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Publishing a “git svn” repo

I’m modifying an open-source project that’s stored in an SVN repo. Since my changes will likely take a while to complete, I’ve checked the project out as a Git repo using the git-svn bridge. I don’t have access to the project’s Subversion repo so I can’t push changes back to it, but I’d like to […]

Jenkins Git Branch Selection with Fallback

In my project i have a GitFlow style Repository. How can I make Jenkins do the following: (XXXX=Release No) Build the Release-XXXX branch If a release branch does not exist build the Master branch. I understand I can put branches in priority order using the git-chooser-alternative plugin but I don’t know how to select branches […]

Local git config not overriding global user for project

I have a global git user configured, but want to use a different user for a single git project. Within that project, I’ve used git config –local user.name “localuser” and git config –local user.email “localuser@example.com” to set the local project’s user and email. However, when I try to push to my remote on github, I […]

How to solve SSL certificate: self signed certificate when cloning repo from github?

I just installed git for windows and tried to clone glew’s repo like this $ git clone https://github.com/nigels-com/glew.git But I got the following error Cloning into ‘glew’… fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/nigels-com/glew.git/’: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate I’ve seen people running into this problem and some possible workarounds. First try $ git -c http.sslVerify=false […]

Github for mac diff options

Is there a way to configure github for mac to do a diff with the -w option to ignore whitespace? We are in the process of replacing all tabs with spaces in our project but when looking at the diffs for these commits in Github:mac the whole file is marked as changed which makes it […]

I lost my uncommited changes after I made a merge

I am new in git and I got all my changes lost. I made a branch for my changes, and then I wanted to make a merge. So i switched to master and merge my branch with master, but I forgot to make a commit. So now my branch looks like the same as master. […]

git: mv command

i’ve read that the mv command is basically the same as $ mv README.txt README $ git rm README.txt $ git add README just to be sure, is it exactly the same if i do it this way: $ git rm –cached README.txt # [rename file using right click rename] $ git add README

How to push a git ignored folder to a subtree branch?

I have a yeoman angular app and by default the dist folder came ignored. So when I try this: git subtree push –prefix dist origin gh-pages it fails because it is ignored. I don’t want to push the dist folder to the master branch, I only want to push it to the gh-pages branch. How […]

git: Unable to Clone Private Repositories, Error: Repositories not found

One of my friend added me on his Project on Github, as a collaborator. I am able to see the repo, but when I try to clone with this : git clone https:/github.com/FriendsUserName/FriendsRepo.git Gets errors: remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository https:/github.com/FriendsUserName/FriendsRepo.git not found I have setup multiple Github account successfully, from this article – […]

Test multiple repos in travis ci

So I have many related, but different git repositories. All of which have their own isolated testing. But a few have cross-dependancies (e.g. Mozilla’s “buildbotcustom” and “buildbot-configs” repositories depend on one another for our deployment). Our old jenkins UX performed an integration test whenever any of the related repositories changed. I have mentally looked at […]

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