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Create a log of lines of code changes per file and commit with git

I would like to reflect upon my work on a repository of the past two years, and thus I am trying to compute usage statistics similar to the github.com graphs page, but a little more sophisticated. Therefore, I am trying to get a list where each row is an event of a file changed with […]

How to trigger jenkins every time a repository is created on github org?

I know how to trigger jenkins if a push is made to a repo but for this instance, I have a github organization and want to trigger jenkins when a repository is made on this github organization (to add webhooks and teams). I have an org-level hook but there isn’t a place to specify a […]

Changing source branch for PR on Github

I accidentally created a pull request from the master-branch of my fork of a repo. While trying to rebase it I noticed that all of these changes were pushed into that pull request — due to the fact that you can simply Add more commits by pushing to the master branch on username/repo Can you […]

Push to github repo denied

After not pushing to my personal github account for a month or so I am now getting the following terminal output when trying to push an initial commit to my newly created Github repo. remote: Permission to <Me>/<MyRepo>.git denied to <me>. fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/<Me>/<MyRepo>.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 403 Searching google turned […]

GIT_COMMITTER_DATE not recognized

This is probably an extremely simple question but I’m trying to modify the date of a Git commit but whenever I try to modify the Git environment variables GIT_COMMITTER_DATE or GIT_AUTHOR_DATE I get this message. When I type git var -l they don’t show up either. Do I have to add those variables myself? C:\Users\MolinaBA\Desktop\MCPInfoGitMigrationTest>GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=”12/12/12 […]

Add recursively git repos in subfolder as submodules

Add recursively git repos in subfolder as submodules: iam looking for a solution to add git repositories as submodules to a folder which is a git repo. I already have the folder structure and the cloned repositories in the destination folder. All i need is to automate adding those repos in the subfolders as submodules. […]

Strategies of merging master

So if I’m working in a branch, let’s call it feature-foo, that was initially based of master. And I’m continuously adding many commits to it. At that same time, my colleague is working on a feature-baz, decides to merge it his branch into master. Then we find out that feature-foo depends on certain changes that […]

Is there a way to know the username of all who zip downloaded/cloned a private repo in Github?

Is there a way to know the username of all who zip downloaded/cloned a private repo in Github?

Unable to acess – Push Git

I am facing the following error when executing a push in git: Fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/usergit/project.git’: failed to connect to 10.216.x.xxx port 8080: Time out I already ran the unset proxy in git and also disabled the proxy in windows.

SSH Permission denied on reboot

I created a repo at home two days ago and did some work on it, then yesterday set up my SSH key at work so I can push to that repo and it worked fine. However today, I am getting permission denied message, as if my SSH key is no longer linked. It is stored […]

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