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prevent some commit/code to be merged into master

For the project I am working on, we decided to develop a tool to help the development, so this is something that should not be in production. So I was wondering, as git is so awesome, if maybe there was a feature to prevent some files (yes, only files: this is a Magento project and […]

How to solve SSL certificate: self signed certificate when cloning repo from github?

I just installed git for windows and tried to clone glew’s repo like this $ git clone https://github.com/nigels-com/glew.git But I got the following error Cloning into ‘glew’… fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/nigels-com/glew.git/’: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate I’ve seen people running into this problem and some possible workarounds. First try $ git -c http.sslVerify=false […]

is it possible to display the latest commit when i use “git branch”?

So, on each branch if I do “git log” or “git lg”, it will show a list of commits done. Now, is there a way to display the latest commit on each branch when I enter “git branch -arg”? I find it a bit annoying/tedious to have to checkout each branch then check the commits […]

Git: rebasing a conflicted merge commit

After finishing working on a topic branch, I merged the topic branch into master like following: o—*—o—o topic / \ o—o—o—*—o—o—+ master The commits marked with ‘*’ modified the same code, hence merging lead to merge conflicts that were resolved in the merge commit (marked with ‘+’). While I merged and resolved the conflicts, my […]

Remove a file that I shouldn't have committed to Git

So I did a bad thing. Somewhere during the course of making a bunch of changes, I realized that a unintended file had snuck into a commit or two. Because I didn’t realize this until later, the commits that included the file have now been pushed to the remote. I want & need the commits, […]

Windows RStudio Git: Directory name is invalid

I have Git-Version control on a folder on my computer, I create a RStudio-project based on that folder, and when entering RStudio and selecting the Git tab on the top right part of the window, I get an endlessly looping symbol. If I try to click Diff or Commit or any other button, I get […]

Github for mac diff options

Is there a way to configure github for mac to do a diff with the -w option to ignore whitespace? We are in the process of replacing all tabs with spaces in our project but when looking at the diffs for these commits in Github:mac the whole file is marked as changed which makes it […]

Git Protocol with Team Foundation Server 2013

I recently upgraded our TFS system to TFS 2013. I have a set of developers that are developing some tools using NodeJS which are consumed internally. They previously had their source on an internal Gitorious server. The tools they developed are installed by other devs by running an npm install with the Gitorious repo url: […]

I lost my uncommited changes after I made a merge

I am new in git and I got all my changes lost. I made a branch for my changes, and then I wanted to make a merge. So i switched to master and merge my branch with master, but I forgot to make a commit. So now my branch looks like the same as master. […]

git status displays crazy multiple levels of directories that don't exist

The git status command is showing this: … new file: DirectoryA/DirectoryA/FileA new file: DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/FileA new file: DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/FileA new file: DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/FileA new file: DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/FileA new file: DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/FileA new file: DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/FileA new file: DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/DirectoryA/FileA and so on and so on. I do have a directory within a directory with the same name, but only two levels deep, […]

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