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git push -v vs. git push

I am using a new IDE with embedded github support. locally from the command line, I can successfully use git push orgin master and update github. however my IDE uses the command with a -v flag which is causing an error. so i tried to go to the command line and replicate the command, and […]

How do I distribute GIT Objects Across multiple Linux Servers?

I have about a 100GB Git to backup, and I have about 15 Linux Servers each with a 10GB storage limit. How do I distribute the GIT Objects across several of the Servers so that I have enough storage space? Been really stumped about this, hope someone can help. Thank you

The process for contribution to git packages?

Until now I have only used git packages with gem: gem install <package> Haven’t contributed to correcting things to git-hub. I wonder how you all do it? Eg. when I have installed the gem package, should I manually create a folder where I do: git clone <repo> Then when I find the gem package behaving […]

Get TYPO3 trunk from github by git

I would like to get latest tags from main TYPO3 repository. TYPO3 proposes short manual how to use it’s github repository, but it doesn’t help. In my case, after git pull, there are no latest tags when I’m doing git tag. If I will remake git clone of the same URL, I could see latest […]

Why does git clean –dry-run shows more untracked files than git status does?

Ok so I forked a project, ran git pull upstream master and git status said working directory clean. I then ran some tests from the project now git status shows # Untracked files: # (use “git add <file>…” to include in what will be committed) # # activemodel/log/ now $ git clean -d -f -n […]

Hide db's password with multiple git repository in Rails application

I have a git repository both on GitHub and on my private Amazon instance and with a unique commit I update both. There is a way to commit the file database.yml only to my private repository and not on GitHub? If could help, I’m using Capistrano for deployment.

Smarty as a submodule

Is there a way I can add Smarty PHP’s libs folder to my open source GitHub project and have it auto-update when Smarty updates?

'git pull' executing in SSH, but not in github post-receive script

I am trying to setup github to websever deployment automation. I’ve got everything working except the most important bit. I have a file @ mydomain.com/github.php that looks like this: <?php `git pull`; ?> and this is the post-receive URL for my github repo. Github is posting to it successfuly, but the shell command is not […]

How to delete some files from my commit

I have uploaded a gerrit and now I want to delete some files from my commit, how can I do that?

Buildout/Mr. Developer randomly failing to pull from Git

I’m using Buildout and Mr.Developer in order to set up my environment (both for development and deployments). Part of this set up is pulling a private git repository that is required for this project. (This is why I’m using Mr.Developer.) Most of the time when I run buildout, everything is fine. However, after outputting the […]

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