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Accessing commit history from github via terminal?

Need some quick help. Novice terminal user here. Trying to use these instructions: https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/statistics/#commit-activity to get commit history for a specific user. However, I don’t know what to do with this: GET /repos/:owner/:repo/stats/contributors When I replace the owner and repo with the specific names i’m using, nothing happens because I get this error in my […]

What's the best way to look up why/when changes were made in a git?

I am inspecting the gem Shoulda as an example. Shoulda no longer has the methods assert_good_value. So my question is, what is the best way to figure out when and why it was removed, and what it might have been replaced by? So far, the only way I could think to do this is to […]

git clone, ignoring file

I want to clone a GitHub repo that has a giant .exe file in it. (why?!) I have zero use for the .exe file, and it is substantially bigger than everything else combined. Is there a way to ignore the file when I clone it? My guess is that I would have better luck asking […]

Which will get Priority between “github pages” and “directory kept at root” in case of name conflicts and why

Say I have an index.html put on my username.github.io, which I can visit by the url, http://username.github.io Now consider 2 conflicting cases Say, I have a repository named repo1 with gh-pages activated. So, it should be available at http://username.github.io/repo1 I also have put a folder named repo1 with an index.html inside it, at the username.github.io […]

Git – Github push history

Is it possible to view when push operations have been performed on a repository, and in particular on Github? We have a build environment (Jenkins) which automatically builds our product upon various events: When a user pushes new commits on Github Every night Upon user request I would like to be able to determine which […]

GitHub Pull Requests Between Branches

My organization is making the transition from SVN to Git (hosted on GitHub) and we have basically adopted the git-flow branching model. We have been using pull requests to merge between branches. We use the GitHub web interface to process the merge and close the request. Pull requests are merged with –no-ff. So a merge […]

Create a branch for a new feature on local branch only or on both local and remote branches?

I follow this tutorial : gitflow Normally, when I implement a new feature, I create a new branch (only for local), after I finish my changes, I pull the develop branch, merge with my local branch and push back to develop git checkout -b new-feature git add . git commit -m “finish the new feature” […]

List commits from all remote branches except one

Say I have multiple remote branches.. origin/master origin/feature-branch-01 origin/feature-branch-02 origin/release-branch On ‘master’ the main development takes place, on release we merge master-commits by cherry-picking them (and maybe create “real” commits for bugfixing) and in the two feature branches new features are developed. Being on master branch, I want to list all commits from master and […]

How can I clone a non-github hosted repository using Github Desktop

How can I clone a non-github repository using Github Desktop? https://local-git-service/some-user/some-repo.git If I have an existing repository initialized, I can add it using Github Desktop. But how can I clone it without using the git command? Our team uses an internal Gogs site to manage our repositories, and we would like to allow users to […]

Hg-Git and the Current Version (2) of Mercurial?

Any compatibility or stability issues with using Hg-Git with version 2 of Mercurial? I am tempted to use Hg-Git to allow me to use Hg but use Github as my repository. Most web chatter about both seems to be about earlier versions. Any current stability or compatibility concerns? Thanks.

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