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Can't login to Bitbucket on 'Github for Windows'

I’ve followed the tutorials on how to make Github for Windows work with Bitbucket, And in some point where you try to login I get this strange bug or anything. Here’s the image: The problem is I can’t click the login button and I have no idea why. I’m stuck and can’t proceed on the […]

Error installing Git-Flow in bash for GitHub for Windows

I’m fairly new to Git, and started by using GitHub for Windows. Now I’ve learned how to open a Git bash….and want to install Git Flow into it. I’m trying to follow the steps here:- https://github.com/nvie/gitflow/wiki/Windows During the installation, when I try to run the msysgit-install script using my path for the PortableGit folder, the […]

Query about working with git and VS2010 as window user

Recently github has launched client for window user and i have installed in my system and it’s very easy to clone, commit and push changes with local and remote repository. this client is working on http instead of ssh path. Before this i was using Git Extension according to this link i have set up […]

Git deattached HEAD using synchronizing from GitHub client

I’m experiencing the following issue using Git: I forked a repository in GitHub I cloned the repository to local using the GitHub client Other developer commited to GitHub in branch master I locally commit to my local git repo (so I’m getting out of sync, the commit was an unsynced commit) When I use the […]

View commands performed by GitHub for Windows Client

Is there any way to see what commands the Github for Windows client is performing behind the scenes (e.g. some sort of debug mode)? I do use git from the command line as well but sometimes the GUI does multiple commands that aren’t necessarily obvious so it would be helpful for informational/learning purposes to be […]

How to prevent Eclipse from automatically committing changes after every save

I am trying to set up GitHub Desktop ( on Windows 10 with an existing Eclipse Java project, created in Eclipse (Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)). I am able to initialize and successfully make an initial commit and push. However, after every file save operation in Eclipse, a new commit message appears in GitHub Desktop with the […]

GitHub for Windows push/pull, results in Eclipse infinite refresh loop

Whenever I pull or push using GitHub for Windows or PowerShell, Eclipse will start an infinite loop of refreshing projects. (I then have to use the task manager to quit Eclipse and stop the java process.) I have unchecked all auto refresh options in eclipse (searched for refresh in preferences) but that does not seem […]

Git Error : master -> master (missing necessary objects)

I’ve a rather worrying problem with git. A few days ago I was committing some changes when the server git was on blue screened. (We think it was actually caused by git.) Since then I’ve not been able to commit any changes to the repository, while others can. I can no longer commit changes to […]

Github- How can I find unpublished branches on my local machine?

I have lots of test branches on my local machine and some old branches which were later merged and deleted from remote repository. How can I find the list of all such branches? Note: I don’t want to delete all of them without reviewing them once, so a fresh start is not an option for […]

Unable to discard the local changes in Git

I am using the Android Studio and Git is located with it. Path of Git in Android studio is as follows, C:\Users\abc\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_cf76fc1621ac41ad4fe86c420ab5ff403f1808b9\cmd\git.exe there are some local file changes when I tried to discard the changes to this file it says unable to discard the file. Also clicking on file and say, open containing the folder […]

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