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Git commit combined two repositories into one

The initial commit for the project I am working on was on Jan 13, 2014. Somehow, the most recent commit added a 5 month old .gitignore file from a different project (which was not added three months ago) as well as nearly 500 commits from an entirely different github repository (everything before Jan 13, 2014). […]

Git workflow for web development test deployment

We are a very small team of 4 people working on the same web development project. We are using github for version control and are currently creating a new branch for each feature we are working on, then merging it back to ‘development.’ As of now we don’t have a graceful way to test our […]

How can I make a folder in one git repository dependent on another?

I have two git repositories. Here is my folder structure ~/test/ << This is one project .git FolderA/ FolderB/ ~/pim/ << This is another project .git Foo/ Foo/Bar/ The test project has the following remote branches master release1 The pim project has the following remote branches develop master release1 I want to create a dependency […]

Why are changes that have already been merged now showing up as new changes?

Scenario for my question I made some changes to several files in my machines cloned repo. Committed the changes and pushed them to my fork in GitHub. Opened a PR from my fork to my organisations fork and my changes were merged. Next day Made some more changes to other files in my machines cloned […]

Windows – tortoise git: Host does not exist fatal: Could not read from remote repository

My laptop blew up, so am trying to setup a new one without success. When I try and use tortoise to clone a github repo, I get: Host does not existfatal: Could not read from remote repository. git.exe clone –progress -v “git@github.com:me/mystuff.git” “C:\git\stuff” Cloning into ‘C:\git\stuff’… Unable to open connection: Host does not existfatal: Could […]

I can't do git Checkout – Railstutorial

I’m getting this error: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount parent /Users) Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set). Before this I was trying to create a user model, but I was getting an error, then I get another where 2 minutes ago I didn’t have, so I download the last […]

Why there are something modified after git clone?

I have a project using github git ignore template. https://github.com/github/gitignore When I git clone this repo and didn’t modify anything, git status still shows me there is a file modified. The worst thing is that even use git checkout, the file still exist with modified status. modified: OpenCart.gitignore This problem will cause my git submodule […]

Git Pull/Fetch Automation

I’m wanting to automate a local server to pull github repositories and then add copyrights to the code files, if they aren’t already there, then commit and push them back. I have the copyright executable running on the linux centOS server, but I can’t get a way to tell my program to run or not. […]

EGit and Git Bash not syncing up

I’m a novice when it comes to Git Bash, but comfortable enough in a CLI environment. I’m using the eclipse plugin EGit for committing my work and pulling contributors work. My problem is that sometimes if 2 of us have been working on the same file we get conflicts, now sometimes this can be solved […]

Git – Push existing repo to a new remote

I have an existing repo that I want to add a new remote to, a sort of local repo for internal staging rather than pushing to origin. I have created a new blank repo in GitHub, added the remote to my repo (with the name github) and tried : git push github mybranch I believe […]

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