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Docker: How to access to a private github repo using ssh?

I’m trying to clone a private repo from github using Docker. The problem is that I need to use ssh to access to that repo. I added a key in my github project’s setting which is used, I suppose, to identify the docker‘s server. My problem is that I can’t figure out what I should […]

Specifying the same gem twice for development/test and production but different paths

Sometimes you make a gem that is specific to a project. This helps abstract and pull some of the “responsibility” out of the main Rails app and into a more modular place. The gem would be located here on you application: gem ‘example_gem’, path: ‘./example_gem’ You bundle and everything is OK. Now, you git init […]

Github: Clean up fork after pull request

I have forked a github repository, made a commit (title Some small changes), submitted a pull request and it got merged into the main repository (commit title Some small changes (#12), where #12 is the pull request number). So far, so good. Now, when I want to update my fork (git rebase upstream/master, see here), […]

Why GitHub suggest “prefix your version names with the letter v?”

This is the content at GitHub’s right sidebar: Tagging suggestions It’s common practice to prefix your version names with the letter v. Some good tag names might be v1.0 or v2.3.4. If the tag isn’t meant for production use, add a pre-release version after the version name. Some good pre-release versions might be v0.2-alpha or […]

Github desktop for mac cannot login

I’m new to github and I’ve just downloaded github desktop for mac (v217), but i cannot login, it always says “could not reach server”. Image : the error msg I’ve tried : Both my username and email for ‘Login’; Reinstall github desktop; Login with Git by trying “git push” to my repo and succeeded; And […]

GitHub: Would my Fork get updated when the master is changing?

Possible Duplicate: Can I update a forked project, on git, to the original/master copy? I’ve created a Fork as I would like to change some of the code in the master project: https://github.com/DennisMadsen/PullToRefreshView. I would like my Fork and its repository to get updated, when any new files are pushed into the master repository. Would […]

Advantages of git fetch; git rebase origin master

Possible Duplicate: git pull VS git fetch git rebase I see some git project recommended you to update the project via git fetch; git rebase origin master Are there any advantages in doing this, as compare to git pull from the perspective of opensource projects on github, since you always trust the remote anyway.

How do I close a GitHub issue without making a commit?

I thought there would be a simple way to do this, but I’m really having a hard time finding any answers in any search I make. I have some issues that I need to close because we decided that it is not really an issue, so I need to close it. I already know how […]

pushing back to github repository

I cloned one of my github repository to my office desktop machine using the following command git clone git://github.com/indiajoe/MyRepo.git After making some changes, and commiting it, i wasn’t able to push back the changes to repository using the command, git push -u orgin master Following was the error message. fatal: ‘orgin’ does not appear to […]

Reading git diff output

I am just starting to learn how to use git and have run git diff on the files below – Im a bit confused about how you read the output – From what I understand so far the below is saying there is a difference between the working directory and the index in relation to […]

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