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Downloading data using Github

Complete novice in this. All I want to do is extract these files into any .csv or .xls or similar format. committee-membership-current.yaml from https://github.com/unitedstates/congress-legislators/commit/e008a100629110f3ec6ccf1a30a9003ff285aaad#diff-5a41af9d9d109ba2feb0d5b2bc7c3573 & https://github.com/unitedstates/congress-legislators I see alot of code, where do I plug it in an run!? ha ha , you see I told you I was novice . Surely theres gotta be […]

Configuring SSH keys for git to use when not in Git Bash

I’m fairly new to git and have rarely used anything but Windows for programming. I’ve set up a React app using create-react-app, and used gh-pages to deploy it to my github.io project page. I’ve set up an SSH key on my local machine and added it to my github SSH Keys. Running ssh-agent and ssh-add […]

Github – no write access to team's repo in organisation

On Github, I am a member of a team in an organisation with ‘maintainer’ status. We have some repos under the team page, but I cannot git push (have write access?) to any of them. Can someone please tell me what has to happen for me to have write access to the repos?

Bluemix Watson Putting project on github

I have a question about sharing a Watson application on github. I am planning to build a small project in Java which would use Rest Apis as I am learning about connecting to rest at the moment. The worry I have is how to share the codes and passwords for cloud services on github. If […]

Github thinks branches are different after merge

I’ve banged my head against the wall with this Github issue enough to finally come here for help. My repo has two branches of interest: master, which is the currently live release branch, and alternate-testing, which is exactly what it sounds like. Our dev process has feature branches regularly branched (and forked) off alternate-testing, then […]

configuring github project with eclipse

I have configured Eclipse with GIT plugin and also created a repository in github now i want to add all my existing project from eclipse to the github repository through eclipse plugin Can someone please suggest the steps

git rebase issue reordering

I’m having an issue while rebasing git commits. The problem is: pick A pick B <- mine pick C pick D pick E <- mine pick F <- mine I want to squash all my commits into one. I planned to do something like: pick A pick C pick D pick B <- mine squash […]

How can I share local commits to my TFS 2017 server from a submodule hosted in github?

There’s a github project that I’ve added to my TFS repo as a submodule. I’ve made a few commits to the submodule/github project that have not yet been accepted into the public github project. How do I get those local commits off my machine to somewhere TFS can access them so TFS can build my […]

Open git file with specific branch on Github from terminal

let’s say I committed on local repo and pushed.. I want to open the project on GitHub and show files changes compared with the master branch or any other branch by one command, or at least copy the link to that into the clipboard, check this: git open, yet it’s not enough. I was thinking […]

What is the order in which GitHub lists tags/releases?

For example when I go to OpenSSL repository, the five newest tags are (in order from oldest to newest): OpenSSL_1_1_0d OpenSSL-fips-2_0_14 OpenSSL_1_1_0e OpenSSL_1_0_2l OpenSSL_1_1_0f However when I list them using git tag –sort=taggerdate, I get this result: OpenSSL_1_0_2k OpenSSL_1_1_0e OpenSSL-fips-2_0_14 OpenSSL_1_1_0f OpenSSL_1_0_2l and with git tag –sort=committerdate: OpenSSL_0_9_8x OpenSSL_1_0_0j OpenSSL_1_0_1c OpenSSL-fips-2_0_1 OpenSSL-fips-2_0-pl1 Note that I […]

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