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In there any way to mark code to prevent it from being committed to SVN or Git?

I find myself adding Debugging code that I am worried it will be mistakenly committed to the repository. I usually mark this with a “Don’t commit this” warning. but then I have to comment/delete this code before committing and then add it again to the project. Is there any way to mark a piece of […]

Gitolite user/repositories management

I have gitolite server running just fine. The number of git repositories is increasing every week. My gitolite.conf was getting messy so I decided to use aliases. however, there is something which I cannot understand. I have following config: @users = u1 u2 u3 @admins = a1 a2 @repos = repo1 repo2 repo3 In the […]

Multiple remote with Visual Studio 2013

I used to code node.js applications with Eclipse and use git as VC. With the git plugin on Eclipse, I was able to declare multiple remote so that it was easy to push on github and deploy on heroku. As I am quite familiar with VS too, and as there is also a new plugin […]

Why do I need to read STDIN in gitolite hook

When I ran git push to origin, sometimes I got the error as below: error: git-shell died of signal 13 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly If tried again, it succeeded, but do not know the reason. Anyone can shed some lights? BTW, I copy the post-receive.mirrorpush hook from here, where mentioned: # flush […]

How to automatically keeping specific files in sync between git branches?

Is there a way for git to automatically manage sharing/syncing specific files between branches? eg. If I have branches: branch1 and master, and I change/commit file1 on branch1, it automatically updates/commits file1 with the same content on master (and vice versa). In essence, I want a certain set of files to always be in synch […]

Find most active area in source code

How do I find the most active area of a repository? By active i mean the area in the code where there have been the most frequent commit activity, say for the last year?

How do I push a public repo with private submodules to Heroku without compromising my password?

I have a public repo (that I’d like to keep public), but with submodules for private repos. I deploy to Heroku (which is a flexible point – I’m more than happy to consider other PaaS’s if it will resolve this issue) and I’ve been running into problems pushing my submodules – the error message looks […]

Building Grails application with bamboo using Git tag

Currently using bamboo version 4.1.2 build 3103 and from my testing bamboo does not support buidling via Git tag. There is currently and open atlassian ticket regarding this issue https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/BAM-13618 But I want to confirm that this is still an issue or is there a work around? So we are using the flow outlined here […]

How to see all matching ranges with git blame?

I can output first range matching regex with a command: git blame -L’/start_regex/’,’/end_regex/’ file But how to output all next ranges matching this regex in the same file?

Git clone: Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl

I got an error message showing Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl when I try to clone a repo on my PC, which the OS is windows 7. I have searched on google and here and saw some similar questions asked, but I did not find a clear solution on how to fix […]

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