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Is there a way to see what pending pull requests affect a particular file?

There is a large open source project that I would like to make changes to. With thousands of pull requests already pending, its hard to know whether someone hasn’t already made similar changes. I can try to search for issues based on a keyword, but I’ll likely overlook pull-requests that made changes to the file. […]

Git workflow for multiple projects based on my own seed project?

I’m creating a seed project (for myself) which I will use as a base for multiple other projects. After searching for best practices for doing this I have found a few useful strategies. But I’m not convinced which strategy to use and I don’t feel like I have a complete solution; a workflow that explains […]

git migrate from LFS to normal repo

There is LFS git repository hosted at Bitbucket server. Now we do not need LFS. How to migrate from git LFS repository back to normal repository? If repo with LFS – there are “pointers” instead of files in the commits. And if I need to remove LFS – I should use files instead of “pointers”. […]

Is it possible to undo changes in a particular file in a commit in Git Web UI?

I know it is possible to make changes in a file in GitHub Web UI. But if I want to revert changes in a particular file in a commit, is it possible to do it in the Web UI of GitHub?

How to avoid re-formatting of file in GitHub browser editor?

I am trying to edit a file in a project on GitHub online on the browser editor by clicking the pencil icon on top-right corner of the file. The issue is, as soon as the browser opens the file for editing, if I click on Preview Changes without even making any changes to the file, […]

How to check pods project into same repository as main project xcode 7?

I am trying to add git to an existing xcode project. The project directory contains the actual project as well as the project generated by cocoapods. My directory looks like this. MyProject – MyProject.xcworkspace – MyProject.xcodeproj – Other project files – podfile – .git – Pods – Alamofire etc – Pods.xcodeproj – .git Xcode source […]

How to download a binary file from private Github repository?

I am trying to download the latest release from one of my private repositories and I am using this code to download it: curl -i -H “Authorization: token $AUTH_KEY” \ https://api.github.com/repos/haccks/Test/releases/latest the response from the above request returns asset id (7052110) along with other details. Then I used curl -L -H “Accept: application/octet-stream” \ https://$AUTH_KEY:@api.github.com/repos/haccks/Test/releases/assets/7052110 […]

How to edit the contributor's commit in a pull request in GitHub?

I made a pull request to some repository and the maintainer told me that my commit message was wrong, but he had already changed that message for the right one. I wonder how he did that if he had no write access to my repository. EDIT: I know he can fetch my branch, merge locally […]

Fatal Bad Object Error on npm install

I am doing a npm install and getting the following error : npm ERR! git rev-list -n1 8d27c06c2903538cd740a80edeae548922d057a5: fatal: bad object 8d27c06c2903538cd740a80edeae548922d057a5 npm ERR! git rev-list -n1 8d27c06c2903538cd740a80edeae548922d057a5: npm ERR! git rev-list -n1 e92ca1c26c338ab641e70089cf8f57c140f39207: fatal: bad object e92ca1c26c338ab641e70089cf8f57c140f39207 npm ERR! git rev-list -n1 e92ca1c26c338ab641e70089cf8f57c140f39207: npm ERR! git rev-list -n1 d90b1e34c799bf61cd1aafdc33db0a554fa9e617: fatal: bad object d90b1e34c799bf61cd1aafdc33db0a554fa9e617 npm […]

Convince GitHub that plain ASCII PostScript files are diffable

I have a program that is written in PostScript. While GitHub allows me to view PostScript files as text, it says “Binary file not shown” when comparing commits. Adding .ps diff in the .gitattributes file doesn’t make a difference. All the desktop tools like git gui or meld have no problem diffing the PostScript code. […]

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