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Multiple github accounts: what values for Host in .ssh/config?

I’m trying to understand how the configurations under .ssh/config and .git/config interact. Here’s the situation: I have two separate github accounts, let’s call them GH0 and GH1, and I want to interact with both “passwordlessly”, i.e., using ssh keys in ~/.ssh/id_rsa.GH0.pub and ~/.ssh/id_rsa.GH1.pub. At the moment this works for GH0 but not for GH1. (E.g., […]

TotoiseHG: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

I wanted to push a project from from TortoiseHg to GitHub. I know that, TortoiseHg is a front-end to the Mercurial distributed version control system; where GitHub works with Git. But I love to use TortoiseHg (instead of TortoiseGit or GitGui), and want to keep my project in GitHub. So, I configured TortoiseHg (File>Settings>Extensions>hggit) and […]

Auto-push changes to one folder in a git repository to github?

I have a repository that I work in. There’s one folder in there where I put all the stuff I want to open source so it’s separate from the private parts. Is there a way to automatically get git to push anything committed to that folder to a github repository without me having to remember […]

How to import a Bitbucket project into Github on Windows

This question already has an answer here: Converting a Mercurial (hg) repository to Git on Windows (7) 5 answers

Unlinking a locally cloned repository from its GitHub origin

I had a GitHub repository which I decided to delete but continue to maintain only as a local repo on my hard drive. I am now left with the locally cloned repo which maintains all the history and that’s fine. However, a number of configuration settings remain that point to the (now deleted) GitHub repo. […]

Git: Local-tracking, add new branch?

I am trying to clean up my git repository and Create a new branch that mirrors my production (master) branch. Remove any unnecessary branches, remote or local. Make my local branches local-tracking branches (idk if i need to do this, benefits?) Have a branch for each stage of my workflow i.e. one branch for local […]

How does initializing a repository with a README help in letting you immediately clone the repository to your computer?

How are they connected in any way?

Bash Script to Push/Pull from Private Git Repository?

I’m trying to find a way that I can write a bash script that will auto-pull from our Private Github Repository every midnight and update our development site. Our repo is private for obvious reasons and anything close that I’ve found always asks for the passphrase. Our server has it’s own Github Account that it […]

Git color code for contributor page

I was wondering what these colors green and red signify! Also what is this ‘++’ besides green colored number for? Thanks, Before you down-vote this question, please look at this link What are the green and red gems beside Github Gist Revisions There it looks like green signify for deletion and red for addition! Although […]

I am getting 500 error on git clone

I am unable to clone a newly created repository. I am getting below error. $ git clone https://github.xxxxx.com/zzzzzz.git Cloning into ‘zzzzzz’… Username for ‘https://github.xxxxxx.com’: yyyyy Password for ‘https://yyyyy@github.xxxxxx.com’: remote: Internal Server Error. remote: fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.xxxxxx.com/zzzzz.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 500 I have successfully generated ssh keys and updated the key in […]

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