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How to sign out in Git Bash console in Windows?

I’m using Git, on Windows, version 2.9.2.windows.1. I work on a repository project and when I do a push, it asked me to enter my Github Username and Password. I entered both my Github Username and Password to update the project. In my next push, it doesn’t ask for my username and password anymore. All […]

Eclipse + EGit: clone project into workspace

I’m a little confused about how EGit workes. I have an existing git repository on Github and want to clone it into my workspace. My goal is to have the local repository directly stored inside my workspace-folder but I don’t get it working with EGit. When I want to clone the github repo with EGit, […]

Delete local Git branches after deleting them on the remote repo

I want to have my local and remote repositories always in sync in terms of branches. After a Pull Request review on GitHub, I merge and remove my branch there (remote). How could I fetch this information in my local repository and get Git to remove my local version of the branch as well?

How to integrate a GitHub wiki into the main project

I want keep all my source code and documentation in one single git repository. I already have the github pages integrated into my main project and now I want to do the same with the github wiki. I know that github wikis are plain git repositories. My plan is to add the wiki as a […]

How can I fetch an unmerged pull request for a branch I don't own?

I need to pull in a specific pull request (that hasn’t been processed into the main stream yet) in the NServiceBus repo: https://github.com/johnsimons/NServiceBus/commit/d8524d53094e8181716e771c1023e968132abc15 It’s obviously not my repo, but I need the changes that exist in that pull request. What is the best way to do this?

How to protect “master” in github?

I have a few contributors in my github project. I want to allow only one of them to “push” to master. And this guy is not me (the owner of the repository). Is it possible to do?

Send a pull request on GitHub for only latest commit

I forked a project on github and am successfully making changes to my local master and pushing to origin on github. I want to send a pull request, but only want to include the last commit. The pull request UI on github.com shows the last 9 commits and I don’t know how to filter that […]

How to apply unmerged upstream pull requests from other forks into my fork?

A project on GitHub that I have a fork of has a new pull requests that I want to pull into my fork that the author has not pulled in yet. Is there a simple way to apply pull request from other forks into my fork? Is there something else here that I am missing?

how to delete all commit history in github?

This question already has an answer here: Make the current commit the only (initial) commit in a Git repository? 13 answers

clone parts of a github project

Possible Duplicate: Is there any way to clone a git repository’s sub-directory only? I’m trying to clone parts of a github project but I can only get the root folder. This is the first time im trying to use github and I just installed tortoisegit, im used to svn and cvs where you could just […]

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