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how to add android project to git

I have an android project developed in Eclipse with the ADT plugin. I want to add it to git and finally host it on github. But i am confused as to which all files will need to be added to git to make it easy for other developers to work on the project. Obviously, the […]

Why my bokeh plots doesn't work on github?

I have a private repo on github and I am experimenting with bokeh. I edit the file in my ipython notebook locally and I can see the plot working. When I push them on github and try to visualize it online I can see all the code except for the graph. On nbviewer I can […]

Manage different codebases using single git repository instead of submodules

After reading this article on submodules, it seems like they exist only to link to external git repositories from within your own. However, I am expecting submodules to simply allow you to manage multiple, separate commit histories from within one repository. Is it possible to have non-external git repositories? I’d like to manage all of […]

How can I use git branch if Im a single developer?

I am new in Git and I want to implement this tool in my next project. In my project I created 3 branches these are: 1. Feature – new features 2. Release – new production release 3. Hotfix – for minor revisions What I understand is you can use branch to separate the updates and […]

Git lost local commited files after git checkout

I was switching from a different branch so I can do a push. While doing the checkout the files were open in my editor which may have caused a permission denied error. Did git lose all my files? I dont know how to get them back. Here is what i did – The files are […]

Merging feature branches without branching all the way back from common ancestor?

Let’s say I have a really straightforward branching situation like this, where there’s a dev branch and a production branch, that at some point in the past have a common ancestor called common: Now, it’s time to make a new feature. We want the feature in dev today, and in production in a month. The […]

Move files & folders in github

I need to set up a github for a school project but Im getting lost in the complicated workings of it. I managed to push the contents of a folder to my repository but since I need to add other files and want to keep some structure I want to take the current files & […]

Preventing others from force-pushing to my Git repository

Is there a way to prevent anybody except me from force-pushing to one of my Git repositories (in Github, specifically)? It’s my understanding that protected branches protect against force-pushing entirely, but I’m fine as long as I’m the one doing it.

Do I need to create a changelog file with Git?

I am new to Git and I am wondering if I need to create a changelog file manually, or if Git keeps track of the changes (I’m using GitHub).

Allow access to git repository from a certain commit

I’ve been working on a private project on github that I’ve decided to make public. To test the project I used my graphical assets that I’d like to keep private. They are not present in the latest commit, but they are available on older commits. Can I configure github (or use some git feature) to […]

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