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How can i remove detached commits from git?

I have two detached commits. How can i remove they as if they had never been? I don’t want save history or another logs. Nothing.

Cannot PUSH recent commits to Github that have been pushed to Bitbucket

I have two remote repositories. One is private (Bitbucket) and the other public (Github). I had been pushing changes to Bitbucket using Github app and then pushing the same commit to Github repo using Xcode. However, recently I have been unable to PUSH the commits to Github and using SourceTree I get this error message: […]

How to fast track branch after pull request in Github

Not sure if this is the place to ask questions about Github. I have forked a public repo and added two commits to it, then sent to the original author asking for a pull request. The author have complied with the request and now I’d wish to fast track my own repo to the HEAD […]

Limit POST Hook to git branch, not repository, on Bitbucket

Complicated title, let me explain. I want to limit an automatic POST hook when I push to the master branch; so it won’t fire when I push to the dev branch. This is so the app will only deploy to the live servers when the changes have been merged with master and the new master […]

How does git know which ssh key to use for its operations?

I have SSH keys in place, inside ~/.ssh. Many of them actually. So I wonder how does git know which one to take when it tries to connect to a repository over git@domain.com:group/repo.git endpoint?

Working with Github clones and local repos: Cloud9 IDE

I recently tried using the Cloud9 online IDE. It starts by creating a clone of your Github repo. My regular local use of git is fairly simple (init, status, commit, push to Github, branch, edit, pull, merge…), but because I don’t usually clone, I haven’t got my autopilot head around how to: push changes made […]

Merge part of a pull request

New Git and Github user. Is it possible to accept/merge only part of a Pull Request? For example if there is a Pull Request on Github that has 4 commits but you only want to use 2 of them, is there a way to simply merge the 2 and disregard the other 2?

Limit Access of GitHub or Bitbucket Repository

Is there any way to limit the access of bitbucket or Github repository from a specific IP Address. Which means I want to access my organisation repositories only from my office. The another this is that is there any way to block with a time being? Any of the git providers supporting this feature? The […]

Why is it necessary to lose untracked files when you set up github pages?

Github has a feature where you can put up HTML pages. (Details here). Anyway, I recently used this to put up the aforementioned page. The basics of the instructions to do so are: // In order to create a new root branch, first ensure that your working directory is clean by committing or stashing any […]

Move git configuration from Windows to Ubuntu

I recently started using git on windows 7 and configured everything to access Github, Bitbucket and a private server over ssh. Now I am switching to Ubuntu OS and I am not sure how to copy the keys and configuration settings over to Ubuntu. Will you please help me out or point me in the […]

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