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git maintaining 2 versions of the same project, with different users on each

I have a (private) project in github where a team of developers commits changes. A client has now asked to develop some heavy customizations on their own copy of the system. A new team will be working on this project, but I don’t want this team to have access to the original repository. So I […]

Rebase a GitHub pull request on top of my newer local commits

Suppose I am locally on the branch master of our blessed repository. Someone has sent in a pull request. How do I apply the commits of that pull request on top of my local branch – as if those commits were rebased on my branch – in a single command? Note: the pull request is […]

Git shell prompts for password in an OpenSSH popup window

I don’t know why, recently git shell asks me for credentials in an old-fashioned OpenSSH window (by the way, I use a https connection) instead of just prompting in the console. That prevents me to use the wincred, I always have to type my credentials. Quite annoying, esecially that when I make a typo, the […]

git clone vs git pull

For my project I keep an online repository on github and local repositories on two computers (say A, B) where I write code and run tests and also on three other machines (say, C, D, E) where I just run tests. Now, it happened a few times that there are conflicts whenever I want to […]

Jenkins configuration and security issues

This is the first time I am using Jenkins and I have gone through several online articles but couldn’t find satisfactory answers. We have .Net project, and we are using private GitHub repository. Now I am trying to build CI server with Jenkins. Idea is to whenever developer push the code to GitHub we want […]

Git: 'rebase' is not a git command. See 'git –help'

I set up github for mac and now I am trying to use the git command from the terminal. If I try to run the git rebase command I get the following message > cd /Applications/GitHub.app/Contents/Resources/git/bin > git rebase git: ‘rebase’ is not a git command. See ‘git –help’. >git –help usage: git [–version] [–exec-path[=<path>]] […]

Enforcing coding style and being warning and lint-free across teams in Android Studio or git/github

I’d like to set up our project in a way that ensure that coding style and being warning and lint-free is enforced for checkins. I’d also like to make it super easy for developers to see when they’re not in compliance. Ideally this would be presented from within Android Studio (all our devs are using […]

Having a hard time understanding Git and Github's place on my web server

I’m a long time web developer just starting to use Git and Github for my first project. I’ve setup my Github repository, added a README file, committed it and pushed it to my origin master. It now shows up in Github just fine. I’m assuming that I now want to either pull, fetch, or clone […]

How to push to a new branch in Git carefully

I am currently working on a team project, with many remote branches. And I cloned the project from our master’s branch. Now, that I have made changes to this project locally, I would like to push it, but in-order to avoid pushing it to the projects main remote branch, I would like to create a […]

Egit working directory vs. projects in Eclipse

I’m a long time Eclipse user but new to Git/Egit. Recently I’ve been trying to use Egit because I want to use GitHub to collaborate with a number of projects. The projects I want to work on are not Eclipse-specific projects but I’d still like to set up a workflow so that I can work […]

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