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How do I configure Eclipse to use an existing git repository with existing source code?

I have Eclipse Juno with EGit and a project that I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve decided to move it to Git, so I created a Github account and downloaded and installed the program. The repository is at C:\Users\username\GitHub\project_name\, but all it has is the README.md file. How can I configure Eclipse to […]

Git overwrites files during a merge – does not show conflicts

Possible Duplicate: Git – how to force merge conflict and manual merge on selected file We’re trying to do a merge between two branches: stable code, and new features. The merge functionality is not working for us: it sometimes shows conflicts, but often just overwrites files without telling us of any conflict, probably with what […]

Github: getting a new development branch into my fork

I thought I had git pretty waxed, but I am a bit stymied with this problem. Here is the picture: I forked ‘develop’ branch from a project into my own github repo, cloned to local, created git-flow feature, did stuff and published. All fine. In the meantime, the original project changed to a new develop […]

How to create branch-specific files on GitHub

I would like to have branch-specific files with the same name. I need to be able to merge from my development branch to master without changes made in this file. For example: Let’s assume that I would like to have two different readme.md files. In one I would like to have content: MASTER and in […]

Git Changes to file lost after merge with remote (SourceTree, GitHub)

I’ve had multiple occasions reported from multiple teams just recently that certain changes are being lost after merging with our origin repo on GitHub.com. The team members are all using SourceTree as their git client. The common thread that I’ve found is that it appears that the repo thinks that the file appears to have […]

How to sync gitlab with github

I have several developers working on a local Gitlab instance. The client requires that their Github repo is kept updated. So our Gitlab repo should push any commits directly to Github. Any commits to Github should likewise be pulled into Gitlab. I could do the first part (dev –> gitlab –> github) with jenkins or […]

Download git submodules for tarball

Is it possible to download submodules for a repository with only the working directory? If I download a tarball of a repository from GitHub, that is equivalent to a shallow clone without the .git folder, is it at all possible to “download” the submodules into the working directory? I tried git init && git submodule […]

How to automatically get a certain file(>1MB) from git

I want to grab a certain file from a private git repository daily under linux. I’ve got no problem with files under 1MB via Get content API with curl command as follows. curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “Authorization: token $TOKEN” -H ‘Accept: application/vnd.github.v3.raw’ -O $FILEPATH As the file gets bigger than 1MB now, I have […]

EC2/AWS, Jenkins, Git, SSH

[Update2] So is it OK that when I run git from the CLI it prompts me for the password? I am able to access the github servers with the passphrase for the ssh private key, but I am never prompted for this in Jenkins or asked to provide it. [/Update2] [Update] Yes. I am running […]

Know when a line of code was added to a GitHub repository

I wonder how to know when a line of code was added to a GitHub repository. I’m looking for commit hash so I could add a comment on this line of code (instead of opening an issue) For example I have to know when this line https://github.com/username/project/blob/master/path/to/file#L6 was added So I could using https://github.com/username/project/commit/COMMIT_HASH add […]

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