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Git: file on remote server is not being overwritten with updated version on merge

I must have accidentally pushed up a file where I did not remove the merge error markers (<<<<HEAD) and it broke my site. I checked out the problem file, found the merge conflict and fixed the code. I then went to commit the file but get the message nothing to commit (working directory clean). Regardless, […]

How can I set upstream repo after adding origin repo in cycligent git tool?

I’m playing around with a new git gui, https://www.cycligent.com/git-tool I didn’t find any online documentation, and lost myself when I tried to add upstream repo after adding origin repo, which is my fork. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance.

How to “reset” the changes up to “merge from parent branch”?

I’m not too familiar with Git terms so please use more common terms with explanation. I’m using Github Desktop, which I have already commit into my branch. Now I want to open pull request to master, but before I do that, I use the option “update from Master” first to get all the changes from […]

How to upload file on website hosted by Heroku?

I have a PHP website served by Heroku. The website files are hosted on Github. Everytime I update my github repo, the heroku app is restarting and apply the changes. However, the website is collecting user inputs such as picture upload or attachement. After I update the github repo, all the attachment and pictures are […]

Create new repository on Github at past date

I want to create a repository on Github such that I can set the date of repository created in past. I need to do this because I am new to github and want to upload all my past projects on github exactly on the date I completed the projects. Please help. Thanks in advance!

How to completely delete a commit from GitHub?

On GitHub, I forked a repositary and cloned on my PC. Then, for testing purpose, I edited a file, made a commit and pushed it to GitHub. But now I would like to completely delete this commit. I did the following: git reset –hard <sha1_of_previous_commit> git push –force It looked OK, but my commit was […]

How can I pull in files by extension from latest state of remote repo on top of old local repo?

I have reset my repo to old commit, now how can I pull in latest .properties files on top of it, from a remote repo, not my origin.

GIT: fatal: Not a git repository

I’m trying to add all my files from blog to git but I’m getting this error: fatal: Not a git repository: myBlog/crayon-syntax-highlighter/js/jquery-colorpicker/../../.git/modules/js/jquery-colorpicker I’m trying to add all the files like this: git add –v -A Any of you knows why or if there is any work around this? I’ll really appreciate your help

GitHub flow when deleting remote branches

I’m working on a fork from an upstream repo. Locally I’m on branch foo. I pushed foo up to my repo on GitHub and opened a PR into upstream/master and had it merged. After merging I deleted the the foo branch on GitHub and also locally: git branch -d foo But if I view my […]

git upload the files as root

I’ve created a new repository in GitHub. Then, I make a commit and push in my terminal. But all files I add to GitHub have as owner root. However, in my terminal when I check files permissions with “ls -la” they have 755 for folder and 644 for files with 1000:1000. Why the owner is […]

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