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How to change commit date in upstream in Git?

My colleague pushed his commit to our github repository. Unfortunatlley he has system date set to some 20 days ahead of the real time. So all (4) his commits have wrong date. I would like to change the dates in these commits, but some additional work is already done based on these wrong-dated commits. I […]

syncing a local directory with an existing git repository

The title might sound like a duplicate but I couldn’t find an answer to my particular problem. I want to clone a git repository on my local machine. However, when I try to do this using the shell, I am getting an error. Most of the files are being checked out but for some reason […]

Git: Fork / Remote / Clone Concepts

I am trying to understand / visualize the elements that come with forking a repo. My starting reference is this help page. 1st Question: When I forked a repo e.g. Spoon-Knife on GitHub (i.e. clicked the Fork button on their site), does it mean the Spoon-Knife is copied to my GitHub account? Did a real […]

TortoiseGit Issue Tracker Integration for GitHub

TortoiseGit has a bunch of issue trackers integration plugins. One such useful plugin is Gurtle which shows the list of open issues during a commit operation so issues can be closed directly during commit. Does such a plugin exist for GitHub issues integration? Are there any other similar tools for Github issues? Screenshot of TortoiseGit […]

Reset or revert Gist to an older commit state using either Github web interface or desktop app

I am trying rollback a Gist to an older state through either the web interface or the Github Desktop app. I’ve seen solutions that seem to show how one might do this using the command line. However, I can’t figure out how one can do this without using the Command Line Interface. Is the CLI […]

How to clean all commits from remote github repo

I had by mistake pushed hundreds of commits from my local repo to a newly created github repo. How can I clean/remove all these commits on the remote repo so that github repo is clean as it was in the start? I would like also to lose history on those actions. I would like to […]

Publishing a “git svn” repo

I’m modifying an open-source project that’s stored in an SVN repo. Since my changes will likely take a while to complete, I’ve checked the project out as a Git repo using the git-svn bridge. I don’t have access to the project’s Subversion repo so I can’t push changes back to it, but I’d like to […]

Jenkins Git Branch Selection with Fallback

In my project i have a GitFlow style Repository. How can I make Jenkins do the following: (XXXX=Release No) Build the Release-XXXX branch If a release branch does not exist build the Master branch. I understand I can put branches in priority order using the git-chooser-alternative plugin but I don’t know how to select branches […]

Local git config not overriding global user for project

I have a global git user configured, but want to use a different user for a single git project. Within that project, I’ve used git config –local user.name “localuser” and git config –local user.email “localuser@example.com” to set the local project’s user and email. However, when I try to push to my remote on github, I […]

How to solve SSL certificate: self signed certificate when cloning repo from github?

I just installed git for windows and tried to clone glew’s repo like this $ git clone https://github.com/nigels-com/glew.git But I got the following error Cloning into ‘glew’… fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/nigels-com/glew.git/’: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate I’ve seen people running into this problem and some possible workarounds. First try $ git -c http.sslVerify=false […]

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