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git pull always returns “not something we can merge”

No matter what repository I am in I get this response from git pull “merge: 012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012012 – not something we can merge“. I have tried uninstalling git and re-installing with no luck. git fetch origin and git merge origin/master work fine. I could very well use those commands instead of git pull but Homebrew uses […]

How to fork a branch in Git?

Alright, so I need to fork a project, clone it, and what not. Thing is the master branch is 2000 or so commits ahead of the branch I need to be using. How do I fork a branch and not the main repo. I forked it and I realized I had forked the master branch. […]

Enabling git in Windows 10 command line

I cannot seem to make git work from my native Windows command line. I have tried PowerShell, I have the path to the git bin in my Environment Variables, but it is still giving me a “command not found” when I type git. I have looked at the solutions here, and none of them work […]

Scope of gc prune and git reflog expire, and related config

We are using throwaway integration branches which are pushed, and then later deleted and recreated. However the discarded branches are leaving dangling commits and trees which I can view with this command: git fsck –unreachable –no-reflogs I could clean them up with git reflog expire –expire-unreachable=now –all git gc –prune=now or something similar, but I […]

Is two way sync between gerrit and github.com possible?

For a project exisitng in github.com private repository, I am setting up gerrit code review. I am using the gerrit’s replication plugin to keep the gerrit repository in sync with github.com. But if someone commits (say commit-a) and pushes directly to github.com, the commit-a is overwritten in github.com, when gerrit does the replication process (because, […]

Create a fork of public git repo for github

I’m just starting to use git and github and I need some advise. I want to create a fork of a public git repo (qemu-kvm in case you’re interested). I plan to have a public version of the fork on github and a development version for our team. I’m sure there are many ways to […]

Gitstats commit_begin does not work

I am using gitstats on windows I am trying to get stats for the current month however gitstats still returns stats from untill the time the project was created I am executing this command: git log –since “1 month ago” This gives me a month old commits until date, I copy the first commit_id and […]

Backup then reset master branch with git?

I have a git repository (on github) that has the first state of a project which was started then abandoned by its first developer. We are some to have decided to take back this project, but we agreed not to start from the previous code, because it does not match exactly what we plan to […]

Where to git init for Java project?

I’ve created workspace TestWorkspace and in it, I created project Testing Project(now which has .settings, src, bin folders and .classpath, .project files). I will add my code under this project and I want to host this project on gitHub. In order to do that, I’ll have to git init Where should I git init? In […]

Using github on my project that uses NuGet

I’m creating an open-source .net web development framework called “ExpressForms”. I just now uploaded the project to github: https://github.com/DanielLangdon/ExpressForms. I used NuGet to set up my code to run with the latest versions of ASP.net MVC and Entity Framework; these are saved in a “packages” directory below the solution. I can see that by default, […]

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