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Git submodule push when it is a GitHub library?

I added a GitHub-based library as a submodule and modified it. I need to share the modification with my teammates. I won’t be able to push it to submodule’s GitHub origin, would I? How do I share the modification? I’m not supposed to modify submodules which I get from GitHub?

ASP.NET Service.exe isn't picked up by GitHub

I’m using the GitHub application for windows to transfer my code between my local and the server. I’ve made two ASP.net services thus far, which work fine- however my latest c# service’s .exe and related files aren’t picked up by the GitHub app, meaning when I pull from the server, the .exe of the service […]

How to package code change in multiply src files using Git

I am a beginner for Git/Github. My company has an internal version control tool developed by themselves. In this tool, there is a conception “package”. If you make code change in single/many source files when working on one task, you must package them into a changelist (package, looks like “shelve” in TFS). Developers review and […]

GitHub repo on VisualSVN Server

We have a Github repo that is connected to our live server online. To manage code internally, we have a Staging server with VisualSVN server to which the team commits the code and then if all is fine, commits to Github. I did the followsing steps and have the subsequent issue. Please let me know […]

Only one user can push/pull to github

I have two CentOS servers that are set up the same. I created a git repo on server A and pushed it to github. I then cloned the repo on server B. At first, all seemed to be in order. I could commit on either server, push to the remote, and the pull on to […]

How to have multiple ~/.gitconfig instances under one user account?

I need to have git setup on my system, where both GitHub and TortoiseGit have their own separate ~/.gitconfig AKA global .gitconfig files. Because of the way git works, there doesnt seem to be anyway to do this? Basically i need GitHub to look at one .gitconfig file by default, which would be the same […]

How to commit files from a local folder named differently in the remote folder?

Firefox has a profile folder (it has a random name, like r2hy5dsu.default). If Greasemonkey is installed, then a folder named gm_scripts is created into that folder. The profile folder contains a LOT of other files and folders, but the only important to me right now is gm_scripts. So, I would like to create a repository […]

I can interact with GitHub repo but not Heroku when behind a proxy

I’m trying to get a Heroku rep to work from work. Everything works well from home. I can use the GitHub repo just fine, but whenever I try to use Heroku I get the following: ssh: heroku.com: no address associated with name fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the […]

Git merge – changes missing

I ran into a really annoying Git problem and don’t know how to solve it. Hopefully you can give me a hint. I have a child-branch of my master-branch. On that child-branch I made several changes. For instances adding methods to a class and so on. Later on I merged those changes into the master-branch. […]

intellij doesnt show my git branch

I already tried other posts on the web, checking all the toolbar and still, it doesn’t show my git branch (in the right down corner) Any idea why and how i can fix it? Thanks

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