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Cannot commit from command line using github 2FA

I can’t commit to my repos using username/pass with git via the command line now that I’ve got 2FA enabled on my account. I have a “user access token” but I really, really hate it. So now I can only commit when I have this super long string copied into my clipboard, and if anyone […]

How to handle Git continuous integration merge conflicts

We are in the process of outlining and preparing for a Git integration and we are implementing a similar design to the following link. http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ The issue we are running into is when you commit and push to the ‘develop’ branch or continuous integration branch, since we have multiple teams working on different branches, you […]

git – what is the best practice for team work on a feature branch?

We have the following branches: master and develop. We created a new branch feature off of develop and assigned a team to work on it. During development: remote develop accepts new commits by other teams. remote feature accepts new commits pushed by the team members working on it. Sometimes there are hot fixes pushed to […]

Split Up Folders in a git repository into separate branches

I have finally migrated our CVS repository to git. Unfortunately we didn’t use branches in CVS but different versions/branches were separated into different subdirectories. I.E. we have the following directory structure: /root /lib /tools /src /v1.0 /v2.0 /v3.5 Is there a way to separate the 3 versions in the src subdirectory into separate branches instead […]

Cannot syncdb “DatabaseError: no such table: django_site”

I’ve already asked this question once but didn’t get an answer, I’ve read every single example of this error occurring i can find on the Internet so I’m going to try here again with more information. What I am attempting: The cloning of a remote repo that I will then run live on my dev […]

GIT: Why do I need to solve my merge conflicts twice when using rebase?

I really like the git pull –rebase option, but when using it combined with a merge conflict I end up solving my conflicts twice. I have tried to use git pull –rebase=preserve which should make it considering merges as well. Try have a look at the following example: # do a new clone “a” $ […]

Keeping two files in sync between two repositories – symbolic links? or another way?

In a school project we have, the VCS in use is SVN. Constraints: Our professor does not want to commit non-working code into the central repository. I will be working on the code on the go. I code on a laptop, a desktop and a PC in the office during different times of the day […]

Git fetch: Remote keeps deleting and adding branches

Everytime I fetch from all remotes, a remote from another user keeps getting branches deleted and re-added again: Fetch with prune: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false fetch –prune jcaseiro From https://my.url.com/jcaseiro/project-android x [deleted] (none) -> jcaseiro/Sprint8/bugfix/SIMSwap-Master x [deleted] (none) -> jcaseiro/Sprint8/bugfix/addCheckForNullLinkFragment x [deleted] (none) -> jcaseiro/Sprint8/bugfix/fixErrorRedirectsPPEScreen x [deleted] (none) -> jcaseiro/Sprint8/bugfix/fixNullPointerExceptionDropboxInfo x [deleted] (none) -> […]

Error when trying to reset git HEAD

I a trying to delete the last commit from the local repository by using the git reset –hard HEAD~1 command. However I get the following error: fatal: Could not reset index file to revision ‘HEAD~1’. I get (Filename too long) for several files. How can I avoid this? I am on Windows

Jenkin's Git Build Trigger: build every intermediate revision, not just HEAD?

Using Jenkins, git and the Jenkins Git Plugin: If I push multiple revisions at once, only the last revision will be built. How do I get Jenkins to build all revisions in between ? Or is there a “Choosing Strategy” other than “Default” that I select ? I know this is possible in combination with […]

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