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Linux console: git command not found on x64 Cent OS

I have a completely fresh install of 64 Bit Cent OS 5.7, this is in VirtualBox on top of 64-bit XP. I’m trying to install SSU. Problem: The command ‘git‘ was not found. See “code” below please. Have tried looking this up: /usr/local/git/ does not exist: git: command not found (on OS X 10.5) I […]

First “git push” to remote repository. Can't find where it places the files of the project

I’m new to git and for the last couple of hours I ‘ve been trying to setup a remote repository of a local project. So I followed the instructions: # on the remote server cd path/to/myapp.git git –bare init then: # on local machine git remote add <name> root@<ip>:path/to/myapp.git git push <name> master It successfully […]

Find the branch of a commit on github

I want to find out what are the branches that a certain commit belongs to on GitHub but unlike most of the commits, this one does not display its branch on GitHub a) b) I cloned the repository, and then ran git branch –contains <COMMITID> locally, but I got error: no such commit However, on […]

Is TFS better than GIT for code management?

I want to start an individual project just for learning purposes. But, i am not sure if i should use Git or TFS for code management? Which are Pros and Cons of each of them?

How to close/copy a specific git branch contents to a folder on another server using ssh

I have a repo on bitbucket and there are couple of branches in it. All the latest code is pushed to release branch after working locally. I have an instance of my website on another server which I connect using ssh. In that server there is a folder MyWebsite(/var/www/html/MyWebsite). I need to copy all the […]

How does “commits with” happen for commits already in the repo?

I’ve seen this on a few projects. I think that Github does the big picture / little picture with “commits with” when commits by another one are added to a branch cut by another author. In this case it would be done by merging the develop branch into the feature branch. In pull request / […]

git post-commit hooks

I’ve got two git project repos that have two or three files in common. Something like this: Project A ——> helper_functions Project B ——> helper_functions I’m wondering if there’s an accepted method to “share” these common helper files between the repos, so that I don’t have to maintain separate copies in both repos. Would something […]

git clone from->to directory confusion

I’m in my EC2 /var/www directory and want to get the contents my Github repository, htdocs. When i’m here: /var/www $ If I type: git clone git@github.com:tim-peterson/htdocs.git Then Git makes a directory named htdocs inside of /var/www. However, I just want the contents of my htdocs to be put into the www folder NOT a […]

collaborating on an existing open source project – how do I use git / github?

I and my friend want to work on an open source project which is hosted/worked on via git. I tried to follow many links on google but could not comeup with a precise/exact way of collaborating easily. We both have github account and want to be able to create a branch (or whatever its called) […]

git problem with getting previous file version

I’m trying to get the previous version of a file like this: git checkout <git-hash> After this, I see that the file on my hd is the previous version. How can I push this version to the server??? I tried the following: git push ab master but all I get is Everything up-to-date What am […]

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