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Git DOES NOT require username and password. How can I change it to do so?

It seems as though the common scenario is to be in a safe computer, and receive prompts for username and password when pushing branches to GitHub from RStudio. I have the reverse problem. I don’t remember how I set it up, but it is not asking for username and password, pushing committed branches automatically. How […]

Setting up git-core, gitolite and gitweb in ubuntu 12.04 and adding a windows machine as git client isn't working

I’m using this link to install git-core, gitolite and gitweb in ubuntu 12.04: https://ao2.it/wiki/How_to_setup_a_GIT_server_with_gitolite_and_gitweb I installed git-core by using this command: sudo apt-get install git-core Then I added a new user git by using this command: sudo adduser \ –system \ –shell /bin/bash \ –gecos ‘git SCM user’ \ –group \ –disabled-password \ –home /home/git […]

Clone multiple repositories into common parent folder structure

My issue is that I have a client, let’s call them ‘Evil Corp’, that provides my company with lots of business through various projects, which we use GitHub repos for. Let’s take 2 and call them ‘TotallyNotPolluting’ and ‘CoveringUpPolluting’. I would like for my employees to be able to clone the ‘TotallyNotPolluting’ repo into a […]

Remove file from github and history

I am aware this question has been asked before but I am still confused on the exact steps that I need to take. A few months ago I committed a file which contains sensitive information in a public repository (that I own) on github. I now must remove this file along with any trace of […]

Script to automate the cloning of all the repos to local associated with the git account

I’m working on a script to automate the task of getting all the repositories for a git hub url and then cloning them to local, if the clone is already present then we must update the latest changes. I’ve been looking into Git bash, but I could not figure out a way on to how […]

Github statuses examples

I´m trying to use github statuses, but the documentation is not clear enough Let´s say that my repo project is https://github.com/politrons/proyectV They claim in the documentation that the post it should be POST /repos/:owner/:repo/statuses/:sha With a body { “state”: “success”, “target_url”: “https://example.com/build/status”, “description”: “The build succeeded!”, “context”: “continuous-integration/jenkins” } So in my case I´m trying […]

Cloning a git repo in AWS Instance? I get the error : Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection timed out

This is my first time setting up a LAMP stack in AWS (Amazon Web Services). I have changed my security settings of my instance to include ICMP traffic (anyone), HTTP TCP port 80 (anyone), ICMP echo reply (anyone). All of these security settings were set up for inbound. When I tried to do it, I […]

Cannot clone a git repository from github

I am trying to clone a github repository to my local windows machine url: https://github.com/Patrick-The-Star/codility-lessons.git . But I get this result : Cloning into ‘codility-lessons’… remote: Counting objects: 349, done. emote: Total 349 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 349 Receiving objects: 100% (349/349), 2.38 MiB | 1.09 MiB/s, done. Resolving deltas: 100% (115/115), […]

When to use existing branch and when to create a new one

Still learning a little more about how Git works. I’m currently working on a group project on Github. Someone’s already created a branch and made commits on it. Should I make my own branch to add changes to the project or is it fine to use that other person’s branch? I’m kind of confused on […]

How can I “force” a git rebase?

The current branch is myBranch and it is 2 commits behind master. I want to rebase it, so I tried $ git rebase master Current branch myBranch is up to date. $ git push –set-upstream origin myBranch Branch myBranch set up to track remote branch myBranch from origin. Everything up-to-date It seems everything I try, […]

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