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Files containing vendor as a string not displayed on Github Pages

I recently released my application to Github Pages, but i started getting 404 responses for files containing the string vendor. Is there a reserved filenames list? I have vendor.bundle.js in my gh-pages branch here https://github.com/emartech/angular2-phonecat/tree/gh-pages . But the response is 404 https://emartech.github.io/angular2-phonecat/vendor.bundle.js . It seems consistent between different repositories.

GitHub Flow and Releases

We are relatively new to git in general. We’ve been using it for about 6 months and have used GitHub and BitBucket. We’ve tried to learn as much as is possible by using GitBash so we can get under the core of git. We’re at the stage where we really want to consider our branching […]

How do I copy a remote branch on GitHub into a new remote branch?

Specifically, I never want the new branch to exist on my hard drive. I just want my existing branch develop copied into a new branch on GitHub called meow

autodoc directive works locally but not on readthedocs

My repo is located on github here: https://github.com/AshleySetter/optoanalysis And the docs are in https://github.com/AshleySetter/optoanalysis/tree/master/optoanalysis/docs ReadTheDocs doesn’t fail but the produced documentation (hosted here: https://optoanalysis.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) doesn’t display the doc strings that should be produced by the ..autodoc:: command. However it runs fine locally and displays the documentation when I open the build/html/index.html file. On ReadTheDocs it […]

Push to GitHub fails when using git protocol

I am trying to push to Github but I am getting the following error fatal: remote error You can’t push to git://github.com/username/repo.git Use https://github.com/username/repo.git I looked on internet and saw that I have to replace git:// with http:// but I already have it set to the correct address. This is my config: [remote “origin”] url […]

Changing remote git repository

I have cloned a repo into my local folders and now I wanted to change my git repository to some other url. I have already changed it using git remote set-url origin git://new.url.here and when I am doing git remote -v it shows me the correct repository in which I want to work.But when I […]

Stop git history, then add back together again later

I was brought on to version control a project that was not previously in version control. Not thinking ahead, I added all files to a repository and started tracking it as soon as I started working on it. Now the repository is enormous, too big to push to git hub. So I started deleting all […]

Github for windows sync failure

I am using Github GUI for windows, I have only master and no more branch, my last commit fails to sync. I was thinking revert command does undo the commit but I was wrong, now by gitbash on project folder I used git status command and this is the result $ git status On branch […]

Is it possible in git to view who merged a branch if it was without a new commit?

User A committed (1) in the “master” branch. User B committed (2) and (3) based on (1) in the “feature” branch. User A merged (3) into the master branch. So now it looks like this: hash3 – (origin/master, origin/feature) commit 3 (User B) hash2 – commit 2 (User B) hash1 – commit 1 (User A) […]

Not able to commit in github: not able to connect port 443

I am new to github. I use Ubuntu 14.04. I have been trying to commit my first project to github but I got an error : fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/tibrewalricha/myproject.git/’: Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Network is unreachable I was following the Install Github tutorial to install github. When I wrote the […]

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