line to do a git add . and then do a git commit -m which works when I’m in the folder that houses the file. But when I’m above it in the master folder which houses all of the files it says something […]

bundle.js appears to be to large for Github

I have a simple test React.js app that I have put together, and I’d like to host it on Github. However when I bundle / compile the app the size of the bundle.js file is ~ 4.5MB. And apparently, Github won’t allow files that are this size to be served for gh-pages. Does anyone know […]

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