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How do I sync my local master branch after merging a pull request on GitHub?

I realize there are many questions on syncing branches, and the difference between git commands, but I am finding it hard to know what is the correct process for this. I am the maintainer of a repository on GitHub. One of the members on my team cloned the repo, created a new-feature branch, pushed this […]

moving git hub repo from personal to org

I have been building a package on my personal repo. Now I want to move this repo into organization. Lets assume the name my personal repo is stack-data there is an org exist Research, how do I get stack-data under Research. I know how to do if I were to start originally under Research org. […]

Build pull request from forked origins in Jenkins

I am trying to make Jenkins build the pull request my project receives from forks. I am using the Github plugin and the Jenkins service in Github and I have checked in my Jenkins: Build fork PRs But when Jenkins tries to build I get: ERROR: Couldn’t find any revision to build. Verify the repository […]

.gitattributes merge strategy not working

I’m using a merge strategy in .gitattributes to preserve files during merges. I also used git config –global merge.ours.driver true; to set the driver in my config (I checked the config for [merge “ours”] driver = true and it is there). My merge strategy is set correctly: src/public/bundle.js merge=ours src/public/main.min.css merge=ours server/middlewares/https_redirect.js merge=ours Yet when […]

Is it possible to replace the tree of a git branch without first checking it out?

For pages on github.io, it is common to use a branch called gh-pages on the main repository to publish a website associated with a particular repository. In my current project, I perform the following steps to update my documentation which is hosted on github.io. Build API documentation on the main branch using Doxygen. Move the […]

Git not pushing all files

I have a www folder in which I have all my project files within their respective folder. I update those individual projects in git regularly. Recently I tried pushing the whole www folder in a complete different repository but it ignored the Projects which were already pushed into their respective repo. Here I have pset7 […]

git move repository to another repository as a directory

How do I move repository (old_rep) to another repository (new_rep) as a directory without loosing the history and files for repositories? Here is what I tried from other stack questions. I have files in new_repo like directories, .txt, .sql files with history. When I run the codes below, looks like the –mirror is replacing everything […]

git clone command is not working?

I am trying to clone bit bucket repo. Once I execute the following command after installing git I am facing following issue : $ git clone https://usernam@bitbucket.org/username/reponame.git Error :fatal: unable to access’https://username@bitbucket.org/username/reponame.git/’: Failed to connect to hostname port 8000: Connection refused How can I get past this error message?

How to push changes to github

I designing my web app and now I want to push the changes to my repo. I tried git push orgin master and entered my userame/password correctly and recieved this error: ! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs to ‘https://github.com/username/project.git’ hint: Updates were rejected because the tip of your current […]

Github Pull Request API Differs from the web workflow

I am trying to use Github API to create pull request against an upstream repo https://developer.github.com/v3/pulls/#create-a-pull-request The API has the following parameters of interest. head – The name of the branch where your changes are implemented. For cross-repository pull requests in the same network, namespace head with a user like this: username:branch. base – The […]

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