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Extract characteristics of project

I clone a Project from Github and i want to extract some features. Can someone give me an instructions to extract: Number of users work on this project? To extract the most change file? (has more commit) Number of commit on this file? Number of insertion/deletion on this file?

Capistrano occasionally fails to pull git repo

Capistrano sometimes fails to pull the newest source from github, but shows no errors. On several occasions now, cap deploy did not pull the latest code from my git repo, but showed no errors in the process. Repeatingly running cap deploy does not fix the issue, but running git pull origin master on the actual […]

Software version of GitHub Network

GitHub’s network is great but is slow and sometimes not really reliable because not updated fast enough. Is there any software version of it? Seems the official client does not have it. And the command-line is not as beautiful & usable.

EGit not pushing, says it's already up to date

I’m trying using git in eclipse for the first time, and I’m stuck. Brand new project, only one branch. I did the initial push to github, works great. Than I changed something, commited the change in my local git (shows in the history), but when trying to push, it’s saying everything is up to date. […]

How do I mirror a Github repository using Web Hooks?

I want to mirror a Github repo on my server using Web Hooks, or another real time mechanism. I don’t want to use polling. Is there any existing software? If not, how would you do it? The server has gitolite installed.

How do I update my local branch of forked repo

How do I update my branch of my forked repo with the current changes in the master of the main repo. The scenario is I have forked a repo(say A) and also cloned it in my machine. Now I created a branch(say xyz) and created a PR in the original repo. Now it’s been a […]

git pull from Github to live server with multiple developers

I’d like to have a Git setup something like below. Developer 1 –push–> –> Github <–pull– our server (public www folder) Developer 2 –push–> The main objective is to keep a copy of our website in a Github repo and let developers pull to the live site when everything looks OK. So the idea is […]

git contributors not showing up properly in github/etc

I’m working in a team on a big project, but when I’m doing the merges I’d like the developers name to appear in github as the author — currently, I’m the only one showing up since I’m merging. Context: There are 4 developers, and we’re using the “integration manager” workflow using GitHub. Our “blessed” repo […]

Any way I can restore all my lost local work which was destroyed using GitHub?

I’m doing some work with Xcode, using local git first. In order to share the code, I started trying GitHub. Somehow, I made a mess. Today, after the code was working to some extent, I actives GitHub to upload the code. Then I found that I have nothing locally left. I had all my code […]

github add <<<<<<< HEAD

hi i’m fairly new to github, when i made some changes to the code and then merge to upstream, if there are any conflicts,it will do the following. Auto-merging Global.asax.cs CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in Global.asax.cs <<<< HEAD ====== >>>> UPSTREA/MASTER into my code. does anyone know why? and how to get rid of them? […]

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