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How to use GIT PULL from the command line?

We were using a build script to automate our publishing process and it was working with SVN but now we are using Git and need to do some command line operations to pull from our remote repository. I was able to follow the guide here and using the Git bash it works great. However, I […]

How to upload one file repository to Gist, preserving history?

I have a Git repository on my computer with a single file coins.py How can I get that as a Gist on Github, preserving history?

Git how to give people push access that needs to be merged in by organizers?

My project has quite a few people and I want to give them all push & pull access because right now, they forked the project and when they make changes, they have to push to their fork and send me a pull request. Instead, I want them to be able to clone the main project […]

How can I translate trunk/branch concepts from Subversion to Git?

So I am not much of a source control expert, I’ve used Subversion for projects in the past. I have to use Git for a particular project (client supplied Git repo). My workflow is as such that I will be working on the files from two different computers, and often I need to check in […]

SSH Public key denied on “git clone” command

I am trying to clone a git repo that I forked in my GitHub Repository.It’s a rails app. I want to clone it on my local git so that I can push it onto heroku. I generated a set of rsa keys and copied it onto my GitHUb public keys. When I try to git […]

managing ssh public keys on github organizations repositories

I was wondering if anyone has a good, clean, safe way to manage github Organization repository access on their servers? It seems that you can only attach pub keys to your personal account and cannot restrict access solely to an organization. We’ve got a beta server where we put multiple projects so deploy keys, because […]

How to refer to a previous commit in git commit message

Is there a convention for referring to a previous commit in a git commit message? Example commit message: Fixed bug such and such introduced in a1b2c3e4 In particular, is there a convention that github.com will understand, and convert to a link?

Is it suggested to have Git repository names in upper or camel case instead of lower case?

I see a lot of projects keeping lower case names for their GitHub repositories. Is it suggested to have repository names in Upper Case or Camel Case? If (yes/no) why?

Unable to normalize line endings for Git in Visual Studio Project

Problem: Git is interpreting an entire C# file as modified after saving file changes locally. It is indicating that line endings have changed, even though they were checked out as CRLF endings and saved locally with CRLF line endings. I am working on a Visual Studio project at my job that has multiple contributors. I […]

Get out of a folder using Git Bash

I am using Git Bash and trying a few things like making a ‘commit’ and ‘push’ in github. I want to get out of the current directory (C:\user\myUsername\app) and land in the “C:\user\myUsername” folder. what commands do I write in Git Bash? I am using git for the first time.

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