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Suspend the work on a git branch and work on another (mainly locally)

I have to work on different little features and I usually save them locally with git stash save “feature name”. I read that using branches has more sense, and I believe it could be true, cause a branch allows you to keep also untracked files (while with stash I have to remember to add the […]

How does Git combine multiple files into one hash?

As I understand it, Git hashes files like this (Lua example, I have a function called sha1 that calculates, well, sha1 hashes): sha1(“blob “..filesize..”\0”..content) My question is, how does Git combine these individual hashes into one? Specifically, I want to be able to calculate the hash of the latest commit on a Git repo (on […]

Merging Extensive Changes with Git

On my two computers, I have been making changes simultaneously and so far It has worked fine. When I commit my changes, I pull and merge, and it usually works fine. Yesterday, I made some significant changes where I updated comments on almost all lines of a file on one computer and rearranged code on […]

using Github but in one push ,add lots of *.jar files about 30M how can delete the *.jar

using Github but in one push ,beacuse my uncareful ,I add lots of *.jar files about 30M and push to the repo ,so how can delete the *.jar,the jar make the repo very big

Commit to svn now error conflict while Git svn rebase

I am fairly new to this Github and Git. I have two machines and finally i was able to pull from SVN (wordpress) and then manage to push Git branch to the SVN server. I use git for my plugin. Now in between something went wrong, it was really stupid of me to do a […]

Lost some files in Git

I wanted to push a file to my GitHub account. I did git push origin master and got an error src refspec master does not match any. I did git push –force origin master now all the other files in the repository are deleted I want to reverse this step. How can I do that? […]

Configuring Git to have different settings for Github and Visual Studio

I want to be able to have two Git configurations; one for Github and one for Visual Studio Online through VS2013. I want to have all my Github commits displaying one email address (public) and all my Visual Studio online having a different email (private). I have found this question however it doesn’t quite answer […]

Git revert cherry pick on pull request branch without reverting on master

I read that I can use git revert to undo a cherry-pick. I tried to cherry-pick a commit from the master branch on a project, but not I realize I don’t want to do it. Unfortunately for me, I’ve already pushed. What I’m afraid of is if I use git revert, I don’t know if […]

Force every commit on github project to be issue-only

My teacher requested me to make this to a github project: Each time the user wants to commit something, he needs to specify an issue that was created on github to associate the commit with the issue. If he commits something without associating any issue, the system should not let the commit be done. In […]

How to use GitHub to commit barely or never changed files only once

Reason: it takes quite a while to check changed files in GitHub Windows desktop version when there is large number of files in a project. For example, Zend library could have huge set of files but I am never going to change anything in it. However, I still want it to be committed. So is […]

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