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How to PERMANENTLY link to a line number in GitHub?

Linking to a line number in GitHub is easy: clicking on the line edits the URL to point to that line so we can share it. However, if the file changes with a new commit, the line numbers may offset and this renders the existing links as inaccurate and confusing. How to permanently link to […]

Merge to remote branch avoiding code to be changed

I could have chosen a better title but couldn’t figure a better way to explain what I’m trying to since I’m fairly new to github. So basically what I’m trying to accomplish is that I am pulling an open-source application off a github repo. I will need to whitelabel it to my organization so it […]

initial commit failed android studio. cannot read

I tried to share a project from android studio to github. But it says ” Successfully created project ‘xyz’ on GitHub, but initial push failed: Could not read from remote repository “. What do i do?

Git pull using GitPython + SSH keys doesn't work

I am trying to pull a repo from my Github account using GitPython. This is after (1) I performed a git clone already from the command line. (2) Generated new SSH keys using ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 (3) Setup the contents of the .pub file from #2 above in Github as a new SSH […]

deleted commits after git push force

I have forked repo on github. I synced my forked repo with the production one creating an upstream endpoint so that the command git remote -v origin git@github.com:some_repo.git (fetch) origin git@github.com:some_repo.git (push) upstream git@github.com:some_repo.git (fetch) upstream git@github.com:some_repo.git (push) To sync, I ran this git fetch upstream;git checkout master;git merge upstream/master But the merge failed with […]

Why does Visual Studio Code wants to access my private SSH key?

I started using SSH based authentication to push/pull to/from my github remotes. For any git related work, I used the default terminal present in Ubuntu. The problem started when I switched to Visual Studio Code a few weeks ago. VSCode has some git features, and this results in a prompt every few minutes. This prompt […]

How to not delete untracked files from git when pulling

My friend and I are working on a git repository. Actually i made a mistake by setting all files on stage before adding .gitignore file, and i pushed all on github, my friend have clonned the project as well. Now to solve the problem, i have manually untracked those files with git rm –cached <files> […]

In GitHub, at what levels can review comments be made?

In GitHub, when code reviewer make review comments, I sometimes lose track of some comments, especially when the comments come from several repositories. In order to show/list all the comments directed to me, what levels can comments be made? pull request level, i.e. for merging a branch to another branch, so when I click a […]

Create new pull request from fork without having commits of the previous fork

So i’ve made a few commits to my fork of someone else’s repo, and then submitted a pull request for the same. My old pull request hasn’t been merged yet, and now i need to submit a new pull request without the previous commits, but with new changes that i’m going to make to my […]

Github pulling does not work in – Rails 5

I’m trying to pull last commit that I made on github, and though I get no errors, I see no changes in the code. I messed up my schema file, but after I pull the code it does not change at all. I searched here on stack and the solution that worked for others didn’t […]

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