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How do I transfer a partial history from a git branch to a new repository?

I recently joined a project that has a github repo with a branch that is effectively a fresh start of the entire source tree. I’d like to copy that one branch, starting from just from just that “new source tree” commit, to a new repo, without any remnants of the old source tree lingering in […]

NodeJS with MongoDB – Pushing project to Github

I am fairly new to NodeJS and MongoDB, I started a new project with a MEAN stack with Webstorm. I have an empty base project and want to commit it to Github. I have a directory called “data” for the MongoDB part of the project. Just setting this directory up with MongoDB loaded it up […]

http link to download source code from github private repository

I am part of an organisation on github with private repositories. I am trying to integrate with one of the cloud services api where in one of the API I need to provide the URL of source-code (tar.gz) of one of those private repositories. This works properly in case of public repositories but I want […]

Git not ignoring files

I have ran the following in cmd git rm -r –cached . to remove any files that have been committed and shouldn’t have. I then added this to my .gitignore file: settings_local.py *.pyc which should ignore any .pyc files and the local settings file. However, when I try and scan for changed files in git, […]

Why git fetch doesn't work

Forgive me I just started to use git. I have cloned the master on my local system using git clone. It works fine. When I tried to update my local clone using git fetch(before I tried it , I deleted some files in my clone for testing, and hope git fetch can download the deleted […]

git cannot clone or push? failed to connect, connection refused

After git push -u origin master I got: fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/xxxx/xxxx.git’: Failed to connect to port 8087: Connection refused same error happen when I try to clone others repo. port 8087 doesn’t seem to be busy. What could go wrong? edit: when I do clone from git:// instead of https://, it works […]

Change remote branch in Git

I have a project on Github, but I’m struggling to get the changes from it to my local machine. I recently deployed an app using Fortrabbit, which involved creating a new remote repo to push all the files to – now (I’m a noob) I’m struggling to return to pulling and pushing changes to the origin. […]

Pull requests across Github repositories

Is it possible to make pull requests between two different Github repositories? For example, if I have a branch called new-feature in Repository A, can I create a pull request and merge the changes into the master branch in Repository B? Merging across repos is possible in git, but I can’t find anything suggesting that […]

Github configuration for school

I’m planning on using github for a highschool computing class. I’m not sure of the best way to structure it in terms of organisations, teams, etc. I’d like to have a repository containing code samples and starting points for student exercises, which each student then forks. Is there any point in setting up an organisation […]

Git: Remove untracked files in GitLab/GitHub repo without affecting production servers' files

I’m relatively new to Git. Here’s a bit about my workflow before I ask my question. I’ve initially pushed my whole project to GitLab, cloned the repo onto both a development (origin master) and a production (origin production) server, and have since set up a webhook that triggers a git pull origin master request on […]

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