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Is there a git revert similar to svn revert? I need a single command to erase *everything* in my local and set it to remote head

In svn or subclipse, I can simply do a ‘revert’ on the root project and all my local changes are discarded and src is updated to the latest in HEAD. I don’t seem to find an equivalent of this in git though several blogs claim the same. This is what I did: committed 10 files […]

Github: How do I add my own projects to an “organization” account?

I have started collaborating on a series of projects with several developers on github, and we recently created an organization with it’s own “organization” type account on github. I see that I can fork repositories of my collaborators into the organization account using the usual fork menu, but of course I cannot fork my own […]

git commit -m vs. git commit -am

Seems easy but I just don’t get it. I am in the root of my application. Here is my workflow. git add . git commit -m “added a new feature some files changed” git push heroku master This usually works. All my changes are pushed. But sometimes I have a file that I change but […]

Git/GitHub: fork, subtree merge or submodule for external code?

I’d like to incorporate an existing project (hosted on GitHub) as a part of my project (into a subdirectory) while maintaining the history and the ability to update that project. I’ve found that there can be about three approaches: Fork the original project, move the original contents into a subdirectory and push it to my […]

Android Studio and Git – How do I GPG-sign my commits?

According to this link, I simply need to include the -S switch to sign my commit using my GPG key, but I don’t see how I can use that in Android Studio. How do I sign my commits in Android Studio? EDIT: I appreciate that OSX solutions are coming along, but I’d really like to […]

GitHub pull request showing commits that are already in target branch

I’m trying to review a pull request on GitHub to a branch that isn’t master. The target branch was behind master and the pull request showed commits from master, so I merged master and pushed it to GitHub, but the commits and diff for them still appear in the pull request after refreshing. I’ve doubled […]

How can I check write access to a remote Git repository (“can I push?”)

I am building a (somewhat limited) Git client. To set up a repository, you enter the URL to the remote repo. I want to check whether the user has read+write access to that repository. If not, I present an authentication dialog. I check ‘read’ access with git ls-remote <url>. Is there an analogous way to […]

Crucible compared to Gerrit?

We are using Atlassian’s Crucible right now for code reviews (we aren’t really using the FishEye part) and it’s starting to get unusable, mainly due to performance issues in indexing a large repo and multiple repos. Our code is hosted at Github and developers are encouraged to fork the repo and do all of their […]

How to rename a directory/folder in Github(Web)?

I was able to locate a way in the GitHub Web Application to rename a single file and did so with success. I was also able to find a way to rename a whole repository and did that with success. Does anyone know how to do this to a single directory without using command line? […]

How do I get Composer to download the latest commit in the master branch from GitHub for a package?

I am trying to get Composer do download the latest commit for the Behat/MinkSelenium2Driver package. That particular repo only has a master branch. I have tried every method I can think of, including deleting the files and letting it pull them back in, to get it to work but it doesn’t. How would I get […]

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