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Pulling Git from server

I’ve managed to commit my changes locally to Github. Now I want to update it on my server. How do I connect to my server to pull the files from Github?

How do I update a github fork from the original repo?

I forked a github repo. Now I want to update my fork to the current repo version. How can I do that?

not valid: is this a git repository?

My question is NOT this question. On performing a git clone I am getting this error. Command than I am using is: $ git clone “https://gdt.test.com/gitblit/log/?r=mytest.git&h=refs/heads/branch_development” On simply running: $ git clone “https://gdt.test.com/gitblit/log/?r=mytest.git” I get the error: fatal: could not create work tree dir ‘?r=mytest’.: Invalid argument I think I need to put the full […]

origin does not appear to be a git repository

I created a new repository online at github, where i have an account. The project is at, say: https://github.com/myname/myproject Now I want to add, commit and push things to that project from my file system. So I opened the terminal on Ubuntu, went to the directory that I want to make into a git folder […]

Commit on Pull Request of Remote Fork

Someone recently forked a repository I am an owner of, created a feature branch, pushed several commits, and created a pull request to merge his forked branch into master — a typical git workflow. Is there a way that I can commit on his PR feature branch? I like the PR he created, but I […]

How to see if local git repo and remote repo are same commit?

I have a local git repo, and I have a remote git repo. What is a simple command to see what commit the remote repo is, and what commit the local repo is, so I can simple see if I’m up to date? This is going to be automated in a program, so I don’t […]

Git pull/push error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 408

I am new to GIT. I am using Git version I am working on project hosted on github. While pushing and pulling the code from github sometime it works fine and some time it gives me error. error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 408 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I don’t […]

Git: How to remove files that are now in gitignore but were added to repo before

I have a couple of files that are in the repo and also in .gitignore. I would like these files to be removed from the repo but not be deleted from my production server when I do git pull origin master I have tried multiple solutions but none seam to work, in each one I […]

Git – How to force pull from an upstream remote and ignore commits in your local and remote?

I want to pull from from an upstream branch and I want to ignore all commits made by me in my local and my remote on git. I only want the changes from the upstream remote. I am having issues with: git pull upstream master And I do not want to manually merge them. I […]

Move a Github repository to Codeplex and keep them in sync

I have a repository that is on Github and I want to move it to Codeplex. I want to take all of the existing commits from my Github repo and push them to a new Codeplex repo. I don’t think this is the right approach, but I tried: git remote github add url git remote […]

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