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Deleting a TFS branch using git-tfs

I have a feature branch in TFS that I’ve used locally with git–tfs using git tfs branch –init. (Normally I just use local git branches, but in this case I wanted to create a build with my changes, so a TFS feature branch seemed appropriate) I’ve now finished with that feature branch, and I’d like […]

Shorthand for `git checkout <tree-ish> -B CURRENT_BRANCH`?

Is there a git command that’s equivalent to below, but doesn’t require me typing the CURRENT_BRANCH part each time? git checkout <tree-ish> -B CURRENT_BRANCH For example, I’m on branch master and want to move it back to origin/master, so I type git checkout -B master origin/master. Or, maybe I want to move it back to […]

Why does rails remember deleted css?

For some reason, unknown to me, I am forced to precompile my assets when I deploy to Heroku. After I locally precompile and deploy, I obviously go back to changing my site. I have come across a problem where Rails “remembers” css rules that I have precompiled when I try to change them in my […]

Error installing RVM in gitbash

The command that I tried to install RVM in gitbash is \curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable The error that I am getting is: bash: line 84: conditional binary operator expected url: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 6628)

Will git pull a deleted file from my fork to the main project on github?

I accidentally merged and pushed a large binary file to my fork of a particular repo. I deleted the file from my fork, and in fact did my best to completely annihilate it with the bfg repo cleaner http://rtyley.github.io/bfg-repo-cleaner/ – now I don’t see the file anymore. My fear is that although I can’t find […]


I am trying to push my code to GitHub, but git push origin master freezes. Running ssh -vvv git@github.com shows the last line (where I assume its hanging) is SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_ACCEPT. This only just started happening today, GitHub status reports everything is operational. I haven’t modified any configs before this started happening. Partial verbose output: … […]

How do I set up an SSH key for some user, if I'm root?

If a root user is running a bash script that configure some stuff on machine for a user. The script would configure a git repository and an ssh key for password-less github communication, then it would clone the repository. This will only happens once. I’m new to bash, how would I do this? My solution […]

how to list commits that only deleted lines of code/text in git log <filename>?

If I only need to list the commits that performed deletions to lines of code/text in a file in git is it possible to do so? I know there is a way to list all files deleted in the a git repository using this command git log –diff-filter=D –summary However what im looking for is […]

Track public git projects locally

What is the best strategy for tracking along with a public project that you are making local changes to? I want to be able to put the public version on a private server, so that my devs can pull it from that server. To that end, I created a bare repository on my server, cloned […]

How to commit codes from multiple projects of IntelliJ to one Microsoft TFS project GIT account

I have 3 projects (2 using spring mvc+REST & 1 for android application) using IntelliJ. I do have microsoft TFS account out of which I can commit codes from one of my Spring MVC Project. I want to commit the other two to the same TFS Git project account. How to go about it. When […]

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