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Cannot find Repo after a morning of commiting/pulling/etc

I am a collaborator of a github organization. I have ran into an issue where git cannot find any of the remote repos. This just happened after I came back from lunch following a morning of successfully being able to commit/push/pull/etc to these repos. I have double checked my git configs by replacing user.email and […]

GIT: Gitflow workflow

I’ve created the branchA from branch develop # git checkout -b branchA # git push origin -u branchA modify some files # git add * # git commit -m “modification in branchA” # git push # git checkout develop # git merge branchA # git push then I’ve created another branch # git checkout -b […]

git svn clone fails because of deleted branch

I am migrating some SVN repos to Bitbucket using git svn clone. It seems that the clone fails when the revision that it is going to clone doesn’t exist because the branch it affected doesn’t exist anymore in Subversion. I did git svn clone -authors-file=authors.txt https://my.svn.com/project001 project001 The logs shows {…} r12 = f16b3d1014109ccd1c7e24dd70bfa9df45362e48 (refs/remotes/git-svn) […]

skip pulling new changes of certain file to server from github

My project source code is stored in GitHub and pulled to the server to run the project. There is a file which new changes should not be pulled to the server1. But that file is not untracked file to ignore using .gitignore file. Actually, new changes of the file are required to run the project […]

Git submodule – How to keep the submodule updated when pulling from the main repo

We have the main git repository and one single git submodule. For this question, the main repository does only have a master branch, and the submodule does have two branches – X and Y. Let’s say Coder A just switched to submodule branch X and applied some small changes. Coder B it’s on submodule branch […]

Get notification when any branch merged to dev branch

I have a lot of build versions by Git branches. So now I’d like to clean them up with the condition that whenever any branch is merged to the development branch, Jenkins will rollback/delete that branch. Assume that I have a script that will rollback/delete the branch. My issue is how to get a notification […]

Git change the source branch of a pull request

Instead of making changes in another branch and making a pull request from that branch, i made the changes in the master branch and made the pull request.Now, i want to edit the pull request. I want to copy the changes made to the master branch to another branch. I want the master branch be […]

Jenkins giving error while giving repository URL to source code management

I’m configuring the GitHub project in Jenkins while entering all the details got struck in Source Code Management -> Git -> Repositories -> Gave the Repository URL – https://github.com/xxx/gradle-java-sample-project.git showed this message – Failed to connect to repository : Command “git ls-remote -h https://github.com/xxx/gradle-java-sample-project.git HEAD” returned status code 1: stdout: stderr: xcrun: error: invalid active […]

How to move folders in github repo from sub-folder to parent folder and delete the now empty sub-folder?

I am taking an online course, and my repository for that course is as follows – Course Repo Course Term 1 Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 I initially planned to add additional Terms under the same parent folder/repo of “Course Name”. Instead, I decided to have different repos for different Terms. So now I […]

What is the workflow to manage git branch history appropriately when working on 3+ branches simultaneously?

Summarized Question: What is the proper workflow in git for dealing with multiple people working on multiple branches at the same time, on overlapping sets of files, where changes don’t come in chronological order? Given Branch A and B are sitting in pull request stage and branch Z has been merged to master already, what […]

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