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Git list all commits pushed from specific machine

I want to track all commits pushed from specific pc. Commits may contain different user name as different person work with the pc. Can anyone know how to list all commits pushed from single pc.

Git Partial Fork, synced pull/merge

I want to fork a Git repository A that works with interface X, to my own repository B that works with interface Y. To to this I would remove X related files and create my own Y related files, however I want to be able to pull changes to the core from repository A, in […]

Generate changelog for a semantically released package

Here is the package I’m working on currently. This is the first time I’m trying to enforce the conventional changelog format and use semantic release versioning. The releasing itself works fine, I’m having travis CI testing, building and publishing the package to npm, creating a new version and a git tag. There is also a […]

Trigger Jenkins job on GitHub PUSH to specific branch

I’m trying to trigger a job based on a GitHub PUSH to a certain branch. I set up a webhook to JENKINS_URL/git/notifyCommit?url=REPO_URL and Poll SCM without schedule. The job is being triggered for every push but I cannot filter out the branch – I’d like it to only happen when there’s a push to master.

Git: How to rebase a bare repo

I’m using backup software that makes commits directly to a bare repository by editing the index, rather than updating files in a work directory. I want the commits to be pushed to a repository on github, so I’ve cloned my repo as a bare repository and pointed the backup utility at it. It creates commits […]

After a cancelled rebase in progress, I cannot update my branch from master branch?

I have a separate branch with many additions on my local and I used to rebase with master branch to keep up with the core development. Last time, since it took too long I cancelled the rebase as it was progressing. After that point, whenever I ask for rebase, git says “Already up-to-date” but I […]

GitHub collaborators cannot download private repo via NPM package

I have a private repository as a dependency in an NPM package.json. package.json “dependencies”: { “private-repo”: “git+ssh://git@github.com/shennan/private-repo.git” } I have an SSH key linked with my GitHub account, and all works well when I npm install on the command line. The problem is that I can’t get any of the other collaborators’ npm install working. […]

Git: The Curious Case of the Missing Commits

I have some commits that have vanished from our RELEASE Branch (the branch we use to publish to production). For the sake of argument let’s refer to them as commits B, C, D and E. Essentially what happened is that I merged some commits from my fix into this release branch. If I checkout my […]

Visual Studio 2013, Git Cloning Issue

I’m trying to clone Git Repository using visual studio but I’m getting error. Here is the screenshot of my error: Please guide me to fix this issue and I need to clone git repository using Visual Studio.

Notification on failed GitHub WebHooks?

My company uses GitHub Enterprise to automatically update production and test servers when certain protected branches are updated. When someone sends the push event, a payload is delivered to various servers, each running a small web server to receive such payloads. The web server then checks the “ref” element of the payload to see if […]

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